Running Data Leads To Skill Grouping



Researchers have announced a new system for improving runners’ skills – and it is based on big data analysis. Researchers with the University of Tsukuba have developed a technology that instructs the ideal running motions based on “big data of motions” collected by monitoring motions during running via sensors and videos. The researchers analyzed the Read More


7 Tips For A More Successful Dental Practice



After creating and establishing a dental practice, it is important to continue making efforts anywhere possible to help it grow, become successful and profitable. Here’s 7 tips to reach those goals! Patients Like Goodie Bags Children and adults like to receive free gifts – and a goodie bag full of dental hygiene products works as Read More


Dental Care Norms And Ideals


A dentist with a patient looks at a x-ray

The dental care industry spends a lot of time on supporting young people as they get through their often long and difficult orthodontic treatment – treatment that is often financed by the government dental care system, despite it being for cosmetic reasons. LiU researcher Anette Wickström has studied the importance of norms when young people Read More


ADHD And Your Diet


Chronic daydreaming…forgetting things…losing or misplacing things…uncontrollable chatter…fidgeting and restlessness…difficulty working with or getting along with others…taking unnecessary risks – these behaviors are classic symptoms of a neurodevelopmental syndrome known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.   According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 11 percent of children between 4 and 17 Read More


Wearing Dentures Doesn’t Have To Be Painful


Dental Mechanic at Work

The type of discomfort sometimes associated with wearing dentures can be downright discouraging. Initially though, most people who wear dentures will experience some type of pain or discomfort. This is due to the fact that there is a foreign object in the mouth that the teeth, tongue, gums and the roof of the mouth must Read More


Giving Thanks For A Healthy Turkey-Day Feast



Gobble. Gobble. We Americans will gobble up more than 45 million turkeys this Thanksgiving. That’s a whole lotta drumsticks! And all of those stuffed turkeys will help to pack one or two extra pounds onto our waistlines. For most of us that’s one or two pounds too many!   Wouldn’t it be great if this Read More


Eliminate Dry Mouth And Find The Root Cause


Young female doctor examining her patient.

Those who suffer from dry mouth know the level of discomfort that can often accompany it. While dry mouth is usually a symptom of some other greater problem, alleviating it is something of paramount concern and importance for sufferers. Contributing factors that cause dry mouth are often dietary practices, medication and the most likely culprit, Read More


Can You Prevent Dental Implant Infections?



In an effort to lower the risk of infection and improve the long-term effectiveness of dental implants, researchers with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM – in cooperation with industry partners – have developed a new type of implant coating. Each year millions of dental implants are inserted. They often need Read More


Daunting Details About Diabetes



Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes; that’s almost 10 percent of the population. And of that 30 million, more than eight million of these cases are undiagnosed! That means almost 30 percent of these poor people have no idea what’s about to befall them.   A 2012 study revealed that as many as 86 million Read More


Pesky Canker Sores Be Gone!


Close up of canker sore.

Most people know what that irritation feels like. That one particular spot in the mouth that feels raw and tender to any type of pressure. What’s worse is when the sore continues to be further agitated by the teeth, tongue or specific foods. Canker sores can be terribly annoying and bothersome, especially for those who Read More


The Link Between Severe Acne Treatment And Ineffective Antibiotics


Acne, scars and keloids in the face of a young man, isolated on white background. High definition image.

A medical records analysis has concluded that physicians who treat severe acne tend to leave too many patients on ineffective antibiotics too long before prescribing more potent therapy with the medication isotretinoin also known by its former name Accutane. The study – published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology – is the Read More


Who Needs To Eat Gluten-Free Foods?



Among some conscientious “health nuts” gluten has become a four-letter word. How did gluten become such a villain, and why did gluten-free foods become such a panacea? Do you need to eliminate gluten from your diet, and if so, what should you eat? Gluten is a protein. People who have difficulty digesting gluten may be Read More


Volunteering: It’s Good Medicine!



Originating in 1600, the word volunteer initially referred to someone serving in the military. Today thousands of charitable and social service organizations are dependent upon the kindness of strangers to see their civic duty and offer their services to provide money, time, creativity, talents, and care to those in need of support.   There is Read More


Is Running The Answer For Healthy Aging?


Senior couple running in park

An active lifestyle improves the quality of life and maintains health at all ages. Since it is important to help older individuals stay healthy – and with the elderly population continuing to grow – running has become a popular form of exercise. However, running can also lead to injuries so one of the important factors Read More


Can Poor Oral Health Habits Increase Hypertension?


Tooth with toothbrush - isolated over white

A recent study suggests that poor oral hygiene habits may lead to increased incidences of hypertension. It also suggests that periodontitis and hypertension may be linked by way of inflammation and blood pressure elevation. The study – Associations Among Oral Hygiene Behavior and Hypertension Prevalence and Control – took a look at data from 19,560 Read More