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Written By Meghan Belnap / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

If there's one part of dental care that most people skip, it's flossing. While most people take the time to brush their teeth, and many individuals opt to rinse with mouthwash, flossing is often saved only for a few days before a dentist visit. Unfortunately, skipping flossing can have negative health outcomes that go far beyond cavities and gingivitis.

Here are a few reasons why you should heed your dentist's advice to floss your teeth every day.

Flossing Reaches Hard-to-Reach Places

Even the best toothbrushes can't reach every part of your mouth. The problem is that these hard-to-reach areas are some of the best spots for germs to hide. Flossing gets into these spaces, including between your teeth and below your gums, so that you can reduce the number of germs and decrease your risk of gingivitis.

Flossing Makes Dental Visits Easier

At some point during every visit to the dentist, your dentist will floss your teeth. If you haven't been flossing regularly up to that point, this procedure will be quite painful.

However, if you've been flossing at least once a day since your last preventative dental care visit, you'll barely feel anything at all. Plus, you won't have to feel guilty when your dentist asks you how often you floss.

Flossing Gives You Better Breath

The germs that cause gingivitis are some of the same germs that can cause bad breath. Therefore, if you're flossing regularly, people will likely notice that your breath smells fresh.

Although a great-looking smile is a fantastic way to build confidence, knowing that your breath doesn't reek can help remove any self-doubt that you have when you're interacting with other people.

Flossing Could Save Your Life

Many people overlook the connection between oral health and overall health. The truth is that some of the germs in your mouth, if left to their own devices, can migrate into your bloodstream, leading to heart issues and a whole host of other problems.

Thus, committing to flossing regularly goes far beyond simply keeping your teeth healthy. In fact, flossing your teeth could be a life-saving habit.

Never Too Late

If you're reading this and you're discouraged because you don't floss regularly, there's good news that's important to know: it's never too late to start flossing. Getting into the habit of flossing can help reverse some of the damage that's been done and prevent further damage from happening.

So, commit to working through the initial pain and find a good flossing regimen that works for you so that you can take charge of your oral health.

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