The Important Benefits Of Clove Oil

Clove oil
Clove oil

Clove oil has amazing components that make it a great oil to incorporate into your regimen. This oil is naturally an anti-fungal, antiseptic, antimicrobial and antiviral. Clove oil is commonly used for dental purposes and is a great natural aid for dentists and those interested in organic and natural oral care. Many oral care products like mouthwash, toothpastes and oral care medications have some type of clove oil in them as it’s a natural germicide.

Clove is a type of evergreen tree that produces a flower. This flower – called a clove bud – has a preponderance of powerful medicinal properties. It has been used for generations in ancient Chinese and Indian civilizations, and there are certain indications that it was used in Europe. The clove plant has numerous mineral and nutrient properties like sodium, iron, calcium, hydrochloric acid, vitamin A, vitamin C and phosphorous.

Skin Uses

This oil is fantastic for skin issues. It has acne-fighting components that will help you battle those pesky blemishes you may be dealing with. There is a compound within clove oil called eugenol which has highly effective anti-bacterial elements. This makes it great for those who suffer from troublesome cystic acne, as that often comes with inflamed and infected skin. Clove has the necessary cooling properties to help it diminish. Clove oil is incredibly strong and should also be diluted, so use 2-4 drops of the oil in your moisturizing lotion for best results.

Due to its restorative qualities, clove oil can also be used as an anti-aging assistant. This is mainly because of all the vitamins and minerals present in the oil. If you are looking for something to add to your skin care regimen that will help provide your skin with the necessary components that will help ward off sagging, loose skin and correct fine lines and wrinkles, this is an oil that you should add to your collection. A couple of drops in a moisturizer or even in a toner will work really well in helping revitalize your skin.

Also this oil is a great item to add into your life if you are interested in booting your immune system. The antiviral properties help to purify blood and rid your body of unnecessary toxins. If you deal with chronic headaches you know just how debilitating they can be and how they have a way of preventing many of the activities you want to take part in. A bit of clove oil and salt have been known to positively affect those who chronically complain of headaches. Due to the cooling properties and the anti-inflammatory agents, it’s a great option. The oil can also be used as a pain reliever in other parts of the body as well. If you are suffering from back, neck, hip or feet pain, you can try a similar option to help lessen the pain, make it more manageable, or alleviate it all together. A few drops can be added to a light carrier oil to massage into the areas that experience the pain.

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What Is Marjoram Essential Oil?

marjoramIf you were to ask a roomful of people what marjoram oil was, many would look around confused. The oil is not well known in many circles, even in ones that know quite a bit about holistic lifestyles and essential oil benefits. The marjoram essential oil is an aromatic herb that comes directly from the mint family. It is indigenous to Arabia and Egypt.

Many people aren’t aware that this name is actually the official moniker for what we call oregano. That’s right, the herb that you regularly cook with is actually dried marjoram. What most people don’t know is that it has tremendous health benefits aside from its flavoring ability.


Marjoram can be used to help a loved one who suffers from snoring. Whether it’s you or your spouse that snores heavily, this oil can potentially help curb the issue. Taking a couple of deep breaths of the oil right before bed, is said to help those who struggle with snoring loudly throughout the night. Another option is to use it in a humidifier or diffuser before bed. Put 10 drops of the marjoram oil and 10 drops of lavender oil in any type of vaporizer and allow it to fill the air. The snorer with breathe it naturally throughout the night and the snoring severity will lessen as time goes on. The oil also helps with sound sleep, so you’ll be potentially combating two issues at once.


The oil is also quite effective for headache pain. The inflammation that usually causes the head to hurt can be lessened by the oil. The pain that is often experienced because of tooth infections is also diminished by the use of the oil. You can add food grade oil to your tea and put some honey in it to sweeten it, or you can rub a bit of the oil on your temples to alleviate the pain in your head. The same tactic can potentially work for a toothache. Make sure to rub the oil on the gum where the tooth is emitting the most pain.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem that many people struggle with. This essential oil can be a great health aid. The best way to use it for this purpose is through a massage oil. Add several drops to a base oil and receive a massage at least once a week. The oil will penetrate your skin and naturally bring your blood pressure down. Massages are a great way to de-stress – that combined with the natural components of the oil, will have your blood pressure stabilizing in no time.

