What Is Necrotizing Periodontal Disease?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Periodontal disease is a gum disease that causes receding gums, infections, and can even lead to loose teeth or loss of teeth. Necrotizing periodontal disease is a form of this condition that is extreme, rare, and causes severe damage within the mouth. It affects not only the teeth but also the gums and the jawbone that supports the teeth.

Necrotizing periodontal disease symptoms

Symptoms of this condition include bleeding gums, which can occur not only while brushing and flossing, but during other activities as well, and pain that increases when caring for the teeth or chewing. Receding gums are common with periodontal disease though it will occur faster with necrotizing periodontal disease. Spaces between the teeth may become present as the gum tissue and bone are affected.

Teeth may shift or loosen, and there can be a buildup of pus between the gums and teeth. All of these effects can cause bad breath, and even fever and swelling in the lymph nodes.

Diagnosing Necrotizing periodontal disease

To diagnose this disease, a specialist will gather a full list of symptoms and perform a mouth exam and any tooth that is causing pain, as well as check for bleeding, and perform X-rays to check for tooth stability and bone density.

Each tooth affected will be inspected for tartar buildup and inflammation. An MRI may be advised to check for damage that may have occurred to the head and neck as well as the jaw.

Further testing will often involve blood work to check for other health concerns that can affect the immune system and allow for infections to occur more often and worsen quickly. HIV is one of the risk factors that can supress the immune system and necrotizing periodontal disease can more easily occur.

Treating Necrotizing periodontal disease

Treatments should begin as soon as possible to fight the infection and to return the gums to health if possible. Antibiotics are necessary to kill the infection and clear it from the system, and pain killers can be used to treat the pain and discomfort that occurs. A procedure is sometimes needed to remove dead tissue from around the teeth and mouth to allow the healthy tissue that remains to heal.

Each tooth is deep cleaned, descaled and polished, and disinfection will be completed with an antiseptic. In some cases an anti-viral or an anti-fungal medication may also be used. A laser therapy called photodynamic therapy can disinfect the mouth and kill the bacteria present. Where there are underlying conditions present other treatments may be needed for that condition as well.

As a part of the treatment plan there may be a need for reconstructive or regenerative surgical procedures to repair damage and help to keep as many of the teeth as possible. A graft may be used to boost the strength of the bone and offer support to the teeth. Other procedures may be completed to improve the appearance of damaged teeth after the infection has been successfully treated.

Ongoing treatment may be required in the form of preventative care to avoid a recurrence of the infection and further damage to the teeth. Careful attention to oral hygiene including regular dental appointments and deep cleaning may be required to avoid a recurrence of the infection and to help keep the teeth healthy.

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