How To Perform A Skin Check

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Completing a skin check is a necessary step to maintaining your health and ensuring there are no concerns that should be addressed, helping to avoid late detection of skin cancers or other health risks. To complete one is fairly easy and can be done alone or a friend or family member can help with areas such as the back and scalp.

Skin exam

During a skin exam check for discolorations, moles, freckles and other marks or blemishes, and any tattoos or piercings, and note any changes during the next exam. These should be done routinely, for healthy adults once or twice a year, while those who are at high risk for cancers and others should do one every few months or even once a month.

Using a wall-mounted mirror can make it easier to complete, and a handheld mirror can be used for harder-to-see areas such as the back of the legs or back of the shoulders.

Skin checking face and neck

To begin, face a mirror and check the face, the ears - and behind the ears, using a hand mirror. Inspect the neck and the chest; for women it is necessary to check the breast area and underneath as well.

A hand mirror may be needed to check the back of the neck as well and check the scalp underneath the hair to the best of your ability using both your hands and looking in the mirror. Look at the back of the hands and the palms, including underneath the fingernails and between the fingers, looking for any new freckles, blemishes, marks, and checking any scars.

Skin checking arms, torso and back

Next, check the arms, lifting each arm over your head to see the armpit and the underneath the arms on each side. It is important to check both the back and the front, and as your arm is raised you can inspect the side of the body from arm to waist.

Look at the stomach and the rest of the torso, checking as much of the back as you can with your wall mirror and hand mirror before sitting down to move to the legs and the feet.

Skin checking legs

When checking the legs begin in a sitting position to see the thighs and work down towards the shins and the top of the feet, the toes, between the toes and underneath the toenails. Inspect the bottom of the feet by bringing the foot up to the other knee or use a hand mirror underneath the foot.

Move the hand mirror up the back of the legs from the ankles to the thighs. Continue to move the mirror up the back of the body to check the buttocks and lower back. It is best to conduct a skin check after a bath or shower to remove all dirt.

When doing a skin check it is important to look for any changing growths including moles, any freckles or dark spots including age spots and sunspots, rough patches and dry areas, bumps or any noticeable growths under the skin.

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