Does Men’s Skin Cancer Knowledge Lag Behind Women’s?

skin tagsSkin cancer can affect anyone, regardless of age, race or gender. When it comes to skin cancer prevention and detection, however, it seems that men need to brush up on their knowledge. According to a 2016 American Academy of Dermatology survey:
1) Only 56 percent of men know that there’s no such thing as a healthy tan, compared to 76 percent of women.

2) Just 54 percent of men know that getting a base tan is not a healthy way to protect your skin from the sun, compared to 70 percent of women.

3) Only 56 percent of men know that skin cancer can occur on areas of the skin not typically exposed to the sun, compared to 65 percent of women.

“It’s important for both men and women to protect their skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and regularly examine their entire body, including hard-to-see areas, for signs of skin cancer,” says board-certified dermatologist Abel Torres, MD, JD, FAAD, president of the AAD. “While our survey results indicate that men don’t know as much about skin cancer prevention and detection as women, men over 50 have a higher risk of developing melanoma, so it’s especially important for them to be vigilant about protecting and monitoring their skin.”

Regular Skin Exams

“To keep your skin looking good and reduce your skin cancer risk, the AAD recommends protecting yourself from the sun by seeking shade, wearing protective clothing, and using a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher,” Dr. Torres says. “And since skin cancer – including melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer – is highly treatable when detected early, it’s important to regularly take a good look at your skin and check it for suspicious spots, asking someone you trust to help you examine hard-to-see areas.

“We want to remind everyone, especially men over 50, to regularly examine themselves for signs of skin cancer,” Dr. Torres added. “If you notice any irregular spots on your skin, or anything changing, itching or bleeding, see a board-certified dermatologist.”

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Mustard Oil Benefits

mustard oilAlso known as sarson ka tel, mustard seed is an ingredient that is found in most Indian kitchens. The grinding of the seeds into a paste that is then transferred into an oil via distillation is the process that the oil goes through. It is a staple as an oil that is heart healthy and nourishing to the body in many different ways. However, this isn’t the only way that this oil can be used. It has a whole host of uses as a hearty and fatty vegetable oil that comes from mustard seeds. Here are all the ways this oil can be used.

Remove Dark Spots

Many of us deal with hyper-pigmentation or some type of darkness on our face or somewhere on the body. This can be a result of many different causes. It can easily become an issue when it interrupts the evenness of the skin. Anytime that occurs it makes the skin look old, drab and unclear. Mustard oil can relieve and even out the tone of the skin by lightening those dark spots. It’s even good if you want to get rid of a tan. Mix a bit of the oil with lemon juice and apply it to the problem area. Rinse with cold water after 15 minutes. Try this method at least three times a week in order to see lasting results.

Natural Sunscreen

It’s apparent just how necessary sunscreen is for our everyday lives. The sun can wreak havoc on the skin if it is left unprotected. Though there is a myriad of sunscreens to choose from, the problem with sunscreen is that it often has harmful chemicals and additives within them that end up seeping into the skin. These can do a substantial amount of damage internally over time.

Mustard oil is actually a natural sunscreen because of its high levels of vitamin E and its thick consistency. It is a proven way to protect the skin against harsh pollutants and ultraviolet rays. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful vitamins for the skin as it also prevents signs of aging.

Treat Infections And Rashes

Because it is an oil high in both anti fungal and antibacterial properties, the ability for mustard oil to be an effective remedy and treatment of rashes is high. It prevents the skin from being susceptible to dullness and itching, which can often times accompany or cause rashes. The oil increases the natural circulation of the blood and because of its anti-inflammatory properties it can reduce any type of inflammation while also feeding the skin with the necessary nutrients that it craves.

Stimulate Hair Growth

This oil is a great aid for those who are interested in something that will increase the rate of their hair growth. Mustard oil has a rich nutrient density that provides the hair with amazing benefits. Namely, the amount of vitamin A within the oil is something that hair follicles need and thrive off of. Adding a bit of mustard oil into your hair moisturizer or even using it by itself is a great way to supply the hair with properties that will leave it long and strong.

