Liquid Blushes – What To Know

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Blush is used to add color to the cheeks, as it is often believed that healthy skin has a glow with a tinge of color on the cheeks. To create this a blush is added to the apples of the cheeks and blended back and up along the cheek bone.

When choosing a blush it is important to find one that does not dry, cause irritation, or encourage increased oil production. There are many options for a blush type including a powder, a cream, or a liquid, and each will meet certain needs.

A liquid blush is easier to blend due to the fluid nature. The lightweight feel of the water-based product will not cause a heavy or thick feeling on the skin.

Liquid blush for any skin type

While the idea is old and the traditional products have been blush or cream, for ease of use and health of the skin, liquid blush has been growing in popularity. This product is suitable for any skin type as it will add a little hydration to dry skin and will not pull water from the skin as some powder products may. It will not add oil to the skin as it is water based rather than oil based and will not clog pores.

Each bottle of liquid blush comes with an applicator in the lid and can be used over current products such as a primer or foundation. Begin with a light layer added to bring a hint of color then add product to increase the coverage and coloring or leave it with a thin layer from the apple of the cheeks blending up along the cheek bones.

After the first layer has been applied it can be worn as a thin layer that adds some brightness and glow to the cheeks, or additional light layers can be added to build up to the desired color on the cheeks.

Powder and cream blushes

While a powder blush will remove water from the skin and lead to dryness, a cream blush can add oil to the skin and clog pores. This will increase the occurrence of acne and can feel heavy or thick on the skin, especially when adding other products. To solve this a liquid blush was created, with a water base for the formula, which will neither draw moisture from the skin nor clog pores like an oil.

Selecting a blush shade

When choosing a blush shade it is important to find one that fits with the skin tone and the desired results. People with a lighter skin tone may find that pinks of lighter shades, pinks with brown undertones, and some reds or cherry-type colors work best.

Porcelain skin is often well suited to peach or apricot shades with a warm tone. People with a darker skin tone may find that browns, terracotta or copper colors are well suited.

For those looking for a lightweight solution to their current blush concerns, a liquid blush may be the solution. It is easy to apply, can be layered to meet the coverage and color each individual prefers, and is suitable for all skin types.

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