Birch Oil Benefits: 8 Great Uses

birch oilMany elements that exist in nature can be transferred into oil. As long as the element has healing or therapeutic properties, it can be transformed easily into oils for a myriad of different uses.  Birch oil comes directly from the birch on specific trees and has surprising health-related qualities. Birch types are from predominately deciduous trees and go by the names of Black Birch, Cherry Birch or Sweet Birch. The primary health benefits attributed to birch essential oil are that it is a stimulate, disinfectant, antiseptic, astringent, antidepressant, insecticide and a diuretic. Listed below are several of the ways to use birch oil and some of its powerful effects.

Disinfectant And Antiseptic

These are probably two of the most imperative properties of the oil. This oil has natural amounts of both methyl salicylate and salicylic acid, which are used in many bactericides and germicides. This means that many of the antibacterial products you buy in the store likely have those two key ingredients. The bad part about that though is that other harmful and unsafe ingredients are also included in those products. But not birch oil. This 100% natural oil derived from trees can protect the skin from both fungal and bacterial infections.

Stimulate And Antidepressant

Naturally a stimulant, birch oil is used for a plethora of different issues where the excretory, circulatory, digestive or nervous system may need a boost. What’s great about this oil is that boost can be obtained in a natural way – not through medication or pharmaceuticals that drain your pocket and can potentially become habit forming. The properties within the oil contain essential hormones and enzymes that can be used to promote stimuli in sluggish systems. It has also been used in those who suffer with diabetes as it helps to increase insulin production and balance out blood sugar levels.

Tonic And Astringent

For generations this oil has been used on the skin as an effective toner. When used as an external application in small doses, it’s even been proven to eliminate wrinkles and tighten skin that has begun to sag. Because of its effective astringent qualities, it can be incorporated into daily facial care routines in order to see a difference in the face’s appearance after using it with consistency.


One thing about many essential oils is that they commonly have specific properties that insects find displeasing and even deadly. Eliminating bugs in the home can be incredibly tiresome and frustrating, especially when all you have to choose from are those harmful, chemically-laced bug repellants available in stores. This offers you a natural alternative. Try using several drops of birch oil and water in a bottle and spraying all affected areas of the home or space. You’ll start seeing bugs less and less.


The components found within birch oil, betulenol and betulene actual promote urination. This allows the detoxification of the body to happen at a quicker rate. It also promotes digestion and has been linked to helping people lose weight as well. Urination assists in the prevention of kidney stones and painful health ailments such as arthritis and gout.

4 Harmful Preservatives To Avoid

harmful preservativesThe food industry has not been upfront and honest about the effects preservatives can have on our bodies. In the interest of monetary gains, there are many different harmful preservatives that we have no idea contaminate our foods and are terrible for our digestive system, and by extension, our health. The best way to protect yourself against these chemicals is to eat fresh food that has not been preserved or modified in any way. On the occasions that isn’t possible, keep the following preservatives in mind as ones that you should stay away from.

Potassium Sorbate (202)

This specific preservative is used to protect cheese, wine, pickles, and dairy from mold growth. A study that was conducted in Turkey found that this preservative can cause damage to DNA. It is considered a genotoxic to the human peripheral blood lympchocytes. This chemical is often referred to as 202. To ensure that you are fully aware of everything that goes into your body, read the ingredients on the food that you purchase. If it comes in a package, this is imperative.

Sodium Benzoate (211)

Sodium Benzoate is typically used in oral medications, soda, salad dressings, fruit juices and jams. What’s interesting about this particular preservative is that it is found to exist naturally in specific fruits. However, when it’s mixed with vitamin C, which is typically the case when used as a preservative, it forms benzene, which is a known carcinogen. The amount of the benzene actually increases with the amount of time the food sits on the shelf. The rate of production to consumption is much longer in foods that have preservatives, which makes them increasingly harmful the longer they stay on the shelf. It is also believed that excess amounts of this substance can cause hyperactive responses from some children.

Sulphur Dioxide (220)

Sulphites in general are used to preserve the color and flavor of specific fruits, sauces, beers, wines, and sodas. It prevents spoilage by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. It works by preventing the browning of fresh food and is even incorporated in certain medication, to prevent them from going bad. A study conducted in Australia found that sulphites create unsavory reactions consistent with hay fever, allergies, hives and even elevated, dangerous anaphylactic reactions.