Wounds And Bites

The healing properties of the oil are also good for cuts, scraps and wounds. Putting a little bit on a bite or a scratch will prevent it from getting infected, and possibly giving you a bigger issue later on. Its anti-inflammatory compounds make it great for bug bites or even something poisonous like poison ivy or oak. Take a couple of drops on the fingertips and rub them deeply into the problem area. Always remember that even the lesser known essential oils are just as vital to your collection.

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Natural Stretch Mark Treatment Options

stretch marks treatmentDue to various weight and skin changes, stretch marks can appear on various parts of the body. They typically appear during puberty, pregnancy or obesity. They can be the result of hormonal imbalances or excessive weight gain or loss. They are very commonly seen on the breasts, hips, butt and lower thighs. When the middle layer of the skin is stretched or expands too rapidly, stretch marks can appear. This is a result of the collagen and weakening or interruption of the skin’s production cycle. These pesky scars can make people incredibly self conscious and prevent them from truly being comfortable in their body. Here are some natural ways to combat and lighten those scars.

Castor Oil

One of the best oils you can use on your skin. This oil has been known to provide correction to wrinkles, moles, dark spots and pimples. It’s also a great way to treat stretch marks. Apply a thin layer of castor oil to the problem area and gently massage it into the skin for at least five minutes. You can then wrap the area with a thin cloth. Apply a heating pad or lay a heated water bottle on the cloth for at least 30 minutes. After a few weeks, you’ll start seeing positive results.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another great option that has many positive effects on skin issues. Namely, sunburns are often treated by this cool, highly concentrated gel. Adding a bit of vitamin E to this process will also have amazing effects on your skin. Mix three parts aloe vera and one part vitamin E together and rub the mixture on the affected area. Let it set for 15 minutes and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Repeat this process daily for a couple of weeks to start seeing results.

Lemon Juice

Lemons are one of the most amazing natural aids for many skin issues. The gentle acidic quality helps to break down the dead skin cells and free radicals that often linger on skin. It is also incredibly penetrating and will seep into the skin to reach the middle and deepest layers. Rub fresh lemon juice on your stretch marks in a circular motion. Let the juice soak into the skin for at least 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Cocoa Butter

This is one of the most effective methods to diminish and eradicate stretch marks. It’s an excellent moisturizer and many stretch mark creams have some type of variation of this in their products. The ability for cocoa butter to nourish and soften your skin makes it a great treatment for stretch marks. Apply a thin layer of the butter over any affected area and massage in generously. Do this twice a day for at least a month to see the best results.

It’s important to remember that many people have stretch marks and that they’re more common than some realize. Don’t let the presence of them determine whether or not you feel good about yourself and your body.

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What Causes Gum Troubles?

gum troublesWhile we are constantly told about the importance of our teeth, the gums attached to them are of equal importance. When our gums become irritated or show signs of other issues, this is a precursor that we should never ignore. When gums become sore, red, or swell this could be a clear indication that your mouth is already suffering from a serious condition. Gum disease is widespread, but there are ways to prevent it. However, if those precautions aren’t taken, warning signs might start to pop up. Pay close attention to the state and health of your teeth and gums.

Our mouths house so much bacteria. It’s completely normal to have specific amounts of bacteria in your mouth. But the problem sometimes becomes when leftover food particles and mucus mix with the bacteria, and a filmy type of plaque is the result. This plaque can be the gums worst nightmare – especially if oral care isn’t as it should be. Brushing and flossing is needed on a daily basis in order to eliminate all of the plaque build-up. In the event that oral care is poor and plaque continues to build without being adequately removed, it then turns into tartar and cannot be removed simply through brushing.

Gum Problem Signs

The effect that plaque and tartar have on teeth is well documented. The most common issue is gum pain, which is usually a sign of gingivitis. Gum problems are typically in direct correlation with specific triggers such as medications, specific illnesses, smoking, hormonal changes, and genetic susceptibility, though the most common cause is poor hygiene.

