Are You A Good Candidate For Dental Veneers?

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Written By Michelle Smith / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

A smile may be the first thing other people notice about you. If your teeth are characterized by gapping, chipping, uneven borders and discoloration, its not surprising that your self-confidence may plummet. Fortunately, dental veneers are a feasible way to fix the above issues and others. Although not everyone is a candidate, the remainder of this post will offer insight so you'll know whether its a good possibility to pursue, and what to consider before making an appointment with the dentist.

Functionality And Appearance

A dental veneer acts like a thin shell that fits over the exterior surface of a tooth. Today, veneers are usually made out of composite materials or porcelain. After receiving a dental consultation, your specialist will bind the veneers to each affected tooth. The result looks natural and smoothly hides any imperfections.

Possible Disqualifications For Veneers

Before making the conclusion that veneers are right for you, its necessary to meet with a dentist and discuss things like cost, the eventual need for replacement, and cosmetic factors or lifestyle habits that may affect your candidacy for this procedure.

Specifically, there must be adequate surface area on which to attach the veneer. This means if the underlying surface is extremely decayed or very weak, other alternatives may be suggested. Additionally, if you habitually grind or clench your teeth, veneers may not be suitable. That's because those factors can cause the veneers to break.

Your dentist may also closely examine your bite pattern. If your lower jaw is more noticeable than the upper one as you bite down, that could eventually cause the veneers to become damaged. However, if you desire, this problem can often be corrected by wearing braces before getting your veneers. Finally, if you have active or recurrent gum disease, it may prevent you from being a strong candidate for this dental solution.

Maintenance Needs

Many health and personal care measures require a person to regularly do things to avoid potential problems. For example, if you are an avid runner who was recently sidelined by a stress fracture, it may be recommended that you avoid running on pavement and instead begin doing aquatic workouts in a Hydroworx pool. This would allow you to bear weight without putting unnecessary stress on the joints.

Similarly, veneers made from composite materials are more prone to staining than the porcelain variety. That may lead your dental professional to recommend abstaining from certain foods and beverages, including coffee and red wine.

Other than that though, veneers are generally very easy to care for and don't cause problems as long as you adhere to proper dental hygiene practices. Bear in mind many dental insurance agencies don't cover the cost of veneers, but your dental specialist may offer a payment plan. Budgeting for this procedure is essential, because the initial work can cost more than $1,000 per tooth and you may need replacements every five to 10 years.

As with any decision related to your health, its a good idea to perform adequate research before making your appointment with a dental office. Even after that point, multiple appointments will be required before the process is complete. Now that you know more about what makes a person a prime candidate for veneers, it will be easier to determine if its worth your while to consider this option further. Good luck!

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