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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

As gum disease develops, a set of symptoms become present that allow a dentist to diagnose it. These include visual changes to the gums, pain and discomfort, and other symptoms that cannot be seen. Any sign of gum disease symptoms should be addressed by your dental professional to avoid pain, loose teeth, and tooth loss.

An infection in the gums can spread to the rest of the mouth, the root of the teeth, and can even get into the blood and bones. Theses risks make it necessary to address gum disease as early as possible.

Bleeding and inflammation

Visible symptoms of gum disease can be inspected using a mirror. These include red gums, or gums that have a purple appearance to them, and they will often bleed easily. While bleeding gums can be common when brushing or flossing, as gum disease progresses the gums will bleed even when not touched. They may appear swollen or puffy, and it may be possible to see pus and discharge around the gums.

Gum pain and swelling

The discomfort and pain that comes with gum disease is noticeable as it begins and will worsen over time. The pain may begin around the teeth but will spread up and across the gums until it is present throughout the area. The swelling will increase pain as it creates pressure on the nerves, and this pain can be felt along the face and in the ears in many cases.

As the pain spreads it may affect the throat as well, though the pain should decrease as the infection and gum disease is treated and becomes controlled. Pain may begin only when chewing and eating, then may spread to a general pain that is present all the time. When gums become painful it is important to see a dentist and address the concern.

Bad breath and receding gums

Other symptoms that may be present include bad breath. As the bacteria and infection grow it will cause a smell to occur and it will not be easily brushed away, so the breath will only be corrected by treating the root cause of the gum disease. Infected areas may also become warm to the touch, and as gums recede from the teeth some teeth may become loose.

This is due to the inability of receding gums to correctly support teeth, and as they pull further down the tooth the root may become exposed and teeth may fall out. Any sign of loose teeth should be addressed immediately to avoid tooth loss whenever possible.

When the gums become painful, inflamed, swollen, red or purple, and begin to recede it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible. This will help to ensure treatment is begun quickly and will create the best possible chance of retaining all the teeth and keeping the infection from spreading. An antibiotic or medicated mouthwash may be used, cleanings will be necessary, and regular dental care must be maintained.

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