What You Should Consider For Yourself Before Getting Lasik

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Written By Anica Oaks / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

While in years past the only options you had for improving your vision were wearing either glasses or contact lenses, Lasik surgery has changed all that. Using state-of-the-art lasers, eye surgeons can in fact reshape your cornea to give you nearly perfect vision. However, before you jump at the chance to get Lasik surgery, make sure you take the following into consideration when making your decision.

Do You Mind Wearing Glasses?

While you may wind up with nearly perfect 20/20 vision following your Lasik surgery, many patients who have very high prescriptions due to certain eye conditions may still need to wear glasses to some extent despite Lasik surgery. Thus, if you are wanting Lasik solely to rid yourself of glasses, think this through prior to having the surgery.

Choose the Best Surgeon

As Lasik has grown in popularity, you may have noticed more and more doctors are advertising offering Lasik surgery to patients. However, all eye surgeons are not created equal, and this difference could drastically affect the results of your surgery.

Since there have been numerous instances of patients winding up with vision that was worse after their surgery than it was pre-surgery, always choose an eye care center that has highly-experienced and reputable eye surgeons performing Lasik.

Medical Conditions

Unfortunately, if you have various types of medical conditions, you may not be considered a suitable candidate for Lasik surgery. For example, if you suffer from diabetes, certain auto-immune diseases, or eye conditions such as glaucoma or retinal detachment, these conditions may make it much harder for your eyes to heal following Lasik surgery.

Therefore, you should always give your eye doctor a complete medical history before considering Lasik, and discuss the pros and cons associated with the surgery based on your medical condition.

Too Young or Too Old?

If you think Lasik surgery is suitable for all ages, think again. For example, if you are under age 18 and considering Lasik surgery, chances are no reputable eye surgeon will grant your wish. As to why, it's due to what's known as ocular maturity, which means your eyes have reached a point where your prescription changes little if any.

Because of this, Lasik is generally performed on people ages 19 to 69. Once you reach age 70 Lasik is harder to do due to cataracts that form on the surface of the retina, which is why cataract surgery is performed instead of Lasik.

By taking these and other factors into consideration when meeting with your eye doctor, the two of you can arrive at the best decision regarding Lasik surgery.

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