Contact Lens Safety Tips For Better Eyesight

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Written By Yogesh Gupta / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Contact lenses are ocular prosthetic devices made from thin sheets of lens that cover the cornea. Correcting your vision without ruining your look with a gaudy frame, contact lenses have now become a fashion accessory. Offering comfort and addressing major vision-related issues, there is contactlenses4us that can perfectly align with your requirements.

Why Contact Lens Safety Is Important For Your Eyesight?

While contact lenses bring excellence to your vision and complement your overall look, they are quite vulnerable to eye infections if the correct safety measures are not taken. In their infancy, contact lenses were never a popular option due to rigidity that restricted the passage of oxygen. With the advent of technology, contact lenses witnessed tremendous transformations that made them compatible for daily wear, allowing oxygen permeability.

However, there are certain eye infections encountered while using contact lenses for a longer period. Following the right safety measures while handling and wearing contact lenses can help minimize the magnitude of the infection or simply restrict its origin. Take a look at some of the imperative safety tips that you must adhere to in order to take good care of your eyes.

Replace The Lens Case Regularly

According to a survey conducted on contact lens wearers, a significant number of people did not replace their lenses regularly. Contact lens cases are vulnerable to contamination. Even though cleaned properly, cases can come into contact with germs that directly affect the lens. Hence, it is important to change the case regularly in order to maintain the quality and durability of the lens.

Don’t Sleep With Your Lenses On

Though there are contact lenses that claim to be eye-friendly round the clock, wearing them while sleeping is not a smart option. Sleeping with contact lenses magnifies the chances of microbial keratitis, a major eye infection that causes severe inflammation in the cornea. There are some serious cases registered under microbial keratitis due to wearing lenses during sleep that resulted in permanent vision loss. It is recommended to pull out the lenses before sleeping to safeguard your eyes from any severe infection.   

Wash Hands Properly Before Touching The Contact Lenses

Hygiene is the most important factor in maintaining the quality of your lenses and safeguarding your eye health. Germs present on your hands can come into contact with the lenses and will further contaminate them. Washing hands properly with soap and water before touching or wearing the lenses is considered a healthy initiative to keep them clean and germ-free.

Visit An Eye Doctor Regularly

Contact lenses are generally prescribed by a doctor, provided that you are wearing them to correct your eyesight. Visiting a doctor and having a routine checkup will give you a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing contact lenses.

Making your vision right and giving a seamless look, contact lenses are an important tool for perfect eyesight. Additionally, paying heed to the right safety measures for taking care of contact lenses will ensure long durability and safeguard your vision.

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