Aging Teeth? Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Will Improve Your Smile

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Written By Emma Sturgis / Reviewed By Ray Spotts



People hardly associate anti-aging with the dental field. If your teeth are aging, which are the suitable cosmetic dental procedures that can help improve your smile? The recommended cosmetic dental procedures include:



Cosmetic Bonding for aging teeth


For some people, teeth have turned yellow over time. In extreme cases, the teeth may also be chipped, such that they may not have a desirable shape. In such an instance, cosmetic bonding will help.

Cosmetic bonding entails applying composite material to the teeth. Only a skilled dentist can perform such a procedure. Composite is the material used by a dentist when a patient has a cavity. The material can be placed over the natural teeth, and you can afford an awesome smile afterward.

Besides changing teeth color, the composite material also fills in the chips present in the teeth. Minor shaping will also fade away, thanks to the composite material.



Using Full-Coverage Crowns for aging teeth


There are cases whereby the teeth may be too damaged such that veneers cannot help. Full-coverage crowns can be used in such instances. The veneer usually covers the front of the teeth, whereas the full-coverage crown usually covers the whole tooth.

The full-coverage crowns are normally used when a patient has fractures or cavities. A dentist can also shed some light on the best cosmetic dental procedure, depending on the dental issue you may be facing.

If your tooth is too damaged for a crown and there isn’t enough healthy tooth to work with, you might need cosmetic dental implants instead. Talk with your dentist to see which option is best for you.



Ensuring the Tooth Length Has Been Corrected for aging teeth


Besides ensuring that your teeth are whiter, the length of your teeth can also be corrected to make you look younger. As a person grows older, the gums will recede up, and they will reveal a large part of the teeth. The teeth will then look longer.

For a person experiencing an issue of "long teeth," their smile may appear to be gummy. In short, when you smile, you will show a large part of your gum tissue and teeth.

Fortunately, there are different solutions present in modern dentistry that can help correct teeth length. Some of the procedures include using a dental laser to get rid of the excess gum tissue. The gum appearance will also be reduced.



Teeth Whitening for aging teeth


As you grow older, your teeth may lose their natural white color. Teeth discoloration may come about when you consume large amounts of wine and coffee. When your teeth are discolored, your appearance may be affected. Fortunately, professional dentists can recommend different teeth, whitening procedures and products.

As a human being, you are prone to issues such as aging. As you grow older, your teeth will age, and that may affect your appearance such that your smile may also not be as appealing. Fortunately, there are cosmetic dental procedures that can help to solve the issue of aging teeth.

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