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What Triggers Psoriasis?

psoriasis triggersThe skin condition psoriasis is still not fully understood. What we do know is that it is directly related to the immune system and how that influences the production of skin cells on the body. There is a T cell, which when it works properly, helps to fight off bacteria and viruses. Those who suffer from psoriasis have T cells that attack healthy skin cells, which causes the skin to show effects of the dilation of blood vessels that cause plaque on the skin. This is essentially what causes the skin to look how it does. When new skin cells transfer to the outermost layer of the skin too rapidly, dead skin and white blood cells gather and cause the skin breakouts.

Here are the known triggers that often cause issues with psoriasis. If you, or someone you love, is struggling with the skin condition, take inventory of these known triggers to be able to pinpoint why the issue may be getting worse.


If you have any type of skin infection or something like strep throat, this weakens your immune system and makes you more susceptible to psoriasis outbreaks.


If you have suffered any type of injury to your skin, whether it be a bug bite, a scrape or cut, even a severe burn, your skin is working hard to fight off any potential infections and the onslaught of bacteria that is trying to access the wounded skin. This potentially can spur on a flare of psoriasis.


One of the preeminent causes of most flare ups in several conditions, stress can really cause psoriasis to become worse. Those who have highly stressful lifestyles may find that they have more rapid and constant outbreaks of psoriasis. Sometimes this manifests in bigger patches of affected skin.


Most people are well aware that smoking is terrible for your health and shouldn’t be made a habit. Smoking has the potential to really lower your immunity and ability to fight off infections. Not only is smoking terrible for your oral health, but it also affects all other parts and aspects of your health as well including your skin.

Cold Weather

When the weather is too cold, many people deal with dry, cracked skin. Though this is the extent to which they deal with this issue, those who are susceptible to skin conditions or have a compromised immune system, may start to see the flaky and inflamed skin that is synonymous with psoriasis.

Specific Medications

Depending on what types of medications you take for any other conditions or ailments you have, they may interfere with your blood cells and cause a flare up of your skin condition. Certain drugs like beta blockers, blood pressure medication and iodides can sometimes have this unsavory effect.

There are numerous things that unfortunately can trigger and cause the onset of psoriasis. It’s important to pay attention to potential environmental factors, lifestyle triggers or other aspects that can negatively impact the presence of psoriasis or spur it on in any way.

Learn more about the causes and treatments for psoriasis

The Link Between Periodontal And Cerebrovascular Diseases

female doctor with jaw xray
female doctor with jaw xray

A new study has revealed a relationship between chronic periodontitis and lacunar infarct – two common diseases in the elderly. Chronic periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the gums, whereas lacunar infarct is a type of cerebral small vessel disease that can lead to a stroke.

Additional research is needed to understand this link. It is hypothesized that periodontitis leads to systemic inflammation and, as a result, the health of the blood vessels could be affected. On the other hand, chronic periodontitis and lacunar infarct may share common vascular risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

“We observed that people diagnosed with periodontal disease had about a 4-fold increased risk of developing lacunar stroke compared with those without periodontitis. If further prospective cohort studies confirm our findings, interventional studies should be performed to assess the potential benefit of periodontal therapy in patients with lacunar stroke and periodontitis,” said Dr. Yago Leira, lead author of the European Journal of Neurology study. “Periodontal treatment may also decrease systemic inflammation and, therefore, it may reduce the risk of developing lacunar infarct,” Leira added.

Vitamin D Deficiency – The Teeth Tell The Story

vitamin d deficiencyResearchers at McMaster University have found a new record of vitamin D deficiency – one that resides in the teeth of every person and remains viable for hundreds of years or more.

The team of anthropologists has determined that looking into the microscopic structure of teeth opens a window into the lives and challenges of people who lived hundreds of years ago, and whose only record is their skeletal remains. Their paper, published online in the Journal of Archaeological Science, establishes that when the body is deprived of vitamin D, permanent microscopic abnormalities form in the layers of dentin – the tooth structure under the enamel – creating an ongoing record that can later be read like the rings of a tree.

“The layers store what happens as teeth grow,” says author Lori D’Ortenzio, a PhD candidate in Anthropology at McMaster. “We all know the importance of vitamin D, but until now we did not have such a clear way of measuring exactly what happened to people, and when.”

