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While many people are familiar with the essential oil chamomile, they may not be aware that there are actually two different variations of the oil: German and Roman. While they share common properties, they are not identical in nature. Historically, the Roman soldiers would rely on their type of chamomile to give them clarity and courage before they went off to battle.

It was also an herb that was closely linked to the sun and moon. Here are some of the most popular uses associated with Roman chamomile.


It is known as an oil that can be used to help soothe any anxiety or nervous system issues that you may have. If you are highly stressed and find it difficult to calm down or relax, this type of oil would be perfect for you to keep on hand.

You can rub a couple of drops of the oil into your palms and inhale the fragrance as you sit quietly. A couple of deep inhales should do the trick. You'll quickly start feeling more relaxed and at ease.

Muscle Soreness

One of the worst feelings can be the soreness after a really intense workout. Some enjoy it as a reminder of how hard they exercised, but for others, it can be very distracting, off-putting and even shift the way you carry out your day.

The discomfort that can accompany extreme soreness can be a real nuisance. Roman chamomile oil can be used to rub into the spots of soreness and provide relief. Mix a few oils into a carrier oil like jojoba and tackle your sore spots.


Many headaches are because of tension and stress, along with possible dehydration. Rubbing a bit of the Roman chamomile oil into your temples or wherever the pain is localized will provide you some relief from a throbbing headache.

You can also burn the oil in an oil lamp or a diffuser and let it fill the room. Simply smelling the scent will oftentimes provide you with the relief you need and your headache will begin to subside.


If you have trouble sleeping, it likely affects you in numerous ways that you may not even be fully aware of. The body needs sleep in order to function at the level it should. Rest is restorative and necessary to the way that we conduct ourselves.

Sleep improves mood, concentration and overall happiness. Try diffusing a little Roman chamomile oil in your room at night to help lull you to sleep. You can even dab it on your wrists and take a few deep exhales to calm your mind and induce sleep.

Skin Issues

Roman chamomile oil can actually help a myriad of skin issues. If you happen to get a sunburn from too many hours out in the sun, or your baby is suffering from diaper rash, a little of this oil can be just what the skin needs. The powerful properties of chamomile are incredibly soothing and beneficial to the skin both when it's in a compromised state, and when it is relatively healthy.

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