Sodium Nitrate (250)

This preservative is probably one of the better known and its unhealthy effects have been documented for quite some time. Sodium nitrate is used on specific meats like hot dogs, lunch meats, bacon, ham, and other cured meats in order to inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is also used as a color fixative. This works in a very specific way as it makes old meat appear appetizing and fresh – a purely dishonest trick with no regard to adverse effects and reactions. This preservative holds some of the most potent carcinogens within it, similar to those found in cigarette smoke. There has been a push to take nitrates out of meats and certain companies have been labeling meats that do not contain this harmful additive.

How To Minimize Psoriasis Symptoms And Flare-Ups

psoriasis skin disorder on an elbow
psoriasis skin disorder on an elbow

Those who suffer from the sometimes harrowing condition of psoriasis will be the first to tell you of how intricate, complex and difficult the skin condition can be. Psoriasis is the result of an autoimmune disorder that causes flaky, red, painful patches on the skin, on various parts of the body. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for this condition, as is the case with many autoimmune conditions. However, there are different ways to combat and treat the affected skin.

Like most conditions, stress is a leading factor associated with flare ups of psoriasis. Because of this, maintaining your stress levels and dealing with stress adequately, is of paramount importance. The way that stress impacts our body is very pertinent to our organs, glands and internal functioning.

Dietary Supplements

There are certain dietary supplements that will aid in the way our body deals with stress from the inside out. These supplements will also potentially help the unsightly psoriasis symptoms that sufferers are at the mercy of. Milk thistle, evening primrose oil, vitamin D and fish oil can help with the condition. Also, opening up a capsule of fish oil and applying the liquid directly to the affected skin works well.

Psoriasis patches are notoriously dry, so sometimes winter months are especially difficult for those afflicted. In order to combat the inherent dryness of the condition, making sure all affected skin in adequately moisturized, is very important. This also prevents the formation of plaque on the skin that can further perpetuate the noticeable skin issue. Another suggestion is to keep a humidifier on in your home or office, to make sure the air has enough moisture for your sensitive skin.

Something that should be avoided by those who struggle and suffer from psoriasis, is lotions and creams with any type of artificial fragrance. Although we all like to smell good, the type of chemicals that are included in many body butters, lotions and perfumes, can actually cause psoriasis symptoms to become more pronounced and apparent. They can even cause patches of psoriasis to show up in places previously unaffected. Using products with natural, soothing ingredients like oatmeal are suggested instead.

Phototherapy is often used for very acute cases of psoriasis. This form of treatment is referred to as light therapy and works directly on the surface of the affected skin. It works by using specific types of UV light shone from a special type of lamp to coat and then impede the growth of affected skin cells. This can get a little pricey and some believe exposure to that much continual light  is not necessarily good for the system.

Lack of a balanced healthy diet can also impact many autoimmune conditions, including psoriasis. Eating more organic foods and staying away from processed, unhealthy foods may slow down flare ups. It may also help to keep breakouts much more controlled and last for a shorter period of time. Overall, it’s important to incorporate changes in many different aspects of your life to help treat and prevent the presence of psoriasis.

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Age Spots: Home Remedies That Are Spot On

age spotsWhat happened? One minute we were shouting, “Never trust anyone over 30!” and now we’re shouting, “Where’d all these age spots come from?”

The Lily-Livered Truth

Most of us baby-boomers refused to believe we’d actually age as we grew older. Despite our delusional denial, here we are staring lines, wrinkles, and age spots in the face – literally!

Too Much Fun In The Sun

Once characterized as liver spots, because of their similar pigment, the truth is that age spots have little to do with our livers. The primary cause of age spots is excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, so says the American Academy of Dermatology.

The sad reality is that despite warnings from dermatologists, and sunscreen manufacturers, most of us loved the sun too much to be prudent. The results:  concentrated deposits of melanin that become age spots.

Although on occasion they may be associated with skin cancer, age spots rarely pose a health risk. In fact the only real damage they do is usually to your ego. Connect these unsightly little dots and they’ll spell out “Hey, world! I’m old.”

Very distinctive and symmetrical, they are usually flat, round patches of black or brown pigment. More often than not, they appear on the neck, hands, face, feet, back, and other skin surfaces we inadvertently bake in the sun.

They are more prevalent in people over the age of 50 – which makes sense because we’ve had more time to work on our tans. The ultraviolet rays from tanning beds may be equally culpable. People with fair skin are more vulnerable.

Patients who’ve endured chronic or debilitating illnesses often develop them as well.

And among smokers, the predisposition to develop age spots is greatly increased – yet another reason to quit smoking.

A Ray Of Hope

You can prevent age spots by avoiding the sun when its rays are most intense – between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. If you have to be out and about during those hours – particularly at the beach, apply sunscreen half an hour before going out and reapply every couple of hours. Indeed, if your skin is fair or if your job keeps you outside for much of the day, sunscreen should be a part of your daily skincare routine.