The discovery is significant, since it can yield valuable information about vitamin D deficiency – also known as rickets – which continues to be a serious public health issue, affecting some 1 billion people worldwide. Most cases of rickets are caused by a lack of sun exposure, with effects that can include pain, bone deformities and failure to achieve or maintain adequate bone levels.

“If we can properly understand past changes in deficiency levels, we can evaluate where we currently are and move forward,” says author Megan Brickley, a professor of Anthropology at McMaster who holds the Canada Research Chair in the Bioarchaeology of Human Disease.

Until now, scientists trying to understand historical patterns in vitamin D deficiency have had to use bones, which are problematic sources of such information. In life, bone material is constantly being remodeled, obscuring details of prior damage. After death, bones interact with soil and break down.

Dentin And Dental Enamel

Dentin is not remodeled, and dental enamel – much harder than bone – protects the dentin long after death, making teeth a rich and accurate source of archaeological information. “They’re essentially fossils in your mouth,” says author Bonnie Kahlon, a lab coordinator in McMaster’s Department of Anthropology.

The researchers compared the teeth of modern-day control subjects to teeth extracted from bodies buried in rural Quebec and France in the 1700s and 1800s. Their analysis showed that one Quebec man had suffered four bouts of rickets in his 24 years of life – all before he turned 13.


The Benefits Of Caraway Oil

caraway seedsThis essential oil is derived directly from the caraway plant, its namesake. It comes from the caraway seed which is very aromatic and flavorful. There are many ways in which this essential oil can be used to treat and even prevent certain health issues. While it is used as a flavoring agent for many different foods such as bread, pickles, meat, and cheese, it is also incorporated into specific skincare, hygiene and cosmetic items. The properties that are present in this oil are tenfold. It is an astringent, antiseptic, carminative, expectorant, diuretic, disinfectant and tonic. Listed below are some of the best ways to use this oil.


Caraway oil has elements in it that provide the skin with antioxidant properties. They are called carvone and limonene which work well to eliminate the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Signs of aging can often take form in many ways. One of which is loose, sagging or dull looking skin. The vitamins within the oil, namely calcium, potassium, iron, selenium and zinc help to eliminate these signs by fostering the development and growth of healthy skin cells. Just a couple of drops of this oil in your face cleanser or toner will have your face appearing brighter and more refined.

Wound Cleaner

There are many different essential oils that actually double as a great way to treat a wound because of their antiseptic qualities. Caraway oil is one of them. It can help to completely clean the wound and ensure that no bacteria comes into contact with it. It does this by effectively destroying the microorganisms that can easily spread to the wound and cause issues like tetanus. The anti-fungal properties also protect the wound from any fungi that may start to fester and grow there. Just dabbing a couple of drops onto your cut or scratch is sufficient.

Menstruation Aid

For those women who experience painful periods, any bit of relief is a blessing. Caraway oil is an emmenagogue which means that it helps to lessen the discomfort associated with menstruation. This can be helpful for those who have obstructed menstruation or heavy flow. The way that this helps is that it seeps into the skin and aids the secretion of estrogen. Rubbing some caraway oil on your belly or pubic area will stimulate the hemoglobin in the body and promote regular and manageable blood flow by the uterus.


Use this in steam inhalation method, through a humidifier or rubbing the oil directly on the chest. Always use a mix of caraway with a carrier oil like lavender, coconut or castor. The particles of phlegm and mucus will start to dissipate and lessen as the oil seeps into the skin or is inhaled in the air. This will remove the symptoms of a sore throat, simple cough or even laryngitis. No need to struggle with the constant coughing and mucus that gets build up in your chest when you get a cold or the flu. This is an easy, safe and toxic free alternative to medication.

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How Is Coffee Essential Oil Good For You?

coffee essential oilWhile there is much debate about the health properties and effectiveness of coffee, something less conflicting is coming out of many studies and personal anecdotes that talks about how amazing the oil is. There are many different ways that coffee essential oil can provide you with sensational health benefits you may not already be privy to. Extracted from the coffea arabica tree, the beans have many components that can benefit specific areas of your health. Here are the most prominent.

