Link Between Bleeding Gums And Vitamin C

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Bleeding gums are often found to be related to a vitamin C deficiency, which can be easily rectified by an adjustment to the diet or by adding a vitamin C supplement to the daily routine. A lack of vitamin C has been linked to periodontal disease, increasing the chances of not only gingivitis but also other health concerns - and this cause of bleeding cannot be solved by brushing and flossing.

Vitamin C and antioxidants

The role of vitamin C in the body is to fight the antioxidants that are created when food is consumed and broken down to help the body heal from injuries and build stronger bones, cartilage, and muscles. These roles are directly related to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, as healthy gums are unlikely to bleed even when brushed.

Vitamin C and free radicals

Other causes of bleeding gums may require treatment by a dental professional though these treatments may not always solve the entire problem. When teeth are damaged the gums can also become damaged around them and without the necessary reserves of vitamin C they will not be able to heal themselves quickly or return to their natural positions around the teeth.

Bleeding gums may also be caused by infections or swelling, both of which are also improved upon by the addition of vitamin C to the diet, as it will fight infection and the free radicals that cause swelling and painful gums.

Vitamin C and nutrients

A diet high in leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, and other vitamin C-rich foods maintain the necessary levels of nutrients in the body. Where regular daily diet isn’t enough to maintain what is necessary, supplements can be added. Vitamin C can be taken in many forms, from a powder added to drinks to chew tabs that are taken once or twice a day or included in a general daily vitamin.

Lack of vitamin C

Where bleeding gums are present, and proper brushing and flossing are not solving the problem, then it becomes necessary to look into other possible causes and solutions. Decades ago there were studies that a lack of vitamin C would lead to bleeding gums, along with eye disease and a risk of bloodshot eyes and even bleeding eyes.

Dentists were aware of a common link between this lack and the increase in gum disease and bleeding gums and would recommend increasing the sources of the necessary nutrients along with treating other dental concerns. As this practice has become less popular there have been new studies conducted that confirm the link.

If bleeding gums occur it is important to address all possible causes and seek dental care when necessary. Any broken or damaged teeth must be repaired, and infections will require antibiotics and treatment before the gums will be able to fully heal. As gum disease develops increasing your vitamin C can help to heal the gums and prevent it from occurring in the future.

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