Are You In Need Of A Deep Dental Cleaning?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Bacteria, plaque, tartar, and other materials can build up on the teeth over time, and even work under the gums to the roots. It is important to have these materials removed for the health of your teeth and overall health.

Dentist offices offer scaling and root planing as part of a deep cleaning process that removes all build up from the teeth, helping to avoid cavities and any further problems that can form from cavities, while protecting the dentin and the hard outer area of the teeth.

A deep cleaning is necessary if there has not been regular dental care and cleanings or if other factors have created a need for a deeper clean than normal.

Scaling and deep dental cleaning

A scaling tool is used to remove all plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth. Some offices are now completing the scaling procedure with a water process that uses a sonic water tool rather than metal scaling tools.

This can offer the same results, but may be less traumatic for the teeth than manual scraping, and completes the task quickly and efficiently. The second part of scaling and root planing is the removal of build-up from the roots of the teeth. This is completed the same way as the scaling and protects the roots from damage and build-up.

Deep dental cleaning procedure

These deep cleanings usually require two appointments and sometimes will need a follow up as well. This process helps to clean the pockets that form around the teeth and prevent damage from occurring.

To maintain this, it is important to brush twice daily and to floss regularly. This will prevent the plaque and tartar from building back up against the teeth and avoid the need for further deep cleaning.

Deep dental cleaning results

If the procedure and follow up care do not produce the necessary results then there will need to be further follow up with a specialist to help keep the gums and teeth clean and healthy. After the deep cleaning procedure there should be an improvement in the health and comfort of both gums and teeth, and the pockets should close to a smaller size, preventing such build-up from reoccurring.

Dental care is important to overall health and should be cared for regularly. Proper brushing and flossing in important, as well as regular dental cleanings and treatments, but occasionally a deep dental cleaning can be required.

Deep cleaning is a more involved form of cleaning over a few appointments and includes dental scaling and root planing. These procedures can be performed with regular hand tools or water through a sonic tool, and should help to increase the health of teeth and gums while lowering the occurrence of cavities and further complications.

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