There are specific symptoms of gum disease that you should be aware of. One of them, as mentioned earlier, is gum problems or gums that hurt. If you notice your gums start to change in anyway, it’s incredibly important to take extra care in how you brush, floss and rinse your mouth. Red, swollen, or receding gums are all signs of earlier gum disease.

If you’ve been diligent with your oral care, then you should start looking at other possible causes. Smoking is one of the worst habits to have and those who do, suffer for it in many different ways. Check any type of medication you are on and research the potential side effects of that medication that could contribute negatively to the health of your gums and mouth. Also take note of any other symptoms you may experience. You may be experiencing sensitive gums and teeth because of a medical condition you aren’t aware of. Typically, these options are less likely than poor hygiene, but make sure all of your bases are covered. Obtain any pertinent information regarding your medical history and genetic propensity to certain conditions as well.

Ultimately, your mouth’s health is nothing to skimp over or ignore. If you start to experience painful gums, you should be honest about your oral care regimen and how effective it is. Once that’s done, visiting the dentist should be your next step. Painful gums are nothing to gloss over.

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The Benefits Of Palmarosa Oil

palmarosa oilPalmarosa’s botanical name is Cymbopogon Martini, which is a specific type of grass. The oil extraction is done through steam distillation. This takes place after the plant is harvested right before flowering occurs. While many aren’t familiar with  the positive attributes of this essential oil, it has enormous health benefits for both internal and external health. While many practitioners who specialize in aromatherapy are well versed in essential oils and their many benefits, the scope of their abilities isn’t always fully understood.

This oil is naturally antibacterial, antiseptic, cytophylactic, digestive, antiviral and hydrating. Due to these positive aspects, it can be used in varying ways. Great for fresh cuts or nicks, the septic quality in palmarosa oil is a great way to prevent infections from forming on the wound. Putting a couple of drops on affected areas will provide a protective barrier.

The antiviral aspect of the oil also helps to protect vulnerable and easily susceptible skin. It successfully inhibits and curbs the ability for a virus to manifest. It’s also essential to take care of any open wounds because infections can transition to organs and become serious.

Great For Skin Conditions

Palmarosa oil is naturally cytophylactic, which means that it promotes the growth of healthy and new cells. It also seamlessly helps recycle healthy cell matter. This is a process that the body must go through to help deal with aging, environmental factors and diet. This is deemed a healthy way to strengthen and fortify the immune system. This specific aspect is what makes this oil great for skin conditionslike psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. Try putting a few drops of the oil on breakouts twice a day. The cellular structure of the skin will be fortified and help treat and eliminate the skin issue. Those conditions are deeply linked to auto immunity.

This oil promotes digestion by stimulating the digestive juices in the stomach. Millions of people in this country deal with chronic digestive issues. The food that we constantly consume contributes to the issues that we so readily experience. A food grade version of this oil can be used to aid the digestive process. Eating a more complete and healthy diet will also help any digestive issues you may be experiencing, but palmarosa oil helps the absorption of nutrients that are obtained from food.

Naturally Hydrates Skin

One of the reasons that this oil is so terrific for the skin is its ability to naturally hydrate the skin. Simply ensuring that your skin is adequately hydrated will assist the overall state of your skin. It will improve the appearance of skin conditions and prevent the onset of wrinkles and delay the aging process. The richly soothing properties of palmarosa oil provides the skin with the moisture that it so desperately needs. The tissues and cells within the skin depend deeply on optimal hydration. The skin can become dehydrated quickly, which can lead to a myriad of issues. Keeping your skin moist and properly hydrated is essential and you’ll thank yourself for that decision as you get older.

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Top Uses For Juniper Berry Oil

juniper berry oilThe fresh and dried needles and berries of the juniperus osteosperma plant are otherwise known as juniper berry. When derived into an essential oil, this plant has highly effective attributes that can help with very common problems many of us face. The issue becomes when common problems arise, we think that turning to the easy fix of over- the-counter medication is the answer. It simply is not, and ultimately can disrupt the internal system more than we are aware. Going the natural route is much preferred.

