What Is A Borneo Tallow Nut?

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A very unique and peculiar member of the nut family is the borneo tallow nut. Many people have never even heard of it. But that comes as no surprise because after all, there are many different trees in the world that garner and bare distinct and interesting fruit, nuts and berries. Some are only found in specific parts of the globe. The type of tree that these nuts come from is indigenous to specific parts of Asia, such as the Philippines, Northern India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It has an interesting shape as the nut itself resembles the blossom of a flower. As a little known oil, here are some of its functions.

Improved Skin

This oil can be used both on your face and your body. Traditionally it has been used as a substitute for the very famous and popular cocoa butter. Some regions actual prefer it to cocoa butter. It has tremendous moisturizing properties as well as important elements within that keep the skin healthy and renewed. It has also been used in bath soaps because it has cleansing properties that are not too drying. You can try adding a couple of drops of this oil into your body wash or facial cleanser and watch how your skin reacts.

High In Nutrients

One of the reasons that this oil is so impacting for your skin is because it has helpful and nourishing fatty acids such as stearic, arachidic, oleic, palmitic and linoleic acid. These fatty acids help to feed the skin necessary nutrients that it thrives on. These acids will ensure that the skin is being properly hydrated and won't suffer the misfortune of drying out.


In a very specific way this oil helps to ward off the signs of aging. When you start to experience laugh lines, forehead wrinkles, sagging skin or skin that doesn't have that youthful glow or look anymore, you may start to panic. Signs of aging are hard for most people to digest. Luckily, borneo tallow nut oil can help as the fatty acids present in the oil help to eradicate premature signs of aging. Continued and consistent use will improve not only the overall state of your skin, but will also eliminate signs of aging that you aren't too happy seeing in the mirror.


This oil has a very cool and calming scent. Historically, it was used in candles and incense sticks to provide the space with a nice fragrance that would promote a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Try mixing a couple of drops into a humidifier or a diffuser to fill your space with an invigorating yet relaxing scent. Being surrounded with an environment that smells good helps with creativity, sleep, mental aptitude and a whole host of other aspects. Try this oil as your own personal air freshener and watch how your mood and day transforms.

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