Mood Booster

Coffee essential oil has the ability to positively impact and affect your mood. The same way that drinking coffee can give you energy, similarly, just the smell of the oil can revive you, give you a mood boost and may even help in curbing depression. It is suggested that you soak a cotton ball in the oil before putting it near your bed, car or bathroom. Take deep breaths and inhale the fragrant aroma. A change in your mood is not too far behind. This tactic also increases your concentration and enhances your focus.


One of the biggest skin concerns is looking old. We don’t want to lose our youthful glow and as such, we try to figure out different ways to ensure that our skin is well taken care of. Coffee essential oil is the perfect oil to use if you want to delay the years showing on your face. There are fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E and sterols that will effectively prevent roughness, wrinkles and drab looking skin. When you apply the oil topically it increases the way that collagen is produced so that skin continues to look young and supple.

Soothes Muscles

This is one of the best oils to incorporate into your massage oil because of its inherent analgesic properties. You can also put it in your bath water and soak in it for at least 20 minutes to get the same effect. Your tight and tired muscles will be no match against just a few drops of coffee essential oil. If you are going to use it as a massage oil, make sure to use a carrier oil mixed in with a few drops of the coffee essential oil. Not only will it help you loosen up and relax but it will also make your skin smell amazingly fragrant.

Heals Bites

Nothing is worse than getting painful bug bites that end up being itchy and annoying for weeks on end. Nothing is worse than coming back from a camping trip or a long summer night out and being covered in bites that won’t stop swelling and hurting. While there are certain over-the-counter lotions and ointments that can be used to curb the irritation that follows bug bites, a couple of drops of this oil will actually effectively halt the itching that you experience. Rub the oil on each bite and you’ll be surprised how all discomfort seems to diminish.

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Different Types Of Aroma Lamps For Essential Oils

aroma lampMore and more people are learning about the amazing benefits of essential oils. While all oils aren’t created equal, each option brings with it its own set of benefits and strengths. One of the most common ways to use oils is through aromatherapy. The nose is a powerful tool and the sense of smell can actually greatly impact our emotional, psychological and mental well being. But what many people don’t know is that there are many different types of diffusers that can be used to fill the room with the amazing aroma of oils. Listed below are some of the most popular options.

Nebulizing Diffusers

These types of diffusers are perfect if you are a bit of a hypochondriac and controlling germs is important to you. This type of diffuser is great for those times when someone in your family may be coming down with something or feeling under the weather. You can fill this diffuser with your favorite anti-bacterial or anti-viral oils to help aid the nervous system and immune system. It will also help fight off those pesky germs that may be floating in the air already. Depending on the type you get, they can provide aromatic vapors in a space up to 1,000 square feet. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be noisy. They also require more maintenance than some of the other options on the list.

Ceramic Aroma Lamps

These are the most popular options used in the aromatherapy world. With both a candle and your favorite oil, you will notice that the scent will fill the room within a very short amount of time. It gives many rooms a warm feel and fragrance regardless of the oil that is being used. Depending on the type you get, they can sometimes spill and become very hot to the touch.

Aroma Stone

This option is interesting because it’s incredibly low maintenance. These stones have the ability to warm the oils without water, although a tiny bit of water can be added. The stones don’t generally get too hot – about the temperature of a warmed baby bottle. These are perfect for the nightstand by your bed. Add some essential oils that promote sleep and relax in the comfort of your peaceful surroundings. This is not an incredibly powerful option, and won’t fill an entire room with really heavy-duty fragrance.

Cool Mist

These types of diffusers are great if you have young children because they are perfect for those little ones that may be prone to colds, coughs or ear infections. It only requires a small amount of water but acts as both an aromatherapy diffuser and a humidifier for small spaces. The mix of essential oils and water fuse together by ultrasound waves adding necessary humidity to the air. Also, it’s great for little kids to look at because they’re easily intrigued by the light. One of the disadvantages of this option is that it naturally produces a lot of humidity. If you live in a climate that is naturally humid, you may start to feel a bit stuffy.