Skin Issues

The juniper berry is known as a big immune system booster and a effective detoxifier. Commonly used for respiratory infections, sore throats, muscle aches, fatigue and skin issues, this essential oil runs the gamut of all the ways that it can successfully help with problems that many people face. With its incredible antiseptic properties, its ability to clean and purify the system is highly regarded. It increases urine elimination for those who have viruses that prevent them from expelling urine as often as they should. It also aids digestion and can be used for those who have issues with their stomach.

This oil can be used topically, aromatically, and internally, though only the highest food grade options are recommended to ingest. For a muscle soother, the oil can be used to massage any kinks and aches from your limbs. When the oil seeps into the skin and enters the blood stream, it can have a positive effect on the inflammation that often accompanies the pain. It can reduce the aching feeling and provide relief to those who are suffering from arthritis, joint and bone pain. Try mixing a few drops in a carrier oil and massaging the area of your body that aches most often. You’ll be surprised how quickly the oil will start to work.

While many doctors suggest natural cranberry juice to women who are suffering from urinary tract infections and bladder infections, if caught early enough, this oil can be used to treat the infection. The juniper berries have been used to treat kidney and bladder infections for eons. This is because they have natural ingredients that are both anti-fungal and antibacterial, which work in the body to flush out the infection and detoxify the affected organs. Being that it is a natural diuretic, it also helps flush out the inflection by increasing how often the body needs to urinate. The excess fluids from the bladder are expelled more frequently, effectively getting rid of the bad bacteria.

Other Skin Conditions

Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne are also greatly helped by this oil. This oil can be used on dry patches of skin to give it the necessary moisture that it’s been lacking, but also the antimicrobial and antibacterial elements actively fight the causes of the irritation. Many of these skin conditions are caused by some type of hormonal imbalance, further exacerbated by things like diet and stress. The juniper berry oil can soothe and correct the impacted skin cells causing the flares. A vial of this oil in the medicine cabinet is a must.

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What Is Gingivitis?

A dentist with a patient looks at a x-ray

For those who are unfamiliar with specific oral conditions and issues, gingivitis is one of the most commonly experienced issues. Simply put, gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums. This is often caused by a number of things, most notably, poor oral care. Gingivitis is one of the first stages of gum disease, so it is no small matter. The biggest contributor of this issue is typically plaque. Plaque is the colorless, sticky, soft film of bacteria that constantly forms on the bottoms of the teeth near the gums.

Normally, plaque is removed with a diligent and regimented oral care routine. This includes brushing, flossing and rinsing on a daily basis. You should be brushing your teeth thoroughly and completely at least twice a day, after every meal if you can. Flossing once a day and rinsing after you brush, with high-grade, all-natural mouthwash, is also necessary. This regimented practice helps to eliminate any and all plaque that manages to accumulate near the gums. When plaque is left unchecked and festers in the mouth, it produces toxins that irritate gum tissue.

Signs And Symptoms

Some people are unaware that they actually have gingivitis. They brush their teeth, though perhaps not well enough, so they believe that they have adequate oral health. Thankfully, there are specific signs and symptoms that often accompany gingivitis. Gums that bleed are one of the most common symptoms for those with gingivitis. Swollen and tender gums are also a clear indication that gingivitis may be developing. Also, if you are noticing that your gums are starting to recede or pull away from your teeth, you may be suffering from this condition.

The best way to prevent the occurrence of this oral condition is through adequate daily oral care. But there are also other steps that you can take to ensure the overall health of your mouth and your gums. If you have a poor diet, this can potentially lead to problems with your teeth and gums. Eating foods that will provide the necessary nutrients to your teeth and jawbone are essential. It’s also incredibly important to avoid smoking cigarettes or using any other forms of tobacco products. Not only are these products incredibly harmful to your internal health, they also wear down on your teeth and gums leaving negative toxins behind.

Do not make the mistake of ignoring warning signs or symptoms of gingivitis. If left untreated, you could potentially risk further issues and complications along the way. Due to the soft tissue around the teeth weakening, other gum infections, loose teeth or pain may result. If you have crooked teeth, poorly fitted dental appliances, broken fillings or are consuming certain medications, you could be more susceptible to suffering from gingivitis.