Be sure it has a sunscreen protection factor or SPF of 15 and contains both UVA and UVB protection. [By the way, UVA stands for Ultraviolet A; UVB refers to Ultraviolet B, both of which can penetrate and damage the upper layers of the skin.]

And while you’re upgrading your daily ablutions, you can also update your wardrobe with long-sleeve tops and pants for addition skin protection. In the summer, cotton garments are particularly efficient in covering, cooling, and ventilating the body.

Correcting The Dots

While you can certainly buy creams, lotions, and other expensive potions, the most effective solutions are probably in your kitchen. Applying lemon juice to age spots twice daily for six to eight weeks can bleach them into oblivion.

A mushy paste of onion and apple cider vinegar may not sound very appetizing, but it can eat away those age spots if applied daily over five to six months. And drinking a little of that vinegar mixed with honey may be more palatable and equally as effective.

Other effective topical applications are castor oil, papaya, aloe vera, buttermilk, and even garlic.

The Wisdom Of Self-Examination

Of course, because melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, you should be mindful of spots – particularly raised or misshapen ones. If during a self-examination you find such a blemish, have it evaluated by your dermatologist just to be on the safe side.

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Anise Oil: 5 Health Benefits

anise oilLike many of its other essential oil counterparts, anise oil can be used for a many different purposes. It is derived from the perennial herbal plant anise or aniseed. The plant is known predominately for its ability to aid in the promotion of digestive health. For those who need a bit of extra help with their digestive systems and experience tummy troubles, the original form of the plant is used primarily for this function. Do bear in mind that if you are going to digest the oil, to only use a bit of it at first to make sure you do not have an adverse reaction.

Arthritic Pain Reliever

For those who deal with arthritis or any type of joint pain,  this is a great oil to use as a topical aid. Warm the oil and rub it on problem areas to help aid the discomfort and pain the joints experience. This oil is safe to use in this manner a few times a day. It helps the natural circulation of the blood by stimulating it. It is also known to reduce the sensation of discomfort or pain in the areas where it is applied.


For those who suffer from bad seasonal allergies or bronchitis, this oil is also a great bronchodilator. Put several drops in a humidifier and the lungs will have great access to the oxygen it was being deprived of. Even asthma sufferers claim that this oil helps when they are experiencing shortness of breath and wheezing.


Similar to its positive effect on the lungs, it is also known to loosen mucus and phlegm in the respiratory tracts. This is very helpful for those who have a pesky cough that they just can’t seem to shake. It is used by those who experience these types of afflictions, to reduce the presence of congestion and coughs.


There are many essential oils that our touted as helpful for those who deal with restlessness, lack of sleep and insomnia. This is one of those oils. It can be used as a relaxing massage oil or put in an oil lamp to fill spaces with the calming and tranquil aroma. It does have a deep, musky licorice-like scent so keep that in mind before deciding how much of the oil you use in either instance.


For those who have issues with their digestive systems and struggle with gas, this is a great oil to have on hand. It similarly aids in stomach aches, muscular cramps, chest pain and indigestion caused by digestive issues. It does so by promoting the removal of the gases in the intestines. So if you have any type of food sensitivities or if you overdo it at the buffet, this is the perfect natural remedy to curb those specific stomach issues.

Papaya: 5 Reasons You Should Eat More

papayaWe all understand the benefit of eating fruits and vegetables. Even if we don’t incorporate enough of them into our everyday diet, their importance has been harped on for eons. So most of us have a general understanding that to improve our health, eating fresh fruits is typically encouraged. What some do not realize is that all fruits are not created equally. There are some that have less nutritional value than others. There are some fruits that are high in both calories and sugar, and excess consumption of them could lead to unsavory, unhealthy results. Well, the fruit papaya is one that is fundamentally great for you for many different reasons. Listed below are some of the benefits of papaya.

Lowers Cholesterol

A natural antioxidant full of vitamin C, papaya is known to prevent cholesterol build up in the arteries. Excessive cholesterol build up can lead to many terrible health concerns such as heart disease, hypertension and stroke. If you have a familial history of these concerns, it’s imperative that you lower your cholesterol. If you are interested in taking preventative measures to lower your cholesterol, definitely add this fruit to your diet.

Helps Weight Loss

This is a benefit that many people would be excited to hear. Papaya is naturally low in calories while also being high in fiber – two integral keys to dropping weight quickly. The number of calories that is consumed on a daily basis must be decreased in order to lose weight. Also, the presence of fiber allows the digestive system optimal productivity as well as allowing you to feel fuller longer.

