An Anti-Viral Healer: Calendula Oil

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Many of us are susceptible to a range of health disruptors throughout the course of our lives. Some are unforeseen while others may be genetic. Regardless of the reasons why certain health issues occur, it's nice to have a method of treating and combating them that isn't largely rooted in pharmaceutical drugs or over-the-counter medications.

The realization that so many God-given plants, herbs, seeds and fruits actually have powerful benefits is comforting. Calendula is one of those impressive plants that for centuries was used only for ornamental purposes. This was until its benefits started getting further explored.

Infection Soother

One of the most notable benefits of calendula is the anti-inflammatory properties within the plant. This allows it to be a great topical treatment for things like dermatitis, diaper rash, skin infections, ear infections and ulcers. A little of this oil goes a long way so you'll only need a drop or two.

If you are using the oil as a solution for skin issues, try adding it with some coconut or jojoba oil first. Only in the case of ear infections should you use calendula without first diluting it. One drop into the ear canal will properly and directly heal the infection that causes ear pain and irritation.


Calendula oil is also a great antidote for those who lead very active lifestyles but may be prone to some aches and pains. Whether you are the type of person that deals with muscle spasms as a result of intense workouts or you perhaps pull a muscle every now and then from over exertion or lack of proper stretching, this oil can help treat the issue with speed and ease.

A mixture of calendula oil with something like apricot oil is perfect to rub into the troublesome parts of your body that ache from your active and rigorous lifestyle. You can use this on your skin up to two times daily. Make sure you are adding it to a carrier oil that is naturally moisturizing.

Aids Digestion

Calendula is also known to help digestive issues. Especially those directly related to constipation. No one enjoys the experiences of irregularity. When you aren't able to have easy bowel movements on a regular basis, there is something likely wrong with your digestive system and how your intestines process food.

Calendula oil can help to activate your digestive enzymes and allow your system to more easily manage the foods that you put into your body. It's also important to note that nothing improves your digestion like proper, balanced eating.

Healing Properties

One of the impressive healing properties within this oil is its ability to function as an antiseptic. Many common over-the-counter medicines actually have this plant within them. The antimicrobial and antiviral effects of this oil will instantly clean and sanitize wounds and injuries. It can also directly contact and eradicate difficult strains of germs. Calendula oil is a powerful and multifaceted oil that takes care of many different issues. 

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