Don’t be afraid to see your dentist on a regular basis. This will ensure that your teeth are properly cleaned on a regular basis and that plaque can’t have a breeding ground that bacteria can so easily feed off of. Taking care of your teeth is of paramount importance.

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Best Natural Moisturizers For Dry Skin

NATURAL MOISTURIZERSDealing with dry skin can be a real struggle, especially because it can influence the way your skin looks, feels and behaves. Dry skin can become painful after awhile and things like wearing makeup or even going out into specific weather conditions become incredibly difficult. Though the skincare industry is flush with products they claim will help those who suffer from dry skin, many of those products are unnecessarily expensive and not naturally made. Putting products on your face that contain harmful additives and preservatives is never a choice you should knowingly make. Here are some of the best natural moisturizers for dry skin.

Avocado And Honey Mask

This moisturizer is naturally anti-aging. One of the downfalls of having very dry skin is the propensity for it to lead to other signs of aging, like sagging loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles. This mask is a great weekly treatment that you can do to restore the hydration of the skin. Use completely organic honey. With equal parts avocado and honey, blend until it’s of even consistency. Apply to your skin for an hour. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Almond Sugar Face Scrub

Oftentimes ultra-dry skin is the result of built-up toxins and dead skin cells that aren’t properly cleaned from the face. In order to rid yourself of these issues, you must exfoliate. This may sound incredibly harsh for those who have naturally dry skinbut it ultimately will help your skin. This will allow it to perfectly absorb the daily moisture you will be giving it. Mix a half a cup of brown sugar and a half a cup of ground almonds with two tablespoons of olive oil. Apply to dry skin and rub in small circles. Rinse with cold water.

Olive Oil

This oil contains many helpful antioxidants and healthy fats that are incredibly good for the skin. It conditions and soothes dry skin that is lacking in moisture and hydration. It can be used all over the body. It can also be used in many different ways. It can be used as a daily moisturizer, by using a small portion to cover the skin in a thin layer of moisture. Make sure skin is completely clean when applying. It can also be added to homemade masks that can be used once or twice a week.

Coconut Oil

Often known as the holy grail of oil, coconut oil is great for skin that is really dry. It has a substantial amount of fatty acids within it that help to restore the natural moisture of the skin. Using it as an all body or face moisturizer right out of the shower is recommended. You can do this daily. After just a few days, you’ll start to notice the obvious difference in your skin and its condition.

While dry skin is sometimes incredibly difficult to combat, you do have options that are completely centered in nature, that don’t come with the added price tag of standard skin care products. Take full advantage of this list and treat your skin to the hydration that it desperately needs.

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Boost Your Immunity With Orange Peel Oil

orange peel oil boost immunityIt’s pretty common knowledge that vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for the immune system and increased vitality. This is why so many people automatically suggest orange juice when someone has a cold or flu. They know that the vitamin C will get into the system, and hopefully rid it of the pesky virus or bacteria. The immune system can be a very fragile thing and while colds and flus are not the only thing it has to ward off, vitamin C actually has a myriad of different positive aspects.

Orange peel oil is one of the foremost oils in the natural skin care industry because of how versatile it is. What’s interesting about orange peel oil is that it inherently has more than double the amount of vitamin C than the nectar of the orange itself. So imagine the effectiveness orange peel oil has in transmitting high levels of the vitamin through the body. This is essentially what happens when it is used in skin care and body care regimens. Some people are under the impression that vitamins have to be ingested in order to work properly. This is simply not the case. You can boost your immunity with orange peel oil from the outside in. The vitamins within products do seep through the pores and make their way into our blood stream.

Skin Care

Unfortunately, it isn’t only vitamins that have the ability to do that. There are many additives and harmful chemicals present in a slew of over-the-counter products, which also can get in the blood stream from consistent use. This is why it’s so incredibly imperative that you switch to a purely natural-based skin care regimen. These harmful additives can do the opposite of what vitamin C does naturally. The immune system doesn’t recognize these foreign outliers and has to work hard to distinguish them and this can inherently weaken the immune system – overall diminishing your level of health and wellness.