Great For Eyes

Sometimes neglected on the list of health concerns, the eyes are very sensitive and should be cared for with the utmost attention. Papaya is rich in vitamin A, which helps your vision from dissolving. Due to ailments like age-related macular degeneration, some lose the keenness of their prior vision. Adding papaya to your diet will help circumvent that process.


Many of us want to ward of the aging process for as long as humanly possible. Papayas are a great way to help the anti-aging process as they are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and vitamin C. The free radicals that tend to harm and make our skin appear older and cause wrinkles will be snuffed out by the beta-carotene that helps correct and alleviate the aging process.

Helps Reduce Stress

Now I know we could all use something to help us relax, and that stress may run you into the ground on a perpetual basis. Stress is so tricky because it slowly creeps up on you and can be the precursor for several health conditions and issues if it is not managed carefully. The thing about stress is that it’s sometimes hard to recognize and, depending on the level of it, even harder to manage. High levels of vitamin C have been shown to lower the stress hormone after only one dosage. Adding papaya to your diet consistently could have your stress evaporate in no time.

Ginger: A Myriad Of Uses And Benefits

gingerThough the pharmaceutical industry would like you to think otherwise, there are tremendous health benefits and remedies from things that already exist in nature. Some of us have become so used to reaching for a pill to aid us with issues or ailments that could be helped with completely natural substances. Also, without the unnecessary side effects. Ginger is one of the greatest multifaceted roots that exists. What’s so great about ginger is that on top of being packed with bioactive compounds and nutrients, it can be used as a natural remedy for certain health issues.

One of the reasons that ginger is so great is that it can be used in a myriad of different ways; it just depends on what is the most convenient for the purpose. It can be used as a juice, an oil, dried, powdered, or fresh. One of the most notable benefits of ginger root is that it is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. These attributes likely lend to the reason that ginger is one of the best natural aids for those who experience significant muscle pain and soreness.  Those who find themselves engaging in a high level of physical activity on a consistent basis may want to take ginger as a way to curb the likelihood of sore muscles.

Carminative Properties

Easily the most notable use of ginger is for those suffering from nausea, morning sickness or sea sickness. The root is shown to be highly effective when combating this common uneasiness. It can also be used as a digestive aid. Ancient cultures used ginger for these reasons and its effectiveness has been handed down from generation to generation and adopted as a wonderful alternative to other stomach ache or nausea medication. The carminative properties that are present in the ginger prevent flatulence and help soothe the gastrointestinal muscles. The dizziness and queasiness that often accompanies nausea is curbed by how the root therapeutically impacts the nervous system and brain.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Its anti-inflammatory properties are also fantastic in treating menstrual pain and migraines. In a specific study conducted by the Phytotherapy Research, it showed ginger powder is equally as effective at treating migraines as the popular drug sumatriptan, which is commonly used for the affliction. Ginger helps to relieve migraines by blocking prostaglandins, which controls the inflammation of the blood vessels and muscle contractions. It is recommended to drink a cup of hot ginger tea when a migraine starts to immediately lessen it. Similar to the way that it helps what causes a migraine, it can alleviate the incessant muscle contractions and spasms that often accompany menstruation. A study showed that over 80 percent of women who were given ginger capsules reported their pain symptoms improving.

Ginger is also known to be great for those who struggle with diabetes or their blood sugar. University of Sydney in Australia found that ginger helps in positively impacting the glycemic index. The study showed that ginger extract aids in the management of high blood sugar levels. The root also has a naturally low glycemic index, which is one of the reasons why it promotes balanced blood sugar levels.

Ginger also works at increasing insulin sensitivity improving lipid profiles.

Tooth Fillings Of The Future May Incorporate Bioactive Glass

tooth fillings futureEngineers at Oregon State University have made some promising findings about the ability of “bioactive” glass to help reduce the ability of bacteria to attack composite tooth fillings – and perhaps even provide some of the minerals needed to replace those lost to tooth decay.

Prolonging the life of composite tooth fillings could be an important step forward for dental treatment, the researchers say, since more than 122 million composite tooth restorations are made in the United States every year. An average person uses their teeth for more than 600,000 “chews” a year, and some studies suggest the average lifetime of a posterior dental composite is only six years. The new research was published in the journal Dental Materials, in work supported by the National Institutes of Health.

“Bioactive glass, which is a type of crushed glass that is able to interact with the body, has been used in some types of bone healing for decades,” said Jamie Kruzic, a professor and expert in advanced structural and biomaterials in the OSU College of Engineering. “This type of glass is only beginning to see use in dentistry, and our research shows it may be very promising for tooth fillings. The bacteria in the mouth that help cause cavities don’t seem to like this type of glass and are less likely to colonize on fillings that incorporate it. This could have a significant impact on the future of dentistry.”

