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Written By Marla Gates / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Argan oil is considered a healthy superfood. It is an ancient natural remedy that has many health benefits and properties both medically and cosmetically. It is considered organic by nature because the argan trees are not treated with any chemicals or pesticides and are considered safe without any contaminants. Argan oil is known for its anti-aging, moisturizing, and natural antioxidant properties.

Interesting Facts About Argan Oil

The oil is derived from the nut of the fruit by being pressed.

The argan tree and is found mainly in Morocco.

This unique tree lives to be about 150 to 200 years old and does not start producing the fruit until it is 30 to 50 years old.

Argan oil is one of the rarest vegetable oils in the world.

Argan oil can be stored for up to two years if kept in shady places, not exposed to sunlight, and should be kept at room temperature.

Argan oil is extremely rich and diverse both in minerals and vitamins and includes vitamin A, vitamin E precursor - as in essential fatty acids (linoleic acid), and omega 6 and 9 unsaturated fatty acids.

Argan oil has twice the amount of tocopherols (700 mg per kilogram) than olive oil.

Argan oil can stimulate intracellular oxygenation.

Argan oil helps protect the skin and neutralize free radicals.

Argan oil could help by adding to your diet - reduce your risk of cancer and provide a number of other health benefits associated with antioxidants.

Argan oil also contains 0.8% unsaponifiables - a large group of compounds also known as plant sterols or sterolins. Sterolins improve skin metabolism, reduce inflammation and promote excellent moisture retention.

Health and Beauty Tips Using Argan Oil

Health Benefits: Argan is a nutty tasting oil used in many dishes and is good for sprinkling in salads and dipping bread in. 

Heart Health People suffering from heart conditions can greatly benefit from the high amount of unsaturated fats it contains. According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2004, Dr. Herrara found that rats fed a diet containing argan oil had significantly lower blood pressure than those that did not. Several other studies confirmed this and that a diet containing argan oil has a number of effects that both prevent and treat cardiovascular disease. Argan oils unsaturated fatty acids helps regulate your blood cholesterol and is heart healthy.

Diabetes Benefits Argan oil benefits have proven to be very impressive in treating diabetes. The oil is known to help reduce insulin resistance of the body. In a 2006 study, Dr. Haddad reported that argan oil enhanced the cellular response to low doses of insulin, a process that gets disrupted in diabetes. Another study conducted in 2009 showed that the oil helped reduce the onset of diabetes by reversing the metabolic changes that occurred after consumption of a high-sugar diet. It also improves resistance to diabetes by overcoming the effects of a high-carbohydrate diet to some extent.

Cancer Benefits Argan oil has been shown to slow the growth of cancerous cells, decrease the rate of cell division, and reverse the cancerous effects of carcinogens on prostate cells and cancer in a 2006 study in Cancer Investigation. Because of the rich antioxidants properties in virgin argan oil there is promise that it may protect against other forms of cancer.

Digestive Health - Argan oil a remedy that contains rare plant sterols (schottenol and spinasterol), not found in other oils. It is believed that these phytosterols are unique in their combination and there are no other vegetable oils with comparable benefits - phytosterols reduce inflammation and help block cholesterol absorption from the intestines and has flavonoids that act as a natural anti-inflammatory. It also helps aid digestion by increasing the concentration of pepsin in the gastric juice.

Arthritic Conditions Argan oils anti-inflammatory properties aid in reducing inflammation that are beneficial internally and externally. It slows down the degenerative processes going on in long bones of the body. It stimulates and strengthens circulation and the body's natural immunity.

Argan Oil Skin And Beauty Benefits: For cosmetics purposes make sure you do not purchase the roasted version of argan oil - it contains a mild nutty scent and is not suitable for cosmetics applications. 

Hair: Apply to your hair when damp to calm down the frizzy look. To condition and moisturize your hair apply argan oildirectly to your hair and massage into the scalp and then comb through, or you wrap a warm towel around your head to help your scalp and hair absorb all the amazing minerals. It will moisturize dry hair and add a shiny luster that will enhance the beauty of your hair and face. Argan oil helps nourish damaged hair from over coloring to sun damage due to its rich content of antioxidants and minerals. Argan oil will penetrate into the pores and shafts of your hair and help bring out the natural luster and beauty so that you have healthy hair.

Scalp: For dry scalp - Before bedtime try applying argan oil on a cotton ball and dabbing it on your scalp. This will give it time to absorb and moisturize your scalp then just wash your hair in the morning.

Face And Body: It has been scientifically proven that this oil is able to correct the age-related deficiencies in skin that cause dehydration and loss of skin elasticity with its moisturizer, anti-aging properties, and its high mineral content. Use it on your face just like any other moisturizer and soon you will see the lines and wrinkles disappearing. Use it on your entire body to moisturize and nourish after showering. Argan oil can also help treat skin disease such as chickenpox, acne, and psoriasis due to its many health properties such anti-inflammatory and immune system stabilizer.

Hands And Nails: Apply argan oil directly to your hands, rub it in and feel the soft, smooth feeling and make sure you rub into your cuticles and nails to nourish and penetrate for all-over healthy hands and nails.

Although argan oil tends to be more expensive than other oils, I believe it is well worth the cost. It is known as Liquid Gold and has earned this title, rightfully!

When buying argan oil, make sure that it is 100 percent pure and no extra preservatives or additives have been added into it. Check labels and make sure that your bottle of argan oil has been certified by government regulatory bodies to meet their standards. Make sure you are using cold pressed argan oil. Other methods that involve heat can destroy the natural goodness and degrade the rich mineral content. Try this amazing oil that is truly one of natures miracle natural remedies and live a truly green lifestyle.

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