Because vitamin C is naturally an antioxidant, it will help protect the immune system and gradually build up its strength. As an antioxidant, the vitamin will help to fight off free radicals, which can lead to numerous issues and illness. It basically helps the immune system ward off the millions of bacteria and microbes that threaten it on a daily basis. The immune system itself is highly susceptible to the nutrients that it takes in. Similarly, the opposite effect can be said about the toxins it takes in. So boosting the immune system is of tantamount importance to ensure the body is healthy and thriving for a very long time.

There are many ways that you can boost your immunity. But doing so while taking part in something you do every day already saves you time and energy. So when you are using orange peel oil on your face, know that you are doing not only your face a favor, but also your internal system that keeps you healthy and safe.

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When Adults Get Loose Teeth

loose toothOnce we reach a certain age, losing teeth starts to become a distant memory. However, due to a myriad of reasons and factors, loose teeth can happen to anyone of any age. In order to prevent teeth from falling out, there are certain things that need to be considered. Our gums are supposed to support and aid the teeth we have in our mouths. In the event that the gums become infected or aren’t properly taken care of, teeth can get loose. This is also the case when our teeth lose some of the supporting bone elements that make them strong – things like calcium and other minerals.

One common factor for loose teeth in adults is from some type of traumatic dental injury or trauma. Oftentimes this can lead to teeth extractions or loose teeth. If you, or someone you know, has experienced something like this, it’s important to know that you do have options and you don’t need to panic. There are a few ways that loose teeth, depending on the cause, can be dealt with. But remember, each treatment option is going to be tailored specifically to the individual.

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning, which should be the first option you try, can help to remove bacteria and plaque deposits from the surface of your teeth. Gingivitis, which is caused by plaque build-up, can sometimes lead to the loosening of teeth. Once the cause is directly dealt with and removed, your loose tooth may naturally restore itself.


There is something called splinting that can be used for loose teeth. This is the practice of joining with its neighboring teeth through a thin metal splint. This bonds the back of the teeth and allows for the stability of the neighboring teeth to help the tooth that is less secure.

Bite Adjustment

Obtaining a bite adjustment is also an option that can be looked into. This takes place when small, minuscule amounts of the tooth enamel are removed to prevent the tooth from obtaining any type of misdirected and unnecessary force from other parts of the mouth. This is a protective measure and thus prevents any further force that may make the issue worse.

Night Guard

A night guard is a perfect option for those who have trouble grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw.  This smooth, plastic item closely resembles a sports mouth guard and it can be worn at night. Its presence interrupts the natural force of the teeth and jaws that sometimes accompanies incredibly stressful situations and anxiety.

When you discover a loose tooth, the best first course of action is to immediately schedule an appointment with your dentist. It is vital that you receive a consultation as soon as possible as time is of the essence when dealing with a loose tooth. Your dentist will examine you and likely give you a few different options. Don’t despair. Loose teeth can be dealt with in a manner that doesn’t add unnecessary worry or stress to your life.

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7 Tips For Treating Corns And Calluses

corns callusesDermatologists from the American Academy of Dermatology say that corns and calluses are caused by friction or pressure on the skin. The reason for this is that these hard, thickened areas of skin develop naturally to help protect the skin underneath.

Calluses can develop anywhere on the body – wherever there is repeated pressure such as the fingertips after playing the guitar. “Corns typically develop on the tops and sides of the toes and on the balls of the feet. Common causes are arthritis and poor-fitting shoes,” says Nada Elbuluk, MF, FAAD and assistant professor of dermatology at the Langone Medical Center. She added that sometimes corns and calluses on the feet are mistaken for plantar warts because they can look similar to the untrained eye. “However, if you look closely you’ll notice that plantar warts have tiny black dots within them,” she said. “These dots are actually small blood vessels. In addition, plantar warts are typicallly more painful when pressure is applied to the sides of the warts, and corns and calluses are more painful under direct pressure.

“Most corns and calluses gradually go away when the friction or pressure causing them stops,” she added. “If you aren’t sure what is causing your corn or callus, if the hardened skin is very painful, if you have diabetes, or if you think you have warts, see a board-certified dermatologist or a podiatrist or orthopedist.”

Here are some other tips to treat corns and calluses.