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Loose Tooth Pain

loose tooth painAs you grow older, you’ll notice that certain things about your body will start to change and shift. One of those things will likely be the state of your mouth and the teeth within it. A myriad of factors like poor oral hygiene and lessened bone strength can attribute to a loose tooth or multiple teeth that become loose. This can be a frightening thing for people to go through as no adult wants to lose their teeth. There is also an amount of discomfort that often accompanies loose teeth.

In the event that you are experiencing loose teeth, there are a couple of different things that you can do. You can take care to not brush that tooth or around that tooth with too much pressure. Realize that may only make the pain or discomfort worse. Try gargling with warm salt water as that will ensure your tooth isn’t susceptible to a myriad of bacteria around the gum area. This will also help to soothe any pain or discomfort that you may be experiencing. If your tooth is only marginally loose, there are a couple of different options that you have in order to repair it back to its normal strength and stability.

There is a procedure called splinting that can often be used for teeth that are loose. This is when the loose tooth is joined with a neighboring tooth in order to gain stability. The teeth are typically joined by a very thin splint made from metal. This can sometimes cause soreness as the teeth become realigned. A bit of clove oil at the point of contact will help with the pain as it’s an antimicrobial and antibacterial. This will bond the tooth back and provide necessary stability from the tooth that is vulnerable.

Consider Deep Cleaning

You may also want to obtain a deep cleaning. Now while this may be one of the last things you want to do if you are already experiencing a bit of pain, this can help a loose tooth. This is because it will remove the plaque deposits and bacteria that may be surrounding your teeth. If your teeth happen to have a high amount of plaque or tarter buildup, this may potentially be the cause of your loose tooth to begin with. When your teeth are properly cleaned, they often have the ability to naturally restore themselves.

Another cause of pain and loose teeth is the involuntary grinding of teeth that people often engage in. This can be caused by a myriad of things. Usually stress and nervousness is the biggest contributing factor to those who clench their jaw and inadvertently grind their teeth. Using a mouth guard can help with this issue as it safely guards the teeth from any type of pressure that comes from a clenched jaw. It even makes it harder to grind your teeth because of the material the guard is made from. If you have a loose tooth that causes you pain, try some of these tips and see a dentist as soon as you can.

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Do You Know How To Detect When Most Common Skin Cancer Turns Dangerous?

skin-cancerMost basal cell skin cancers are easily removed — those on the arm, leg or back. But when the cancer is on the eyelid or when it starts to invade surrounding tissue, it’s no longer straightforward.

A team of researchers who specialize in treating cancers of the eye wanted to identify a marker that would indicate aggressive basal cell skin cancer, and perhaps also provide a potential target for treatment.

“Basal cell carcinoma around the eye is very common. The eyelids seem to be a magnet for basal cell,” says Alon Kahana, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center.

“When a patient ignores it and doesn’t get it checked out, it can become bigger and invade deeper, making it much more difficult to treat. To do surgery with clear margins you may damage the muscles that control the eye or the bones of the eye socket, or you might even need to remove the eye. It can be really devastating,” he adds.

Even if patients are treated promptly, if the eyelid tumor is incompletely excised, it can return years later in a much more aggressive form. In addition, though rare, basal cells in any part of the body have the potential to become aggressive and spread throughout the body.

Inhibiting Tumor Growth

Recent research has revealed that the hedgehog signaling pathway, which is essential for tissue development and growth, is critical in all forms of basal cell carcinoma.

A clinical trial open at U-M is looking at whether one of two drugs intended to block hedgehog signaling can be an effective way of preserving eyesight in cases of advanced basal cell cancer near the eye. Trials of these drugs in basal cells not limited to the eye found that up to a third of patients had serious side effects.

With strong early results from that study, the researchers wanted to find a molecular marker to identify basal cell tumors that are more likely to be aggressive in the eye or elsewhere. They also wanted to identify markers of tumors that might be more likely to benefit from chemotherapy with hedgehog inhibitors.

They started with the protein EZH2, which is known to play a key role in several aggressive cancers. They analyzed tissue samples from 60 patients with basal cell carcinoma – 30 with a less histologically aggressive type and 30 with an aggressive type of the disease. Using molecular techniques, they tested for expression of EZH2 as well as Ki67, a marker of cell division.

