Celebrate American Heart Month With An Apple

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February is American Heart Month in the United States and that's a great opportunity to re-evaluate the foods you consume, weed out the ones that are bad for you and focus on the ones that help keep your ticker in shape!

One of the top contenders is the good old, all-American, heart-healthy apple!

Is it true that an apple a day really does keep the doctor away? A recent study conducted by The Ohio State University revealed that eating an apple a day for four weeks reduces the amount of oxidized low-density lipoprotein cholesterol by 40 percent! A lead researcher on the study Dr. Robert DiSilvestro, a professor of human nutrition felt that this was so significant that he altered his own diet and started eating an apple a day himself.

Lower Your Oxidized LDL

DiSilvestro is convinced eating apples is what he needs to do to keep his oxidized LDL in check. I often refer to oxidized LDL as a trouble-maker as it produces inflammation in the arteries, DiSilvestro says. This situation can promote atherosclerosis and increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. What we now know is that the antioxidants in apples are extremely effective in keeping trouble from happening.

DiSilvestro added that daily apple consumption was significantly more effective at lowering oxidized LDL than other antioxidants he has studied including green tea and tomato extract.

Its easy to incorporate anti-oxidant-rich apples into your daily diet. They are available all year long all across the United States. There are many varieties to choose from, which makes them not only a delicious but also a versatile ingredient to nourish your body as well as keep your oxidized LDL in check. 

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