7 Easy Tricks To Keep Your Animal's Home Clean

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Written By Hannah Boothe / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Your animal's home, whether it's a doghouse in your backyard, a barn attached to your home, or a designated section inside your own humble abode, is where your beloved companion spends most of his/her time. Thus, it's important to keep it dirt, dust, and germs-free.

Not only does this keep your animal's health in tiptop shape, but it also improves the overall cleanliness of your home. Here are seven tips on how to keep your animal's home clean.

Invest in an Automatic Vacuum

Pets shed their fur; it's a reality that most homeowners must deal with. But even if your pet is one of those non-shedding or hypoallergenic breeds, they still bring in debris, including leaves, dirt, and sand. It can be time-consuming and, frankly, irritating to have to sweep your floors every day just to keep up with your pet's haul.

A robot vacuum, such as Roomba, makes maintenance effortless. You can run it before going out for work, school, or errands and come back with clean floors. Automatic vacuums are also now programmable, which means you can easily set a schedule on when it should do some cleaning.

Use a Lint Roller

Every pet cleaning kit should come with a couple of lint rollers. It's an easy and simple tool for removing pet hairs from furniture and clothing, so you don't have to pick them off by hand. Today's lint rollers come with several nifty features, from ergonomic handles to reusable adhesive sheets.

Keep Pet-Friendly Cleaning Solutions Close By

Even potty-trained pets can have an accident occasionally. And when that happens, urgency is key to curbing the extent of damage on your carpets, floors, and furniture.

Keep a pet-friendly stain remover in your bathroom cabinet or under the kitchen sink.  As soon as you see your pet go number one or two inside the house, use the cleaning solution right away.

Go For Organic Products

When doing any sort of maintenance, go for products that are not heavy on chemicals. For instance, if you are looking for ways to clean your aquarium, sulfur is a good option. Sulfur prills are made, as the name implies, from naturally occurring sulfur minerals that nourish your aquarium plants.

Sulfur improves the plant's chlorophyll levels and boosts its ability to fight off diseases. This is a good long-term investment, especially if you have aquarium plant species that are rare and expensive.

Groom Your Pets

Regular grooming not only promotes pet health but also reduces the amount of dirt and debris that they bring into your home. Cats and dogs should have their nails trimmed to prevent floor damage as they walk around the house. More importantly, it prevents the risk of nail damage, which can be a painful and unsightly scene.

Allow For Regular Exercise

Getting enough walks or runs throughout the day is essential to your pet's health as well as their behavior indoors. Whether it's a dog or a horse, if they have too much pent-up energy from not being walked or exercised, they'll make a mess of their home. The animal might start to chew on furniture or clothing as an outlet to release their energy.

Maintain a Consistent Diet

Maintaining a regular diet and feeding schedule also reduces the risk of your pet getting diarrhea or throwing up. If switching foods or food brands, you should do it in small amounts.

The amount of food you give them is also something you should consider. Too much food and you might find morsels of it uneaten and scattered across the floor while too small a portion can force your pet to start eating dirt, plants, and other things he/she shouldn't be eating when outside.

Keeping an animal on your property doesn't have to come at the expense of your home's cleanliness and family's health. By following the seven tips in this article, you can enjoy the benefits of pet ownership and still have a clean home.

Perhaps the most important trick to keeping your animal's home clean is consistency. Be proactive in cleaning your animal's space, whether it's just running the vacuum cleaner for five minutes every day or discarding any food pieces or broken toys.

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Hannah Boothe is a freelance writer native to Northern California who spends her free time developing herself. Hannah enjoys the outdoors, she goes hiking whenever the weather permits and enjoys practicing yoga. She carves out time to journal and read whenever she can. She loves adventure and connecting with those around her.

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Founder Ray Spotts has a passion for all things natural and has made a life study of nature as it relates to health and well-being. Ray became a forerunner bringing products to market that are extraordinarily effective and free from potentially harmful chemicals and additives. For this reason Ray formed Trusted Health Products, a company you can trust for clean, effective, and healthy products. Ray is an organic gardener, likes fishing, hiking, and teaching and mentoring people to start new businesses. You can get his book for free, “How To Succeed In Business Based On God’s Word,” at 

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