Galangal Oil: Hair, Skin And Health Benefits

Closely related to the root ginger, galangal has been used historically to flavor and season foods in India and Middle Eastern countries. Traditionally, it has been used in seed, herb and oil form. There are four main types of galangal; many of them work similarly. The four types are greater galangal, Chinese ginger, lesser galangal and sand ginger. Here are the many different ways that this powerful root can effectively promote increased health.

Stomach Issues

If you are a person who wrestles with digestion issues such as cramping, bloating, gas or nausea, using this oil on your stomach will help kick your digestion into high gear. The root has components and properties that enable your digestive acids and enzymes to be activated. This helps the digestive process move in a much swifter fashion. A couple of drops added to the carrier oil of your choice will work well. If you can get your hand on some actual galangal root, eating a piece of it helps too.

Skin Care

The juice that is produced from the root itself, or the oil, when it goes through the necessary process, has over 40 different antioxidants within it. This helps a myriad of skin conditions. Things like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne and other skin issues can be easily treated with this masterful oil. There are studies that show that due to its enormous antioxidant presence, it's one of the best oils to use on skin for the purposes of anti-aging.

Dry Scalp

Suffering from an irritated, itchy scalp can be one of the most annoying experiences. You can't stop touching or itching your head and it's easy for some people to think you have some type of nervous tick or contagious condition. Galangal has been used to coat and treat dry scalps and dandruff for years. A couple of drops can be added to your shampoo or you can mix it with jojoba oil and oil your entire scalp by hand. Either way, this oil will target and kill the bacteria that cause dry scalp, dandruff and irritation.

Hair Growth

If you are looking for a regimen that will be helpful in giving you some extra hair length, this oil is right up your alley. Or even if your hair is starting to thin or become a bit sparse in areas, this oil is perfect to incorporate into your standard practices. Trying oiling your scalp with galangal oil mixed with sweet almond oil or apricot oil. You can also apply some of the oil in order to prevent the splitting of the ends.

Moisturized Hair

If you suffer from dry, brittle hair that tends to break and shed much more than normal, galangal can also be used to fortify and moisturize the hair. The amount of phosphorous, zinc and other essential vitamins that are found within the oil can completely transform the look and feel of the hair.

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