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A global initiative has recently been introduced calling for a National Salt Reduction as a cost-effective way to prevent the problem of cardiovascular disease that is plaguing many parts of the world. This government-supported policy seeks to provide actionable steps so that salt consumption is diminished thus improving overall health and increasing the amount of healthy years for many. It is estimated that based on even a small 10 percent reduction of the intake of salt over the course of 10 years would yield something close to saving the lives of over six million individuals. The policy claims that the cost of cardiovascular disease treatment saved via this measure is over $200 per year per life saved.

A study was conducted that modeled the specific cause and effects prevalent in those who consume high amounts of salt via what costs would be seen even only in a small decline. Dariush Mozaffarian, M.D., who is the dean at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in Boston, says that we know excess dietary salt causes hundreds of thousands of cardiovascular deaths ever single year. The huge issue has largely been how to bring the consumption of salt down and what type of monetary impact that would require. A statistical model including 183 countries was constructed using the data on salt consumption from 2010.

Cost-Effective Policy

The World Health Organization's costing tool on noncommunicable diseases weighed the resources needed for training, supplies, equipment, meetings, and mass media, and that figure was considered when taking into account the different currencies around the world as well as the purchasing power. Specific information was taken into account in order to find out if there was a reasonable level of cost effectiveness for this specific policy. A number of countries were tested and it was found that the plan would be cost effective in practically every single country in the world.

The researchers are forthcoming when it comes to some of the limitations of their findings. They acknowledge that the raw data used from 2010 did cover the majority but does not necessarily represent the global population as a whole. They also are aware of the fact that this only targets cardiovascular disease. This means that other equally pervasive diseases aren't necessarily positively impacted by this plan. Even with these shortcomings, there is definitely a benefit in rolling out true statements and initiatives that focus on health, proper information, valuable content, and the overall quality of life.

It's important to note that there are so many food-related illnesses that plague specific parts of the world - especially in western civilizations that have increased options and heightened exposure to food. Whether it is diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune conditions or a host of other issues, so many of them can be intrinsically linked to diet. What we consume begins to drive us and put us in positions of supreme optimum health or lack of that.

There have been many changes regarding what actually is good for us. The government peddled nonfat products for a very long time. Recent studies show that good fats are essential, and that healthy fats are a huge part of a good and balanced diet. Once we've seen the statistics and the truth, we as a society need to make huge strides to move forward toward the betterment of our global health makeup.

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