Impetigo Skin Condition – What Is it?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Impetigo is a skin condition that occurs on an infection that spreads through contact. The infection causes bumps in the skin that appear like blisters that form into a crust before clearing up.

It requires treatment with antibiotics and can last days or weeks, spreading when contact is made with the sores or through contact on a shared surface from someone who has contracted it to someone who hasn’t.

Skin Infections And Impetigo

Factors that increase the risk of infection include age and activity. It is most likely to occur in small children and is easily transmitted within daycares and schools.

The shared toys and surfaces are often the manner of transmission, sometimes before an infection is even known. Another risk factor includes certain sports, particularly contact sports where skin-to-skin contact is present as transmission occurs easily when contact is made with the skin of the infected person.

Sores And Impetigo

The formation of sores occurs most often around the nose and mouth or on the hands and the feet. Because the sores occur in these areas it is referred to it as hand, foot, and mouth disease. Impetigo is often itchy and appears as small red sores or blisters that grow until they erupt and form a crust over the sore.

Antibiotics And Impetigo

A prescription antibiotic can be prescribed by a doctor. This will rid the body of infection with no lasting effects.

It is a temporary skin condition which can be treated, but there are risks of a few complications including the spreading and possible scars. When treated in time the spread will be contained and scars should be kept to a minimum.

Impetigo Do’s And Don’ts

To prevent the spread of impetigo skin should be kept clean with regular hand washing and drying. All cuts and any insect bites should be washed with gentle soap and water as soon as possible with any open wounds covered to avoid infection.

Anyone who has impetigo should remain at home until the infection is cleared and the contagious phase has passed. If someone you know or care for has impetigo you should avoid sharing any clothes, towels, utensils or other items that may carry the infection.

Impetigo is a skin infection that is transmitted through direct contact with a person carrying the infection or a surface that they have touched. It is easily treated with antibiotics though an infected person should remain home until they are not contagious to others.

While some scars may occur, if the infection is treated on time spread should be limited, though a delay in treatment can allow the infection on the surface of the skin to spread deeper into the layers of skin, and in some cases can spread to the blood stream.

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