Finding The Source Of Your Back Pain And Fixing It

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Written By Anita Ginsburg / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Muscle aches and even nerve pain can be a common source of misery for many sufferers. However, if you suffer from chronic back pain, you need to get to the root of the problem.

Too Much Sitting

When you’re seated, it’s easy to forget about good posture. In addition, you may find that your head tends to push forward or may even droop. As your skull is one of the heavier bones in your body, excess sitting can put a great deal of strain on your spine from the top of your neck to the bottom of your tailbone. Try to focus on posture when sitting as well as standing. By keeping your ribcage elevated off your hips and your shoulders squared, you can reduce the strain on your back.

Poor Lifting Habits

It’s possible to lift too much and suffer from sore muscles, but if you lift incorrectly for an extended period of time or twist during the lift, you can suffer from disc damage. Bulging or ruptured discs can impact your leg strength, make it hard to depend on your legs, and even cause bladder or bowel incontinence. If you suffer a back injury and start to struggle with incontinence, numbness in your legs or radiating pain, it’s critically important that you get checked out by a knowledgeable medical professional.

Poor Sleeping Positions

Because people spend so much time sleeping, the position you sleep in is important. It is usually best to find a position that follows the natural curve of your spine and other joints. These should avoid twisting at the neck. One of the most recommended sleeping positions is on your back with a pillow under your knees. This helps ensure the proper weight distribution and joint alignment. Of course, everyone is different, so find a position that works well for you.

Your mattress may also be contributing to your back or hip pain. Sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or too hard can greatly impact the health of your spine. If you decide it’s time for a new bed, check out mattress sales with your partner and test the beds. If you’re a side sleeper, you might also want to check into getting a firmer pillow to support your neck throughout the night.

Bedroom Temperature

If your bedroom is too cool, it may cause you to curl up more than is good for your spine. Conversely, an overly warm bedroom may lead you to great restlessness and may cause you to sprawl or move into an unfamiliar position. Focus on setting a temperature that is cool enough to require some coverage but not so cold as to cause you to burrow into the mattress or bedclothes, as this tension can be hard to release and may cause misalignment as you sleep.

You can find a bed that will work for you and your partner. Focus on trying out a new quality memory foam mattress in the position that you normally sleep in to make sure that your investment helps you protect your spine.

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Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver, Colo. She studied at Colorado State University, and now writes articles about health, business, family and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family whenever she isn't writing. You can follow her on Twitter @anitaginsburg.

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Founder Ray Spotts has a passion for all things natural and has made a life study of nature as it relates to health and well-being. Ray became a forerunner bringing products to market that are extraordinarily effective and free from potentially harmful chemicals and additives. For this reason Ray formed Trusted Health Products, a company you can trust for clean, effective, and healthy products. Ray is an organic gardener, likes fishing, hiking, and teaching and mentoring people to start new businesses. You can get his book for free, “How To Succeed In Business Based On God’s Word,” at 

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