“We found higher levels of both EZH2 and Ki67 in more aggressive tumors. This is the first fundamental step to show that EZH2 is abundant in histologically aggressive forms of these cancers,” says Rajesh Rao, M.D., assistant professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences and of pathology. The study is published in JAMA Oncology.

New Treatments In Development

Several drugs targeting EZH2 in other types of cancer are in the pipeline. The researchers will next begin looking at whether these drugs could expand to basal cell cancers, alone or in combination with hedgehog inhibitors, in order to improve outcomes. In addition, they will look at whether EZH2 or Ki67 can serve as a marker to help identify patients with an increased risk of cancer recurrence or tumors that are more likely to respond to chemotherapy.

Up to 3.5 million Americans are diagnosed with basal cell cancers each year. Despite the fact that basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of cancer, relatively little research has focused on it.

“One of our hopes is that this promising new discovery will bring back some attention to this most common of all cancers,” Kahana says. “Every one of us knows someone who has had basal cell. Our country is filled with survivors.”

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How Agarwood Oil Is Effective

agarwoodCertain essential oils have prominent benefits that aren’t widely known. There is a preponderance of oils that could potentially help with a myriad of issues – except you may not be privy to their existence. This is likely the case with a rare oil called agarwood oil which is derived from a tree of the same name. The tree is usually found in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The tree produces a deep colored resin, which is the part that is then transformed into oil. Due to its potency and effectiveness, the oil is generally a bit pricey. But that’s because it works. Here’s how.

Mental Clarity

It can be increasingly difficult to focus throughout your day, especially if you are very busy. Sometimes the mind gets bogged down with certain thoughts and stressors which make it hard to perform at a necessary level. This oil can provide you with a level of calm and mental acuity that you may be lacking. It helps to naturally strengthen the power of thoughts. Inhaling the fragrant oil is said to help eliminate negativity and promote feelings of calm. Add a few drops of this oil to your diffuser or soak it in a cotton ball.

Digestive Aid

Having tummy troubles is often not only uncomfortable but hard to manage. Whether your stomach is especially sensitive to certain foods or you have slow digestion, it’s important to have a method that works, and works quickly when your stomach starts to act up. With its natural carminative properties, this oil has the ability to help dissipate gas buildup and even prevents it from occurring in the first place. Just massage your tummy with a couple of drops of the agarwood oil, with coconut or avocado oil, for relief that starts almost immediately.

Great For Skin

There is always a need for natural oils and products that positively impact the skin. This is definitely one of them as it is incredibly nourishing to the skin and can potentially help aid a myriad of skin conditions. It does this by effectively targeting and replenishing damaged skin cells. Typically a number of skin problems come with the presence of free radicals that are sometimes hard to eliminate just from washing alone. A couple of drops of the oil into your normal cleanser will help improve the quality and tone of your skin.

Pain Relief

Those who deal with pain conditions, such as arthritis, may find that this oil is very helpful in the management of that pain. The oil naturally has anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties that help to alleviate the pain that comes along with specific conditions. It does this because of the analgesic properties that work directly with the muscles and joints. Massaging your problem spots with this oil is helpful as the oil seeps into the skin and gets into the areas that cause the most pain and discomfort to begin with. Always dilute the agarwood oil with an oil like jojoba or sweet apricot oil.

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Tips To Avoid Dry Skin

dry skinWhen you have to struggle with dry skin, you can sometimes feel frustrated at how often your skin changes or how sensitive it becomes. There are variety of things that can potentially cause your skin to be continually dry. Things like genetics, beauty products and the weather are heavy contributing factors. If you notice that you are predisposed to dealing with dry skin, here are some tips that you should keep in mind to help mitigate the issue and restore your skin to a healthy balance.


This may seem self explanatory and a given but so many people don’t drink the amount of water that they need to maintain a healthy level of hydration. Our bodies are made up predominately of water. We need to constantly be replenishing that water by consuming an elevated amount per day. Most people should be drinking at least a gallon of water a day. This will undoubtedly help those who deal with dry skin, but also helps other skin issues as it helps to flush out toxins and impurities that often show up on the face.


