What Is Weeping Eczema?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Eczema affects many people and begins with symptoms of dry skin, but results in rashes, small bumps, and can lead to infections. This skin condition affects not only the surface of the skin but the entire immune system and causes inflammation of the skin.

Weeping eczema is a type of eczema that has blisters which have a buildup within them and can leak.

When eczema occurs it not only affects the skin itself but the entire immune system and it can cause inflammation within the body as well as throughout the skin. The damage caused to the protective layer over the skin makes the skin more susceptible to dryness and even infections.

Skin that doesn’t have a strong protection around it is more sensitive and can become easily irritated.

Eczema types

Though there are many types of eczema, they all have some similar symptoms and must be further identified by certain symptoms to achieve the correct treatment.

Dyshidrotic eczema is often found on the hands and the feet. It appears as small blisters and is itchy, lasting up to a month for each occurrence or even becoming constant.

Nummular eczema also occurs on hands but also on all the limbs and shows as very small blisters and bumps when there has been any injury or an irritation of the skin and is very dry and itchy. If it becomes scratched it is likely to cause an infection of the skin.

If there is any type of eczema present and an infection forms pus will form and weeping eczema can be the result. Scratching an eczema rash can cause an infection with no other cause, and when the infection has been cleared the weeping will stop.

Weeping eczema symptoms and causes

Weeping eczema symptoms include crusts over blisters, open spots and sores, swelling and red bumps, and red streaks coming from the area. This is often accompanied by fever, pain, swelling in the lymph nodes, and other symptoms that are similar to a flu.

These are similar symptoms to other infections within the body and the underlying infection should be treated by a doctor.

There is no determined cause of eczema but there are contributing factors that increase the likelihood of eczema occurring. People who have a history of allergies, or who are in a family that has a history of allergies, are at increased risk of eczema.

Factors that increase the risk of weeping eczema include existing eczema, stress, sweaty or frequently damp hands from handwashing, working around metal or cement, dry air, small wounds on the skin, or frequent and heavy alcohol consumption.

Once eczema has been diagnosed through exam or biopsy it is important to avoid scratching, which increases the risk of infection and can worsen the condition. You should also take all medications as recommended.

While children may outgrow eczema those who have it as adults are less likely to find it in permanent remission and will need to treat it on an ongoing basis.

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