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Written By Stella Lincoln / Reviewed By Ray Spotts 

Your mind and body are inseparable, which is why when we talk about health, both mental and physical health should be taken into consideration. The wellbeing of mind and body has shown to be interlinked by several studies. There is no doubt that mental health disorders can deteriorate one's body.

On the other hand, many physical exercises also help to develop your mental health as well.

According to the Mental Health Organization in the UK, 37.6 percent of people with severe mental health problems also have a long-term physical condition. There is no doubt that there is a strong connection that combines mental health with physical wellbeing.

This is why we would like to offer you some great workouts that you can perform indoors, which can keep you both physically and mentally strong.

10 Home Workouts

Walking Briskly

While bushwalking generally refers to a hiker or a backpacker, for indoors, if you have enough space, you can try walking briskly. However, for any exercise to truly offer you benefits, you need to be consistent and perform it regularly.

If you try out brisk walking in your garden or an open area in your home regularly, then it will not only trim your waistline but also improve your heart's health. What follows next is the strengthening of bones, muscles, the ability to fight back type 2 diabetes, mood boosting, and improvement in overall balance and coordination.


This mental, physical, and spiritual practice that originated from ancient parts of India has taken the world by a storm. There are a variety of disciplines in yoga, and no matter which school of thought you belong to, it offers you tremendous benefits for the entire body, mind, and the soul  - helping your body's overall energy and strengthening its vitality.

Consistent practice of yoga also offers you incredible mental health benefits such as lowering of stress and relief from anxiety and depression. Through yoga, you can also detox your bodily systems and eliminate impurities such as lactic acid and lymphatic acid as well as increase the flow of nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood throughout your organs.

Indoor Swimming

Swimming is considered one of the most complete workouts your body can have. However, the majority of people do not know that swimming, along with its near to perfect physical benefits, also offers tremendous mental health benefits.

Just half an hour of daily swimming can improve your sleep patterns, reduce depression, and help you release endorphins in your nervous system that make you feel a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. Another benefit is a sense of comfort. Many professional and non-professional swimmers simply cannot live without swimming because it makes them feel relaxed!

High-Intensity Workouts

As the name suggests, high-intensity workouts, aka HIIT workouts, are designed to give you intense training in a short amount of time with little to no intervals. They can quickly get you to the point of exhaustion. Popular examples include a combination of burpees, pullups, jumping jacks, jump rope, pushups, and the list goes on.

Quick reps of one type of exercise followed by another, HIIT workouts are extreme. Mental benefits include boosting BDNF protein in your body that is involved in mood regulation and cognitive function.  

Spin Biking

Spin biking - also known as spinning - is indoor cycling on a stationary bicycle with a weighted flywheel. It is not only an indoor form of exercise but also an organized sport - often a lot of them are put together in a classroom setting.

You can easily get one for yourself to try it out at home. While spinning is considered more intense than cycling, since you cannot freewheel, it can also offer you mental health benefits. Spinning helps you to reduce cortisol which is a stress hormone that can cause trouble in a deep sleep and even causes hindrances in the regeneration of your body cells.

Choreography + Dancing

Dancing is perhaps one of the best exercises as it offers a whole-body workout for you. It makes your heart strong, and improves overall sense of balance and coordination. Plus, it can help you burn around 250 calories in half an hour, which is equal to the calories burned if you are jogging continuously for half an hour.

Dancing can also help lift your mood and make you light-hearted. It’s even used to deliver social anxiety therapy for those suffering from ailments. Dancing with a partner helps in the reduction of depression as well as promotes social bonding.


For those who think that gardening is just a walk in the park, think again. It is a strenuous activity that can have you involved and engrossed for hours at a time. Gardening helps lower blood pressure levels, and prevents diabetes as well as other heart diseases. However, most people fail to acknowledge that gardening offers incredible mental health benefits as well.

This can include clarity in thought, reducing anxiety and depression, and offers you a great escape from your busy daily schedule. You are carefree when gardening and there are no deadlines to worry about. It is just gifts from Mother Nature surrounding you with all its glory. 

Racket Sports

Pick any racket sport, badminton, tennis, ping pong, squash, you name it, they all offer you incredible support for your bones and muscles. There is a lot of stretching involved, and hand-eye coordination improves drastically. Many tennis health benefits also help you improve your learning abilities by promoting brain cell growth and increasing your level of alertness.

Racket sports have also been known to reduce the chances of developing age-related disorders like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and dementia.

Resistance Training

This is basically a form of strength training focused on building muscular strength and endurance. Resistance training improves muscle strength and tone as well as protects your joints from becoming more prone to injury. It also increases your muscle to fat ratio and is especially known for building self-esteem in young people.

Tai Chi

Like yoga, Tai Chi is also an ancient discipline, but this one comes from China. Tai Chi is actually a form of martial arts or self-defense, but one can practice it regardless of age. Tai Chi promotes muscle strength, overall sense of balance, and makes your body less rigid by helping it lose its stiffness. Mental health benefits for Tai Chi include a decrease in stress, boosting your mood, and building self-esteem.


A lot of these exercises are low maintenance, hence you can easily perform them without having to buy extensive training equipment or machinery. We hope our list of home workouts piqued your interest and you cannot wait to try them on your own. For more questions and queries regarding the topic, please feel free to let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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