How To Prevent Kidney Stones With Everyday Foods And Dietary Interventions

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Written By Iryna Ostapets / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

The formation of a kidney stone is due to many factors. Usually this problem occurs because of a persons unhealthy eating habits. Employing a kidney stone diet plan is a great idea to prevent or eradicate kidney stone problems. Foods that boost uric acid can cause kidney problems and the person suffering from this will experience severe pain.

Another thing that can boost the development of kidney stones is eating foods that are high in oxalate content. Usually oxalate can be accumulated from plant foods. To help prevent kidney stones you must be aware of your diet and exclude foods like chocolate, spinach, anchovies, dry beans, tea, asparagus, rhubarb, organ meats, and more, for these foods are very rich in oxalate content. Keeping away from these kinds of foods will help prevent the formation if not eradicate the dilemma of kidney stones. You should avoid high consumption of colas, cranberry juices and grapefruits because colas and grape juices can boost the development of calcium oxalate. However, with that said, cranberry juice can also help to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Three Main Factors That Can Help To Avoid Kidney Stones


Calcium is one of the necessary minerals in the body and it is very important to consume the right amount of calcium, which the body needs every day, to assist your doctor to identify whether you need to decrease or increase your calcium consumption. Calcium oxalate crystals in the urine are the most common constituent of human kidney stones, and calcium oxalate crystal formation is also one of the toxic effects of ethylene glycol poisoning. It is highly recommended to eat more foods that are rich in calcium content like dark, green, leafy vegetables, milk, cheese, milk products and yogurt.


Protein is necessary for the body to function sufficiently, however, too much consumption of protein can trigger kidney stones because it can increase the amount of purine in the body. Thus, people with kidney stones should limit their protein consumption and only accumulate the prescribed amount to help cure and avoid the formation of kidney stones. Poultry products, eggs, fish, pork, and red meats are among the common protein-rich foods that should be eaten in minimal amount.


Water plays a very important role in treating and healing kidney stones. Drinking a lot of water every day can help to neutralize the amount of chemicals and minerals inside the body that can cause kidney stones. Water helps dilute urine to prevent the development of stones. Drinking at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day is a very necessary part of the diet.

Too much consumption of sodium can also increase the risk of kidney stones, thus we should limit it. The primary source of sodium is salt. If possible avoid using salt or limit the usage of salt in your food.

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