Gua Sha And Other Oils For Skin Health

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

To fight inflammation and other skin concerns a technique called gua sha is used to boost circulation, stimulate the soft tissue, and can be used in treatments of many health concerns. Some facials now include a gentle form of gua sha while it is normally done on the arms, back, and neck. A gua sha massage can be performed by a trained technician. A massage tool is gently scraped across the skin after adding a massage oil.

Massage with Gua Sha oil

Gua sha oil is typically the chosen massage oil that is applied to the skin before the treatment begins to lower the friction and reduce any potential damage to the skin. When choosing which oil to use there are a few factors to consider, but the end result for the gua sha massage itself should be the same regardless of which oil is chosen.

Coconut oil for skin hydration

Coconut oil will ease the movement of the tool and allow it to move smoothly and comfortably across the skin. As this oil melts easily with body heat it is a good choice for this type of treatment and easy to use.

When picking a coconut oil choose a high-grade oil created for beauty treatments and uses. These higher-grade oils are antibacterial as well as antifungal, and many will have antimicrobial properties. Each of these properties will reduce the risk of infection, irritation, and improve skin hydration.

Grapeseed oil for skin health

Grapeseed oil has properties that reduce acne by not clogging the pores, and adds hydration and moisture to the skin while slowing the signs of aging. By reducing age spots and encouraging an even tone across the skin it keeps your skin young and healthy. This oil is not greasy but will allow the tool to slide across the skin without causing any extra irritation while improving skin health.

Jojoba oil for easy absorption

Jojoba oil is another option, and is known for its protection of sensitive skin. It decreases the appearance of skin blemishes while increasing skin hydration. As an easy-to-use oil it absorbs well and does not leave skin greasy.

Almond oil for dry skin

Another popular choice is almond oil with its high levels of vitamins that improve the health of skin cells and encourage healthy looking skin. The vitamins A, B, and E are good for slowing the signs of aging and treating dry skin conditions. As an added benefit it works to ease muscle pain and will not clog pores.

During gua sha a massage tool is used to gently scrape the skin in a downward motion. A trained technician will use short and long strokes to scrape easily across the skin after applying a massage oil. This stimulates the cells and improves circulation, which can reduce inflammation, skin concerns, and muscle aches and pains.

It is used for many health concerns in traditional Chinese medicine. When choosing a massage oil for this treatment choose one that fits your needs and that you have no allergy concerns with.

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