What Is Bioactive Glass?

Bioactive glass is made with compounds such as silicon oxide, calcium oxide and phosphorus oxide, and looks like powdered glass. It’s called “bioactive” because the body notices it is there and can react to it, as opposed to other biomedical products that are inert. Bioactive glass is very hard and stiff, and it can replace some of the inert glass fillers that are currently mixed with polymers to make modern composite tooth fillings.

“Almost all fillings will eventually fail,” Kruzic said. “New tooth decay often begins at the interface of a filling and the tooth, and is called secondary tooth decay. The tooth is literally being eroded and demineralized at that interface.”

Bioactive glass may help prolong the life of fillings, researchers say, because the new study showed that the depth of bacterial penetration into the interface with bioactive glass-containing fillings was significantly smaller than for composites lacking the glass.

Fillings made with bioactive glass should slow secondary tooth decay, and also provide some minerals that could help replace those being lost, researchers say. The combination of these two forces should result in a tooth filling that works just as well, but lasts longer.

Recently extracted human molars were used in this research to produce simulated tooth restoration samples for laboratory experiments. OSU has developed a laboratory that’s one of the first in the world to test simulated tooth fillings in conditions that mimic the mouth.

If this laboratory result is confirmed by clinical research, it should be very easy to incorporate bioactive glass into existing formulations for composite tooth fillings, Kruzic said.

The antimicrobial effect of bioactive glass is attributed, in part, to the release of ions such as those from calcium and phosphate that have a toxic effect on oral bacteria and tend to neutralize the local acidic environment.

“My collaborators and I have already shown in previous studies that composites containing up to 15 percent bioactive glass, by weight, can have mechanical properties comparable, or superior to commercial composites now being used,” Kruzic said.


Root Canal Treatment: National Study Says Most General Dentists Do Not Follow Standard Of Care Guidelines

root canal treatmentA large national study of dentists conducted by the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network has found that only 47 percent of dentists always use a dental dam during root canal treatment, with an additional 17 percent using it 90 to 99 percent of the time, according to a recent scientific publication in BMJ Open.

Using a dental dam during all root canal treatment is considered the standard of care, based on recommendations in standard dental textbooks and by the official policy of root canal specialists, the American Association of Endodontists. Using a dental dam during root canal treatment enhances patient safety and optimizes the odds of successful treatment.

The Study

In this study, 1,490 general dentists who represent a diverse range of dentist characteristics, practice types and patient populations served, completed an anonymous questionnaire about dental dam use and their attitudes toward its use. The study found a substantial variation in dental dam use and attitudes.

“Beliefs that dental dam use is inconvenient, time-consuming, not effective, not easy to place or affected by patient factors were independently and significantly associated with lower use of a dental dam,” said Gregg Gilbert, DDS, MBA, professor and chair of the Department of Clinical and Community Sciences in the UAB School of Dentistry. “These attitudes explain why there is substantial discordance between presumed standards of care and actual practice.”

The study explains that, based on the survey results, clinicians often say their experience is that they have not had problems as a result of not using a dental dam, and that a dental dam can be difficult to place or is not wanted by patients. Some dentists reported that they use other ways to isolate the tooth being treated that they feel are safe and effective. Others questioned whether the scientific evidence is strong enough that dental dam use is the only way to increase the odds of successful treatment.

Other general dentists felt strongly that a dental dam should be used in every case, and they encourage patients to become advocates for their own care by asking that a dental dam always be used during root canal treatment.

The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network, of which UAB is the national administrative center, is a national consortium of dental care providers and dental organizations that conduct studies to better inform clinical decision-making. Gilbert, who also serves as national network director, says the network seeks to inform policy, but does not make or recommend policy.

The study calls into question whether there really is a standard of care in this aspect of dental care, given that most general dentists are not following that standard.

5 Nutritional Life Hacks

nutritional life hacksWe could all use a little help with improving our diet and increasing nutritional value in our lives. With the way that food consumption and weight-related conditions are skyrocketing, we all should take more care in what we put in our mouths and how that affects our overall nutrition. There are incredibly simple ways to help incorporate healthy and more vitamin-rich foods into your diet without really trying too hard. Included below are some nutritional life hacks that will have you eating better with minimal effort.

Swap In Greek Yogurt
Many recipes that are of a savory flavor or consistency require either buttermilk, cream cheese, butter, oil, sour cream or mayo. But unfortunately, these ingredients are very high in calories and fat. A fantastic alternative to add in place of these things is Greek yogurt. Not only will you be able to cut a high amount of unhealthy fats and calories, but you will be able to keep the original taste and texture of the dish while adding protein. Depending on the ingredient you substitute it for, you could be eliminating up to half of the fat grams.

