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Most people know what that irritation feels like. That one particular spot in the mouth that feels raw and tender to any type of pressure. Whats worse is when the sore continues to be further agitated by the teeth, tongue or specific foods. Canker sores can be terribly annoying and bothersome, especially for those who may be more predisposed to them than others. The information provided below will aid in stopping the reoccurrence of canker sores - as well as tips to prevent them from being triggered in the first place, which may prove to be incredibly helpful for sensitive mouths. 

Peppermint oil is derived from a plant that is a hybrid mix of water mint and spearmint. It is used effectively to treat many different ailments. The benefit of using peppermint oil on a canker sore is that it is anti-microbial, which naturally cleans the bacteria likely gathering around the sore in your mouth. Similarly, it also has cooling effects, which helps to numb the nerve endings that are a prominent source of the discomfort.

Another plant that helps with the ever increasingly sensitive spot is sage. This plant has a long history of being used in the mouth for cuts and sores by the indigenous Native Americans. Combining both sage and peppermint into a natural ointment can provide some relief.

Another great natural option for the pain experienced from canker sores is raw natural honey. Honey is not only intrinsically antibacterial, it is also anti-inflammatory. The properties of honey will be both soothing to the soreness, as well as provide the lining of the mouth with a clean basis and barrier, so that bacteria does not further agitate the wound. Make sure to thin out the honey by adding a bit of warm water. Water tends to make the constancy much more pliable and easy to use.

Preventing Canker Sores

Now onto the ways in which these pesky little sores can be prevented. A big contributing factor to the frequency of suffering from canker sores is directly related to the use of the mouth. Some canker sores are the result of biting a specific part of the mouth or tongue subconsciously. When this is done repetitively, it damages and harms the fragile skin of the inside of the mouth and tongue. This irritates the sensitive mouth tissue and makes it more susceptible to injury and infection.

Additionally, there are internal factors that may increase the likelihood of a canker sore occurring. Those who experience canker sores at a fairly often rate should closely examine their vitamin and mineral consumption. Those who suffer with this issue more commonly should research their vitamin B-12 intake, as well as folic acid, zinc and iron. Increasing these compounds even minimally can cause great improvement in the prevalence of canker sores. 

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