The Mental Power Of Vetiver Oil

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Many essential oils that we introduce you to are incredibly versatile. They typically can be used for aromatherapy purposes, for external purposes, for the skin or for physical symptoms. What we sometimes don't explore is how certain oils can be the cornerstone of how to deal with certain issues that begin and end in the brain.

There is so much about our own bodies and connectivity between mental and physical health that we don't always recognize. This is one oil that has amazing properties that affect and improve a mental state and mental energy. Here are the specific ways.


The term attention deficient disorder can sometimes be thrown around as a description for children that don't listen or have short attention spans. While all of the children wouldn't necessarily be classified as true ADHD cases, there are some that would.

This oil has the ability to effectively treat children who suffer with this condition. A study was performed that took 20 children who had been clinically diagnosed and treated them with this oil for 30 days. They inhaled the fumes of the oil through a specialized breathing tube. Over 50% reported feeling more focused and less scattered after breathing in the scent of this powerful oil.


There are several different causes of anxiety. Some of them are external and some are internal. The natural components within vetiver oil can positively impact your nervous system, thus lessening your anxiety.

If you have a very stressful life or lead a lifestyle that tends to get you a bit wound up or unable to sleep or relax, this oil can directly help calm your nerves and level out your neurological reactions. This can positively affect things like blood pressure, respiration and heart rate.

Induces Sleep

Oftentimes, for those who deal with sleep problems, they are usually directly related to the mind not letting them rest and get to a point where they can comfortably fall asleep. You may start thinking about everything you have to do and become overwhelmed.

This is sometimes the toughest part of dealing with all of your many responsibilities. Vetiver oil is great because it helps to clear and calm the brain while also helping your brain to switch over to that state that helps induce sleep.

Body Function

As a great aid to the nervous system, it greatly impacts the immune system as well. This is because its antioxidant activity helps to protect the cell cycle and provide a barrier for germs, cancer and infections from grabbing a hold of a weakened state.

Things like growth, reproduction, digestion and your immune system are needed in order for the body to function at an elevated level of health. Vetiver helps to do that on multiple levels. It can relieve stress, lessen anxiety and help to protect the immune system.

This is an oil that's pretty underutilized in many different arenas but the mental and physical contributions it can have are pretty stunning when you look at the research. If you need focus, clarity, calm or sleep, this is the oil that you should be using.

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