Switch Up Your Cocktail
Most of us enjoy a nice cocktail or nightcap at the end of a long day. Or sometimes it’s at a dinner or a birthday party, where we like to indulge in an adult beverage. But sometimes the amount of sugar in these drinks is unbelievably high. High sugar consumption can lead to a multitude of issues. In order to cut the sugar and still enjoy alcohol, try adding seltzer water and lime to your favorite drink. Seltzer actually speeds up the rate of absorption of the alcohol you consume – which means, it’ll take less drinks for you to feel buzzed and thus you’ll be consuming less alcohol and fewer calories. Lime helps our body’s insulin response, which means that any mixers high in sugar won’t be triggering any fat storage in the body.

Don’t Shop Hungry And Cook More
These two may seem obvious and self explanatory but they should still be mentioned. When you’re doing your grocery shopping for the week, it’s important to do so when you aren’t incredibly famished. When we are hungry, we tend to crave things that are not good for us. Everything salty or sweet will start to look like heaven in the grocery aisles, if you haven’t eaten beforehand. Also, when you prepare your meals, as opposed to relying on take-out, you know exactly what is going in them – the ingredients that are being used and the fat, calories and carbs of everything. You’ll eat healthier based on that alone.

Drink Your Coffee Brown
While drinking coffee straight, with no cream or sugar, is more of a science and an acquired taste, it is infinitely better for you. If drinking coffee black is completely out of the question for you, try adding natural cinnamon or nutmeg to your daily beverage. While it won’t sweeten it the way sugar does, it will add a dimension of taste and smell that will make the experience more enjoyable.

Dry Face No More: Shlinda Demonstrates How To Get Your Glow On With Amazingly Beautiful!


YouTube beauty and lifestyle vlogger Shlinda recently began using the Amazingly Beautiful collection of face and body oil serums and let her viewers know how the experience went.

Shlinda says she gets asked a lot of questions about her skin care regimen and says that it has become even more important as she gets older. She encourages her viewers to start thinking about skin care in their late teens and twenties. Shlinda added that she loves glowing, radiant skin and feels the most beautiful when she isn’t wearing any makeup.

Shlinda then shows her viewers what she has been using on her face and body that has been the key – Amazingly Beautiful day and evening face oil serum. She says she loves the day face oil the most because it adds radiance to her skin and really absorbs into her face. “This is one hundred percent oil guys,” Shlinda says. “The ingredients for the day serum are sweet almond kernel oil, lemon peel oil, orange peel oil, avocado fruit oil and olive fruit oil. And the evening serum consists of sweet almond kernel oil, orange peel oil, lemon oil, evening primrose seed oil and apricot kernel oil. This is like heaven sent for me because I am a dry girl.”

Next, she demonstrates how she uses the oils. “Once you start using it your face soaks it up,” she says. “I didn’t realize I was depriving my face of these oils. They do have a disclaimer that in the first few days you might have a mild breakout – and I actually did. What they’re saying is that this is your face pretty much detoxifying itself. I absolutely love it.”

She continues the video by saying that she applies the night oil the same way as the day oil.  “I apply it exactly the same way but do go a little heavier at night – maybe seven to eight drops – because I really work this in at night.”

She also uses the Amazingly Beautiful body serum when she gets out of the shower. “This one is made of sweet almond kernel oil, orange peel oil, lime peel oil, lemon peel oil, olive fruit oil, and avocado fruit oil,” she says. “It’s just oils. If you really want nice, supple, moisturized, glowy skin, this is it. I really like it guys. Be really smart and put oil into your skin. If you are a dry girl focus more on good oil – one-hundred percent oil. If you are person like me that loves a variety of oils that come together and make beautiful things happen you definitely want to check out this the Amazingly Beautiful collection.”

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Vitamins That Promote Healthy Skin

vitamins healthy skinSometimes our skin care regimen could use a bit of a face lift itself. With the skin care industry being as vast as it is, it can be incredibly difficult to choose and decide which products work the best for us and our skin type. With so many choices and so many different areas or specifics we struggle with when it comes to our skin, the prospect can have many of us figuratively pulling our hair out. What some don’t realize is that you can use all the products and masks and creams in the world but if the ingredients are missing key, effective vitamins, it won’t be as helpful and corrective as it could be otherwise.

