Blueberry Activates Memory Cells

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A weakened memory can be an incredibly taxing and difficult thing to manage on a day-to-day basis. Some people have great memories while others struggle with even some of the most basic questions they actually should know. With dementia and Alzheimer's being so heavily pervasive in the elderly population, finding ways to strengthen, sharpen and improve memory is on the minds of many researchers and scientists. 

Any type of information that can help to reverse or improve the complete disintegration that takes place when a person's cognitive abilities start to diminish is something that should be studied completely. It was found that the fermented quality that blueberries take on when they are turned into vinegar has positively impacted mice who suffered from cognitive impairment or amnesia.

Researchers were able to surmise through experimental actions that blocking the acetylcholine receptors actually disrupts the brains ability to learn and remember. This becomes an issue for those with dementia as they have lower levels of its receptors and signals. There have been some experimental drugs recently introduced on the market, however, their side effects compromise the liver, and their overall effects can be less than desirable.

Blueberry Vinegar

Fermentation of a fruit like blueberries can boost the bioactivity within the natural organism. In order to thoroughly test out this hypothesis, researchers took mice with induced amnesia and administered blueberry vinegar. The molecules in the mice brains were then tested and this particular type of vinegar was able to breakdown acetylcholine and increase necessary levels of neurotrophic elements which allow the neurons to form healthily.

The researchers also had an interest in knowing how the blueberry vinegar impacted cognition. In order to properly test these findings, they took careful stock of the animals' performances in things like mazes or how they performed on an avoidance test. The exposure to the blueberry vinegar resulted in improved performances on both of the tests.

Restoring Memory

This shows that this specific fermented fruit is a great way to activate and restore memory abilities in the brain. While further testing is needed, it is a good sign that there is an obvious special impact that this type of treatment has on the molecules of the brain that are expressly used to retain memory.

It is very possible that a multitude of fruits, vegetables, roots and minerals can be used to a positive end when it comes to some of the most challenging health crisis' we face as a society. There needs to be more researchers and scientists willing to take on projects and experiments that deal specifically with natural remedies. While the money and the profit margin is much less in these types of situations and circumstances, the potential medical breakthroughs and advancements that could be made are tremendous.

So many illnesses absolutely tarnish and tear apart the framework of an individual. Oftentimes, the prescription medication that is given to them for management does the bare minimum and ensures that they are dependent on it indefinitely. This cycle only benefits the drug companies who profit from the continued prescriptions. There is no reason that additional benefits that come directly from the earth can't have money-saving and symptom-reversing effects.

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