The Grounding Scent Of Sandalwood Oil

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Sandalwood oil is known to create a positive atmosphere of calm and mental clarity because of its rich and heady aroma. Another oil that is known in many aromatherapy circles because of its lovely fragrance, it also has amazing abilities that are tied to the oil's topical properties as well.

It has a woodsy smell that is used in many perfumes, incenses, aftershaves and cosmetics. It has been used traditionally in Eastern countries. It has many elements that some may be unfamiliar with. Here's some ways that sandalwood oil is beneficial.

Increase Memory

Brain fog and decreased memory can really put a damper on your work and on your day. The ability to remember things, whether it be tasks, processes or specific facts, is incredibly necessary to the life of so many. Sometimes stress, health conditions and getting older messes significantly with one's memory.

Thankfully sandalwood oil has the capability to boost the memory. Because it naturally provides clarity and focus, it helps to improve the mechanism in the brain that creates and holds on to memories. Try soaking a cotton ball with sandalwood and putting it in your car.


The smell of this oil is quite arousing for some and there's actually a brain chemistry component to the reason why. It is a natural way to increase libido, especially in men. So if you or your partner is dealing with lack of sex drive or hasn't been performing the way he once was, this is the perfect oil to incorporate into your relationship to increase successful intimacy.

You can add a few drops of the sandalwood oil into coconut oil and it makes for a great massage oil to use on your partner.


A great ingredient to incorporate into your skin care routine, this oil has mild astringent properties which can help to tighten your skin after it's been thoroughly cleaned. There are many over-the-counter facial toners and aftershaves that have this oil as an ingredient.

Unfortunately, those products also have harmful chemicals and ingredients included as well. It's much simpler and healthier to use the oil itself or mix it with another light oil that has astringent qualities. This helps to cleanse, tighten and soothe the skin.

Cough Aid

If you're the type of person who catches a cold around a certain time of year and has that pesky cough that lingers for much longer than any of your other symptoms, this oil can definitely help. As a natural expectorant, it has relaxing properties that will help fight the germs that are causing the cough.

It helps to clear the congestion that lay dormant in certain parts of your chest and is able to eradicate the cough altogether. It's also great in the event of a sore throat that can often accompany a bad cough. Mix a couple of drops of sandalwood with some warm water and salt. Gargle it twice a day and notice how your irritated throat improves tremendously.

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