There are certain vitamins that should be included in the topical skin products you use. Similarly, if you are lacking these same vitamins internally, you’ll likely see similar effects on your face. Make sure these crucial vitamins are present in your skincare products or vitamin cabinet, or if you’re having an especially tough time with problem areas, in both!

Vitamin A

This vitamin is known for its ability to eliminate wrinkles. Whether it’s the little crinkled lines around your eyes or on your forehead, or the laugh lines that are starting to form around your mouth, wrinkles can elicit a panicky reaction when they are discovered for the first time. Many of the most effective retinol creams first and most prevalent ingredient is vitamin A because it’s so powerful in reversing wrinkles and other signs of aging, such as age spots. It is also proven to smooth roughness and correct the appearance of dry skin that has had a recent change in appearance and feel. Vitamin A tablets are also a way to get similar effects from the inside out.

Vitamin B3

This particular vitamin is known for its ability to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate redness. For those who are naturally sensitive to sunlight, have specific allergies or skin conditions like rosacea  that result in red skin, this is a great vitamin to incorporate into your regimen. This vitamin is known to increase the production of fatty acids and ceramides, which aid in strengthening the outer protective barrier of the skin’s surface. The key element in B3 is called niacinamide, which is what has been proven to lessen the redness of skin.

Vitamin C

That’s right! The popular vitamin that is known to help aid us when we’re suffering from colds is also fantastic for our face. It is known to target free radicals that correct sagging, loose skin that is often the result of getting older. It is also known to help those who have suffered from sun-damaged skin. So on top of the orange juice you may consume to ensure your daily dose of the vitamin, opt for skin care that contains it as an active ingredient.

Vitamin E

Those who suffer from notoriously dry and brittle skin will jump for joy because of this suggestion. Vitamin E is known to help skin retain necessary moisture. The great thing about vitamin E is that it is present in many natural moisturizers. Also, the component can be obtained in oil form with no added additives. Natural vitamin E oil is a great option for incredibly dry patches of skin.

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Natural Remedies For Dandruff

dandruffBad hair days don’t discriminate. We’ve all been there; that place where our hair won’t cooperate just the way we’d like. Or a new style that we’re trying, doesn’t turn out as we had hoped. While those sort of hair troubles are par for the course and cannot be avoided completely, there is an entirely other issue that sometimes plagues our lovely tresses. That flakey nuisance, known as dandruff, is not just unsightly and embarrassing, it’s also annoying and even uncomfortable. The white flakes are produced by an overactive, unhealthy scalp. Dandruff can be a real bother and is often a perpetual cycle. Listed below are some of the natural ways to cure dandruff and enjoy a flake, itch-free scalp.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of the most versatile natural remedies out there. It is effectively used for so many different things; obtaining a healthier scalp is one of them. While the cause of dandruff is the result of skin cells that grow and die off much too fast, ACV curbs that problem by getting rid of the unwanted and excess skin cells, before they turn into dandruff, becoming itchy and noticeable. Dandruff is also known as a fungus, that when overgrown, becomes perpetual and leads to chronic suffering. ACV helps kill off the fungus and eliminate the dandruff.

Tea Tree Oil

This stuff is very strong, so do make sure you use it sparingly and dilute it before putting it on your scalp. The great thing about tea tree oil is that it’s an anti-fungal, so it naturally targets the fungus and helps to eradicate it. It has the propensity to make the scalp a bit tingly, but do not be alarmed, that just means it’s working. Putting a few drops in your regular shampoo will definitely do the trick. Also, be mindful that the stuff sometimes has a strong smell, so don’t overdo the dosage.

Fenugreek Seeds

This is an interesting natural remedy, as many people have not even heard of this seed, which is indigenous to India. It has natural anti-fungal properties that help eliminate the fungus that helps to propagate dandruff. Another great benefit of fenugreek seeds is the natural soothing properties within the compound. Due to the nature of dandruff, and the inclination that many sufferers have to scratch their scalp, that region can get really damaged and sore. Fenugreek seeds can ease the irritation while also helping to mitigate the problem.

Lemon Juice

This is another tried and true natural remedy that is used for a myriad of different issues. The acid in the lemon juice is great for a scalp that is suffering with dandruff, because it naturally balances pH levels. One of the main causes of fungus is the lack of balance in the internal system that stems from our pH. When this is off kilter, it allows fungus and bacteria to take root in places it shouldn’t. Make sure to add a little bit of water to the lemon juice, diluting it will allow it to stretch further and won’t require so many lemons.