This is crucial for those who experience dry skin. You need to be moisturizing your skin on a daily basis, at least twice a day. The best type of moisturizers are going to be oils. Olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil are great oils for intrinsically dry skin. Don’t worry about developing oily skin by using oils as moisturizers. The mineral and healing components of the oils mentioned naturally provide the skin with the type of hydration and moisture that it requires. They won’t leave your face greasy. They will simply replenish the absent  moisture.

Face Masks

There are so many face masks that you can and should use to help restore your skin to its natural state. Natural ingredients are the best. Avocado, honey, and oatmeal are great things to incorporate into a face mask if you are dealing with dry skin. One of the things that dry skin can contribute to is premature signs of aging. This can show up as fine lines, loose skin and wrinkles. The rich avocado and nourishing honey will give the blanketed moisture that the face so desperately needs.

Limit Over-The-Counter Products

Many people don’t realize that their dry skin may be a direct result of the products that they use. We don’t just mean products that may be geared more closely to combination or oily skin, this goes for all over the counter products in general. Many of these items have ingredients in them that are toxic. Some have chemicals in them that you not only wouldn’t be able to pronounce, but that are also terrible for your skin and contribute to its dry state.

It’s so important to listen to your skin and notice what positively or negatively affects it. Natural products are preferred as so many store bought products can reek havoc on the skin and do more damage than good. Drink you water and invest in quality, high grade natural ingredients to help restore your skin’s health.

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Cypress Essential Oil Benefits

cypress oilThis specific oil comes from the needly bearing tree whose name is cupressus sempervierns. The tree is considered an evergreen that has rounded, small, wood-like cones. It is an incredibly fragrant and powerful plant whose oil has the ability to ward off infections, eliminate toxins from the body, improve the respiratory system and can be used to help quell anxiety and nervousness. The oil’s properties are naturally antispasmodic, stimulating, antibacterial and antiseptic. Here are some of its most pressing benefits.

Toxin Removal

There is only a specific level of toxicity that your body can properly deal with. So it’s good to detoxify whenever you can. This is done by taking part in cleanses, watching your diet and taking necessary supplementation. Because cypress oil is a diuretic, it can be used in this practice and helps to flush out the toxins that linger outside of your body. This oil will increase sweating and help rid your body of impurities. Try putting a few drops of the oil in your warm bathwater. Don’t be surprised when the sauna-like atmosphere, coupled with the oil, has you sweating. That just means it’s working.


This is a great natural oil that is an effective deodorizer. So many people are trying to eliminate the toxic ingredients and chemicals that they put on their body and the traditional deodorants now compete with the more natural, eco-friendly options. This essential oil is definitely one of them. The cypress oil has a clean and spicy scent that promotes rejuvenation and energy, but it also has antibacterial properties that help to mitigate smells. This prevents body odor and bacterial growth. Incorporating 5 to 10 drops of the oil into a natural cocoa butter or coconut oil mixture makes for a great deodorant. Using a mixture in a spray bottle is perfect for your laundry room, car or trash.

Cellulite Zapper

So many women want to know an effective way to minimize the appearance of cottage cheese thighs. Cellulite can be a very perplexing issue to have. Thankfully they, and varicose veins, can actually be reduced with the use of cypress essential oil. The oil allows the blood to flow throughout the legs in a proper fashion and removes excess salt and water from the problem spots of the body that show cellulite. It doesn’t matter if this is on the stomach, butt, legs, or arms. Just a few drops of the oil rubbed on problem areas will have them looking much improved. Do this every day for at least a week and watch how your cellulite and varicose veins diminish.

Vapor Rub

Dealing with congestion and a chest cold is no fun. Whether you can’t stop coughing or you have a level of congestion that makes it difficult to breathe, you likely want to get rid of it as fast as you can. Try mixing a bit of cypress oil with coconut oil and rubbing it on your chest. This is essentially the equivalent of a more popular vapor rub that has been traditionally used to eliminate cough and break up mucus.

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Myrrh For Gums

myrrhAn item that will surely help your oral care if it is incorporated into your regimen is called myrrh oil – and it has been used in Chinese and ancient medicine for quite some time. It has powerful antiseptic and astringent qualities that promote healing and help to ease pain. It is suggested for those who experience any type of gum irritation or soreness. Myrrh comes from a bush indigenous to Africa. There isn’t a need for a large amount of the substance as a little goes a long way.

