What Is Stillingia Root?

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Varying components of plants provide the most concentrated and beneficial elements to any given issue. Sometimes it's the pulp of the fruit that's the most effective, sometimes it's the seed. The root of the next plant we'll be exploring is where all its power and benefits lie. Stillingia is a perennial herb that is a part of the spurge family. It is typically found in southeastern coastal regions like Virginia and Florida. The Stillingia root is considered to be very helpful for the lymphatic system. For many centuries, it was actually used to purify and cleanse the blood. 


One of the primary uses for this oil during the nineteenth century was as a laxative, due to its expectorant and emetic qualities. It was used in this capacity for years, and because so many had strong reactions to the herb yet later began to display positive improvements, it became a very controversial form of treatment. It was also said to work well on external cancers. In cases of constipation it should only be used in very small doses. More than a small dose may cause a person to lose control of their bowels too rapidly.


Due to its expectorant qualities it has been known to be effective in the treatment of bronchial congestion and laryngitis. The powerful effect of the expectorant is known to help clear out and disperse the phlegm that gets stuck and accumulates in the lungs. That cough often experienced in these situations can be downright horrendous. Whether the cough is as serious as the croup or just violent and jarring, stillingia has been shown to provide sufferers with needed relief.


Also great at detoxifying, it promotes sweating which helps to eliminate toxins from your body. There are so many things that can potentially harm our bodies and we are often unaware of their presence. Whether it be your diet, the amount of stress you experience on a consistent basis, or environmental factors, toxins build up and are stored in our bodies faster and more consistently than we may realize. This blood-purifying herb helps to promote the process of toxins leaving your body. The removal of toxins and taking specific steps to aid this process is crucial to overall health.

Skin Care

This herb is also great for skin conditions. Similarly to how it positively benefits those who have external cancer, namely skin cancer, it helps to target and heal conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It targets the inflamed skin and helps to alleviate the overt reaction and toxin that is causing the breakout. It is also said to be good for acne issues for the very same reasons. Just a dab of stillingia oil will provide the skin with a powerful, acrid and drying element that can alleviate the type of skin reactions you have and the severity. Taking care of skin conditions can be difficult and you should have as many options for relief as possible.

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