Antioxidant-Rich Foods: Here’s 5 Great Ones

antioxidant rich foodsAntioxidants serve a very specific purpose in our lives and thus should be included in our diets whenever we can. The primary function of antioxidants are that they fight off free radicals and kill bacteria before it causes infections or viruses. These two functions help protect our DNA and healthy cells. When we are lacking the presence of antioxidants in our diets, we then become more vulnerable to premature aging and harmful cells like cancer. But once we become mindful of just how imperative the incorporation of specific foods is to our diet, it makes it easier to include them. Listed below are the foods richest in antioxidants.


Not only are these fruits chock full of antioxidants but they are known to help with weight loss. For those who are struggling with getting their weight under control or managing their weight better, adding raspberries to your diet will likely help you. Sprinkling them in oatmeal for breakfast, or even using frozen ones in a fruit smoothie, are good ways to consume the fruit. Additionally, they have positive effects on cardiovascular health.


Now you may not be a nut person, but nuts are actually incredibly good for you. Walnuts are no exception, as they have incredible cancer fighting antioxidants. The American Cancer Society has gone on record as saying that the level or ellagic acid, which is found in walnuts, has specific anti-cancer effects. You can eat these on salads or alone as a nice snack. They also have positive blood sugar benefits, as they are suggested for those who suffer with Type 2 diabetes.

Pinto Beans

Beans are a natural source of protein and fiber – both of which are deeply important for the body for many reasons. These two things are often suggested in healthy eating and weight loss plans because of how positively they impact our body. Because of this, they are great for our digestive health as fiber is a needed element to aid our intestines. These specific types of beans are filled with antioxidants.


While this may seem like an odd choice, the levels of antioxidants present in this plant demands it be included. It is also known as a great anti-fungal and antibacterial aid. It is attributed to helping to reduce inflammation, promote sexual health and can even alleviate a tooth ache. The reason that cloves are such a great antioxidant is because they hold the highest capacity to provide hydrogen and decrease lipid peroxidation. Cloves are predominately used in spices, but the fresh form can be found in the vegetable section of the grocery store. Using it in teas or soups is suggested.


This funny looking dried fruit is extremely high in antioxidants. Another food that is said to ward off cancer cells, it is also a good source of beneficial vitamins. They are also known to boost bone health and provide ample levels of fiber, potassium and vitamin K. Adding these to a bowl of fresh fruit or into a nut mix are some of the ways to incorporate them into your diet.

4 Natural Health Remedies

natural health remediesNo one has time to get sick with the crazy schedules we all keep. But it’s easy for our immune systems to get bogged down and illness and ailments to get the better of us. However, most of us can’t afford to be sick or unwell. While some of us have medicine cabinets full of over-the-counter aids for whatever virus or infection that sidelines you for a bit, there are completely natural aids and remedies that can help as well. When a natural remedy can work to help rid you of certain symptoms and sickness, they are often preferred. Certain medications may have additives in them that alter pH levels or cause other issues internally with prolonged use that we may be unaware of.


Whether it’s because of something bad you ate or a stomach bug that may be going around your office, nausea is not something that many of us can function well with. That uneasy feeling can be debilitating and no one wants to feel like they may lose their lunch. Ginger is a great natural remedy for nausea. Slicing small ginger chips from natural ginger root and steeping them in tea will help settle your stomach. You can also crush little bits of the root into ice trays with distilled water. This allows you to suck on the ice cubes and get the effects of the ginger instantly.

Sore Throat

Eating and drinking when your throat is sore or hurts is one of the most uncomfortable experiences. A sore throat can be a result of something small like allergies or something more serious like a virus. In either case, garlic can be used as a way to soothe and remedy your sore throat. Crushing the juice from garlic and adding it to warm water and drinking it twice daily will have your throat feeling better in a matter of 48 hours. Garlic has antimicrobial properties that reverse pain-causing bacteria and eases inflamed tissue.


A persistent cough can be so irritating, both to you and those around you. Especially if you don’t feel that poorly, but still can’t seem to stop coughing. Certain coughs can take several days to just subside. Try dark chocolate, as the theobromine compound can be more effective to curb a cough than the codeine used in cough syrup. Also researchers show that the effects of honey, on a cough that just won’t go away, are also favorable. Honey is known to have elements that act as a suppressant in the throat.


If you happen to catch a virus that gives you a fever, you may feel out for the count. Illnesses that cause fevers generally make you feel weak and groggy. But unfortunately, some of us can’t afford to be immobile in bed until the fever breaks. Sipping linden flower tea will help. This tea stimulates the hypothalamus which helps lower fever naturally and dilates blood vessels, which promotes sweating and will help your fever pass sooner. Also, though it sounds bizarre, putting slices of onions in a pair of clean socks and wearing the socks, will help draw the fever out through the feet. Within one to two days you’ll be fever free.