Natural Hair Conditioners You Can Make At Home

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Conditioners assist in keeping hair smooth and frizz free. By reducing the damage that can occur to hair you can help it grow longer and faster with fewer trims needed to maintain hair health.

Natural hair conditioners use ingredients that are formed naturally in nature to offer moisture protection, hydration and assist in avoiding split ends and other damage. Some will also treat dry scalp and other conditions that affect the health of the scalp, and in turn change how their hair grows.

At-home natural hair conditioners

There are several ways to make a natural hair conditioner at home. Many can be made with food that is easily found in the kitchen. When unable to locate a suitable pre-made product at a store it is possible to use ingredients you may already have to create a natural hair conditioner in your own kitchen.

Ingredients such as eggs will add shine, while olive and other oils can boost the strength of the hair. Vinegar removes buildup and dirt while reducing hair loss. Honey is often used as a hydration boost, and to help hair to retain the moisture that it already has by sealing it in.

Banana and coconut oil can be used to help keep hair smooth and soft, while reducing frizz and damage. Coconut oil is also beneficial for the scalp and can help hair grow healthy.

Lemon for natural hair conditioner

Lemon is used in hair conditioners and sprays to encourage lightening. It also has other benefits such as working as a toner and cleanser.

Dairy ingredients such as milk and yogurt have been used on hair to add protein for strength. Lactic acid is used to help the scalp remain clean and free of buildup. Be cautious of ingredients that can affect hair.

How to naturally condition hair

Most natural conditioners are left on the hair for a few minutes to allow the vitamins and nutrients to soak in. To maintain healthy hair it should be conditioned once or twice a week. Hair should be washed and conditioned no more then every other day to retain its strength and moisture. Washing too often will increase drying and split ends, requiring increased conditioning and hair masks to reclaim the balance needed.

While there are many hair conditioners that offer natural ingredients, they may also be mixed with stronger chemicals that can cause damage. It is important to check the list of ingredients when looking for natural products to ensure there are not small amounts added just so it can be labelled as such.

When store bought is unavailable, farmers and craft markets are a good place to locate natural hair care products, or they can be made at home with ingredients you may already have.

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