It can be used for many different issues you may suffer from. It is a natural aid for swelling and soreness as it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. So if you have red or swollen gums, putting a couple of drops of this on the area and massaging your gums lightly should definitely do the trick. Myrrh is so multi faceted that it also can be used for canker sores, loose teeth, and bad breath. You don’t have to worry about putting anything harmful or toxic into your mouth if you need to ever treat inflamed or irritated gums because myrrh oil is completely safe and natural.

This is a great aid to incorporate into your oral care routine to ensure that your mouth remains in good health. It can sometimes be easy for some to not take the care of their mouth the way that they should. But skimping on your oral care can have disastrous effects if you aren’t careful. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once is not something you want to try to cut corners on. The health of your gums and your teeth is explicitly linked to the amount of time you take caring for your mouth.

Bad Breath Help

Myrrh is also tremendous as a way to treat halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath. There’s nothing as uncomfortable as speaking to someone and realizing that their breath is absolutely terrible. Bad breath can happen to anyone but it doesn’t take many different steps to help eliminate the bacteria that breeds in the mouth and causes unsavory breath. Myrrh helps in this area as well. When used as a mouthwash, the oil can help to eliminate any type of bacteria that can later cause infections or help perpetuate the cycle of bad breath.

The health of your mouth is incredibly vital for the overall health of your body. Infections and bacteria growth in your mouth can mean a more compromised health in other areas as well. It’s incredibly vital to never neglect your oral health. Adding myrrh to your regimen will definitely provide you with a more complete and better experience. It will help you fight gingivitis and give your mouth an overall clean feeling that you may not enjoy with brushing and flossing alone. Add myrrh oil to your arsenal and watch your oral health be transformed in a matter of weeks. Your inflamed gums and bad breath are no match for this powerful oil.

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Coconut Oil And Gum Disease

coconut oilMaintaining the proper level of oral health is crucial to not just your mouth but your overall health as well. When you ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to protect your teeth and gums – through diligent and purposeful flossing, brushing and rinsing – you are saving yourself from a potential issue and from money going down the drain. However, the standard way to care for your teeth is shifting and getting a bit of a makeover. While the standard practices are still necessary, there are newer ways you can protect the health of your mouth and gums.

Coconut oil has recently been shown to have amazing effects on the teeth and gums. When used in a specific practice called oil pulling, it can increase the health of the mouth extensively. Oil pulling is basically when you use coconut oil as a mouthwash. Just a small amount of the coconut oil in the mouth, swished around, has been used by countless cultures over the course of decades. It is an incredibly common practice in India. By using just a tablespoon of coconut oil, you can completely improve the health of your mouth.

Oil Pulling

The reason this works so effectively is because the bacteria that often gets left in your mouth, even after brushing and flossing can cause damage over time. Coconut oil safely and effectively eliminates the remaining bacteria. Due to the amount of bacteria that covers your mouth, your mouth is always at risk for developing things like yellow teeth, cavities, bad breath and gingivitis. By oil pulling, you are managing to trap the bacteria in the mouth and effectively dissolve it.

A huge amount of plaque and bacteria is eliminated each time you use this method. Some people have even replaced this practice with their ordinary mouth rinsing one. They find that they have much better results after doing this once a day for a couple of weeks then they ever had with standard mouthwash. So try this if you are interested in ways to combat gum disease or to prevent it entirely. Any type of gum disease is precipitated by the presence of bacteria in the mouth. When oral health practices aren’t up to par, the teeth and gums become susceptible to the damage the plaque can do.

Having ways to positively impact your oral health is essential to the reduction of disease and various issues. While this oil pulling method does actually work regardless of the oil that is used, using coconut oil provides additional health benefits. It is full of lauric acid, which is a proven antimicrobial. This means that it effectively helps to eliminate any type of virus or bacteria that may build and grow in the mouth. Oil pulling can effectively whiten teeth, help prevent cavities and protect the gums from tarter, plaque and gum disease. Coconut oil is also pleasant tasting compared to some of the other oils that can be used for this practice. Try this for a week and you’ll most certainly notice the difference in your mouth’s health.

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