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There are many aspects to running a successful dental practice and the way you manage yours will leave a lasting impression on your patients as well as impact your retention success and bottom line. Here's a few tips to always keep in mind as you continue to build and grow your practice. 

Keep Your Staff Happy

It is important that each employee is on the same page and working towards the same goal. Remember to continuously keep your staff motivated which will also benefit your patients and your practice. The responsibilities of your dental office staff are crucial to a great dental practice experience. Having the right receptionists, secretaries and dental assistants helps you maintain a smooth running dental practice. First impressions matter and that is why it is very important to have a friendly, informative and communicative experience set up. Create a warm and professional office culture and focus on caring customer service.

New as well as regular patients always want to feel appreciated. Always make sure that each patient is greeted and properly communicated with to ensure a pleasant overall experience - and try to connect with them however you can. Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the easiest and most successful ways to generate new business but you have to take care of the patients you currently have to get these.

Keep Your Patients Happy

Your patients will not only make contact with your front desk team when they set and come in for their appointments but also when they call for information or receive follow-up information. Introductory and follow-up emails are a great tool to welcome a new patient and prepare them for their visit, send them any forms and contact info. they need as well as remind them of upcoming visits or educate them about any procedures they may need.

Having flexibility with appointment times is also important. Remember that every patient has a different schedule so it is important to offer a variety of appointment times to meet their needs.

And the pleasant customer experience should continue with the dentist and dental assistants. Always welcome the new patients to your practice and try to connect with them however you can. Engage and converse with them and provide them with a trustful, pleasant visit. Do what you can to keep your patients happy. Take the time to understand their concerns as well as ask them the right questions and make them feel comfortable about their procedures.

A few things you can do to make your office more comfortable and inviting include having a waiting room with nice furniture, soft lighting and a full range of the latest magazines as well as a section of toys for children.

Remember To Market

There are many ways to market your dental practice and maintain a great online social presence. A professional website is crucial. Make sure that your website is simple, effective, user friendly, inviting to look and communicates with your clients your location, your services, and your contact information. A few nice touches include positive patient testimonials and your dental philosophy. If possible, educate your patients with timely blog posts and news updates.

Other marketing tools that are used by dental practices these days include Facebook and Twitter posts, local print and media advertising, an email newsletter, welcome brochures that describe your dental office and procedures in more detail, and direct mail welcome introductions and reminder cards. Try to incorporate as many of these tools as possible into your marketing strategy.

Long-Term Success

It is important to set long-term goals for your practice. Practice long-term continual improvement by having a strategy and measuring results. Embrace the future by keeping up with the latest trends and practices. Stay updated on your equipment and adopt the latest technologies and products.

And you should always make sure you and your staff are continuously trained. Even after practicing dentistry for many years, continuous education energizes and motivates you and your staff to continue loving what you do. It is important to always continue learning and enhancing what you do that will benefit your patients in ways such as making the dental procedure faster and easier or cause less anxiety and discomfort. Remember, if you stop learning you stop growing!

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