Ingrown Toenails: Signs And Cures

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Written By Lara Buck / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

One of the common issues that most people face is ingrown toenails: the corner or side of the toenail grows into the soft flesh at the edge and can sometimes be painful. It results in swelling and redness, which sometimes result in infection. Hence, you must not ignore this condition, and in case you are experiencing pain at the corners of the toe, then you must visit a podiatrist

Key signs of ingrown toenail issues: 

  • You start having pain in the toe, on either side of the nail
  • The skin appears to be tender
  • Slight redness on the corners or side
  • Swelling of toe around the nail
  • The area around the toenail gets infected

When the symptoms become alarming

An ingrown toenail may not be that painful initially, but as the problem aggravates, you must not ignore it and see a doctor immediately. Here are the signs to note:

  • The pain around the toenail becomes acute around the toe

If you notice the redness around the toenail start spreading, you must not ignore it. If you have diabetes or any other condition that impacts the blood flow, you must not ignore it, as the problem may aggravate in the future.

What causes this issue?

While an ingrown toenail is a common problem, most of us do not know the reason behind it. Some of the common reasons for this problem can be: 

  • Wearing wrong-sized shoes that put more pressure on the toenail
  • Cutting the toenail too short
  • Injury on the toenail
  • Curved toenails

When does the problem get complicated?

An ingrown nail can easily be treated. However, if you stay oblivious of the issue and leave it unattended, then it can lead to serious bone infection. Ingrown nails become a problem if the person has diabetes. It can result in improper blood flow, and this eventually damages the nerves in your feet. So, if you experience any such symptoms and have diabetes, then you must not ignore the problem and seek medical assistance right away. Usually, people contact a podiatrist for this. 

Prevention is better than cure.

This is an age-old saying, but it’s more of a fact. If you take some preventive measures initially, then you can easily save yourself from the problem. 

Trim your nails aptly - Improper clipping of toenails can result in an ingrown toenail. So, you must take care while clipping the nails. If you visit a salon for this, ask the pedicurist to trim the nails straight across.

Maintain mid-length toenails - Trimming the toenails the right length is important. Make sure that you don’t cut your nails too short that it becomes problematic. If you have long nails, you may accidentally break the nail while wearing shoes, which can also impact the soft skin around the toenail. 

Choose the right-sized shoes - Wearing the right-sized shoes not only provides comfort, but can also be problematic for your toenail. Too much pressure on the toes may cause ingrown toenails. Make sure that you buy the right-sized and comfortable shoes. 

Protective footwear - If your workplace demands wearing protective shoes, then you must not ignore the safety aspect. Wearing good quality protective footwear is important to ensure that your legs feel comfortable and protected. 

Keep a check on your feet - Make sure that you check your feet regularly. If you notice slight pain or redness of the skin around the toenail, never ignore it and seek medical assistance immediately.

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Lara Buck is a knowledgeable and qualified blogger. The above discussion highlights the details of the common signs and the right methods to prevent ingrown toenails clinic. If you face this issue, make sure that you contact a podiatrist for the cure. 

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