Propylene Glycol’s Many Skin Uses

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Propylene glycol has been used for decades in many products from food products to manufacturing to skin care. It is a colorless and odourless substance that is used to attract and maintain water and hydration properties in many products.

It is also used as a non-active ingredient in medicines both consumable and for applying to the skin.

Hold Moisture, Maintain Hydration With Propylene Glycol

This is a common ingredient found in moisturizers due to its ability to help maintain hydration in the product and in the skin once it is applied. It attracts water so it will not dry out.

This is a great ingredient to use on dry skin, rashes and issues caused by dry, flaky skin. It will attract and hold the moisture in the skin to maintain its hydration and give the skin what it needs to grow healthy and smooth.

When added to other ingredients it helps restore nutrients and vitamins to help the skin grow and heal as needed. It can also work as a barrier to the things that attack and dry out skin. It helps maintain hydration once the skin has become well hydrated so it will not dry out again.

Propylene Glycol’s Additional Uses

Often used in skin care products and makeup specifically, it has purposes beyond just hydration. Propylene glycol is also used to hold ingredients together and help them dissolve together.

It increases the shelf life of makeup products allowing them to be shipped and stored until used. This also adds to the length of time you can use the product.

Propylene glycol also acts as an antimicrobial ingredient. This also allows for the addition of ingredients for added benefit such as vitamin C and allantoin. This keeps it fresh, safe, and inhibits bacterial growth, which is often present due to frequent use and reapplications.

Propylene Glycol Risks

While this is a great ingredient for many reasons, it does also have its risks and may not be a great fit for everyone. It can cause irritation in some with sensitive skin, and there is a possibility of an allergic reaction, though it is small, and some have developed intolerance of it over time. This generally appears as an irritation on the skin that can be calmed by stopping use of the product, and is not a frequent reaction.

Propylene glycol has many uses and can be a stabilizing and emollient ingredient in many things. It is a safe ingredient in skin care and makeup, and is often used due to its hydrating qualities and ability to treat and prevent dry skin.

As it creates a barrier for the skin it also helps to prevents drying and flaking in the future. A relatively safe ingredient, it is widely used and recommended.

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