Canker Sore Treatments: 4 Things To Know

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Canker sores can be unpleasant and last from a few days to a few weeks without treatment. As they are uncomfortable and can be painful - and even embarrassing - many choose to treat them without waiting for them to resolve themselves.

Treatments range from waiting for them to clear on their own to mouthwashes, topical products, and nutrition. Supplements may be added to not only treat present canker sores but may prevent others in the future.

Mouthwashes for canker sores

Many canker sores will resolve themselves in a week or two with no treatment. In cases where this is not occurring they can be treated by a mouthwash created to clear the canker sore and decrease the pain.

These mouthwashes decrease the swelling, which lowers the pain that is occurring, and are available over the counter at many pharmacies and drug stores. They may include hydrogen peroxide, dexamethasone, or chlorhexidine to achieve the necessary results.

Ointments for canker sores

Other options include products that are applied to the canker sore. These are often in a gel or cream form and can be applied at home by using the included application method. Some may be applied gently by hand, and some will be placed upon a round or square patch that is placed over the canker sore to hold the ointment to the sore.

These will remain in place and maintain constant contact between the treatment and the skin, allowing it to work continually while present. These will reduce the pain and discomfort while assisting and speeding the healing process.

Vitamins and nutrients for canker sores

Increasing consumption of some vitamins and nutrients can be useful where other products are not appropriate, and to decrease the likelihood of occurrences in the future. Specific supplements or dietary adjustments that can be productive include folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, and zinc. These provide the body with the necessary vitamins to fight canker sores and can help to clear current occurrence as well as helping to interfere with early formation of them in the future. These can be added either through a balanced diet of vegetables and fruits or through the addition of a supplement high in the needed nutrients.

When you should contact your dentist for canker sores

If your canker sores continue to occur, or are resistant to treatments, either a primary care doctor or a dentist should be consulted to ensure there are no other causes to treat. They are both trained in illness and infections, and qualified to address the concern. Treatment by a professional can increase the healing time and help clear resistant cases, as well as help to deter future occurrences.

While many people have canker sores that heal themselves with no intervention, there may be cases where over-the-counter treatments are necessary or where a dentist or family doctor should be consulted. Maintaining a balanced diet high in nutrient value will help to speed the healing of any canker sores.

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