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You're probably looking at that title and wondering how the heck you even pronounce that particular seed, let alone figure out exactly what it does and how it can be used. This oil is actually better known as Tamanu - as calophyllym inophyllum is one of the harder and longer names to say. This oil can be used for medicinal purposes and has a beneficial aspect to it that is helpful for a whole host of issues.

This oil was first made in the 1930s and was found predominately in countries like the Pacific islands, Asia and Europe. One of the biggest advantages that this oil gives is that it has the ability to help promote new tissue growth which is critical for wound healing.

Skin Aid

For this very reason it is a tremendous aid for skin. It is one of the most powerful and helpful oils that can be used in the fight against acne. Acne is something that so many people suffer from and it can be terribly difficult to deal with constant blemishes on the face. It can wear on a person's self confidence and make it hard for them to interact in social circles.

Tamanu Oil

What's so great about tamanu oil is that it has properties that effectively help to eliminate current blemishes, diminishing them and properly treating them so they are healed quicker. It also prevents new ones from being developed. This oil has been credited with clearing up the skin of many people.

Dry Skin

It's also great for those who suffer from dry skin as it's incredibly moisturizing without being greasy or troublesome for oily skin. If you find that it's increasingly difficult to deal with your skin when the seasons change or if you have naturally dry, sensitive skin than this is a great oil to include in your skincare regimen.


It is a nut oil that is naturally moisturizing so it will help to get your skin to a place where it doesn't feel like it's peeling, cracking, and tight due to dryness. Dry skin is where the signs of aging tend to happen, which is also why this is a great oil to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Due to it anti-inflammatory properties, this oil is a great anecdote to the early signs of aging.

Chronic Skin Conditions

It's also a highly effective oil for chronic and common skin conditions. Those who suffer from psoriasis and eczema know that it can be an incredibly difficult thing to combat. It can become very irritating and aggravating to try and stop the spread of dry, discolored clusters of skin.

The worst is when it itches and other ointments don't provide the relief that they promise. The moisturizing components of this oil will help to eliminate the dry part of the breakouts while the anti-inflammatory properties will allow them to heal at a faster rate. Just apply a couple of drops of the oil onto the affected area a couple times a day and watch how your condition progressively improves.

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