The Dangers Of MSG

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We hear multiple sources lamenting the dangers of MSG, but do we really understand just how bad this compound can be? Research has found that monosodium glutamate - or sodium glutamate - is one of the most common non-essential amino acids. It has also been found to be one of the most dangerous. 

The Facts

MSG on its own does not have a pleasant taste, but paired with other foods it will enhance the natural flavors of that food. It is commonly found in Chinese cooking with foods such as seaweed, soybeans, and tomatoes naturally carrying large amounts.

Not only can MSG cause problems over time, but there were also some cases where restaurant patrons claimed to have an immediate negative reaction to food seasoned with MSG, leading some to believe that an MSG allergy may exist.

While it is very rare that someone would have an allergic reaction to MSG, that doesn't make it healthy to consume copious amounts. Take a look at these other common problems that arise when excessive amounts of MSG are consumed.

The Problems

A myriad of problems have been found from consuming too much MSG. These problems range from short to long-term consequences. The foods most likely to contain more than healthy amounts of MSG are those that have been highly processed. While checking your labels for high fructose corn syrup, take a glance at the MSG count. You may be surprised to find just how much is inside foods you have been consuming every day. Not every person will have the same reactions, but some of the most common related to MSG are:

Weight gain One of the greatest epidemics in the United States today is obesity. There have been correlations found between MSG intake and weight gain. Those who consumed more than 330 milligrams of MSG every day were more likely to gain extra weight than those who ate less.

Liver problems Inflammation of the liver is becoming a more prevalent problem today. With the increased number of those who suffer from this problem, it is important to note that it is greatly influenced by lifestyle choices. A diet that puts additional strain on your liver can directly lead to liver cancer. MSG is one of the most damaging foods to consume in terms of your liver.

Type 2 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes is another preventable problem that is rising. With an adjusted diet reducing the amount of sugar and MSG, this issue could be out of the picture.

Be aware of what you are consuming in your foods. It isn't always clear just from reading the label what is exactly inside the foods you are consuming. The FDA requires food manufactures to list what their products contain. These producers know that and instead use other terms to identify MSG such as textured vegetable protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, calcium caseinate, and more. Before you consume any food, make sure you can identify every ingredient listed.

Be aware of the dangers of MSG and work to limit it in your diet. Doing so will reduce your chances for health risks such as liver disease, diabetes, and excessive weight gain.

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