3 Ways To Treat Sore Gums

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Sore gums are likely to occur at some point, whether it’s a child teething or an adult with an infection or a broken or damaged tooth. When gums become sore it can make eating and drinking hard and the discomfort can last for days, so it is important to treat them as soon as possible.

A dentist can provide treatment for any ongoing concerns and repair any damaged teeth that are causing painful gums, but there are some at-home treatments that can help ease soreness in the short term.

Saltwater rinse for sore gums

One way to treat sore gums is to use a saltwater rinse twice a day. This can be made at home by adding a teaspoon of salt to a cup of water and using that to rinse and swish around the teeth and gums.

Gargling can ensure the gums at the back as well as the throat are also treated, which can help to slow the spread of any infection that is present. Saltwater can help draw out any infection while rinsing will help remove any food buildup or small particles that are found between the teeth and gums.

Brushing and flossing for sore gums

When food particles or plaque and tartar buildup are causing sore gums, flossing well and brushing the teeth can dislodge these particles and pieces of food and help remove buildup that is on the teeth along the gums. This can help gums be healthy and pain free. Where the buildup is harder to remove a dental cleaning - and sometimes a deep clean at the dentist - can remove the buildup from around the teeth and gums.

Antibiotics and prescription oral rinse for sore gums

The dentist is able to determine what is causing the gums to be sore and offer appropriate treatments. In some cases an antibiotic or a prescription oral rinse may be provided to ease the discomfort of gum disease.

They can book your deep clean to reduce buildup, can plan root planing when needed, and can repair any broken or damaged teeth that are causing gum pain. A cavity along the gumline can cause sore gums as well as pain when chewing. When gum pain persists it is imperative to see the dentist to have it assessed and locate the root cause of the soreness.

Sore gums are not necessarily a reason for a lot of worry, but they do need to be treated quickly to prevent the problem from worsening or causing increasing pain. As the causes can be widely varied and require different treatments it may be necessary to see a dentist for diagnosis and treatment, but extra flossing, brushing, and saltwater rinses can be completed at home before a dentist is seen.

No matter the cause these steps will not increase the concern and may offer some relief from the discomfort. If the problem persists longer then a day or two it will become more important to see a dentist to rule out infection or damaged teeth as a cause.

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