Trim Toenails

Toenails that are too long can force the toes to push up against your shoe, which causes a corn to form over time. Keeping your toenails trimmed removes this pressure.

Soak Corn Or Callus

Soak your corn or callus in warm water for five to 10 minutes or until the skin softens.

Wear Shoes That Fit

One common cause of corns is wearing a shoe that isn’t the right size or shape for your foot. In order to get the right fit, shop for shoes at the end of the day because your feet may be slightly swollen. Also, ask the clerk to measure your foot and select shoes that aren’t too loose or too tight.

Remove Skin Carefully

Be careful not to take off too much skin when something is causing friction because doing so will cause bleeding and infection.

Use A Pumice Stone

You can file your corn or callus with a pumice stone. Dip the stone in warm water and then gently file the corn or callus – using circular or sideways motions to remove the dead skin.

Use Padding

You can also use padding to protect calluses from further irritation – such as when you are performing an activity. Cut a piece of moleskin – available at your local drugstore – into two half-moon shapes and place around the callus. To prevent the corn from making contact with your shoe you can surround the corn with a donut-shaped adhesive pad.

Use A Moisturizer

You can also apply moisturizing cream or lotion to the callus daily. Moisturizers containing urea, ammonium lactate or salicyclic acid will help gradually soften the hard corns and calluses.

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Costus Root Essential Oil: A Natural Health Aid

costus rootCostus root oil is often known by its more popular name – mu xiang oil. It is from a botanical plant called Saussurea lappa, which is native to the Himalayan highlands. Naturally, the oil smells very woodsy and grainy. Its color is a light brown or yellow with an almost viscous consistency. Costus root oil has many different attributes that allows it to be a great essential oil to have in your collection. Listed below are all the ways in which costus root essential oil can be a natural health aid.

Expectorant And Stimulant

This essential oil is wonderful at aiding the immune system. It does this by strengthening the immune system and making it more able to ward off bad germs, bacteria and infections. It’s also a great essential oil to have in your arsenal if you deal with chronic coughs or asthma. Try sleeping with a humidifier, which helps to naturally provide more moisture in the air. The oil’s fumes will get sucked into your respiratory system and make it easier to breathe after a period of time.

Digestive Aid

Food-grade costus root oil can be used as a great way to help clean out the digestive tract and promote good digestion. Sometimes due to poor diet, stress and busy schedules, our digestive tracts get bogged down and it becomes increasingly difficult to become and stay regular. Just a couple of drops in warm tea will help your digestive tract start to function as it’s supposed to. Make sure you opt for the best food-grade costus root oil you can find and only start with a small amount of the oil, as using too much can potentially give you runny or loose stool.

Skin Care Staple

There are a few essential oils that should have a permanent place in your skin care regimenand this is definitely one of them. The first thing that costus root essential oil does is provide a way to halt the aging process. It has the ability to fight free radicals, which is one of the main reasons we start to see loose skin, lines and age spots. This oil has the ability to curb this phenomenon by reducing the amount of exposure the skin gets to free radicals. It’s also a great aid for skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and dandruff. While it helps to provide the affected skin with the natural moisture it is often lacking, it also helps to heal the inflamed areas of skin.


This oil has natural healing properties and as such can be used as an organic ointment that can be put on cuts, scraps, and scratches. This also includes things like ingrown toenails, scabs and bug bites. The antibiotic components will stop infections and bacteria from growing and spreading from these smaller open wounds. It’s important to treat these types of injuries immediately, no matter how small they may be – especially because an infection can start in the tiniest of places and grow into something incredibly dangerous that is much harder to control.

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How To Use Lemon Peel Oil

lemon oil usesLemon peel oil is a great face aid in many ways. It is very versatile and can be used not just on the skin but around the house as a cleaning agent and even as a bug repellant. It’s pleasant scent and antibacterial properties make it such an easy oil to use in a whole host of ways. Included below are some of the specific ways you can use lemon peel oil and why it’s fundamentally so effective.

To Freshen Hands

One of the most annoying things is when a certain smell just won’t leave your hands. Whether it’s the smell of the sponge you use to wash the dishes or the leftover and pungent odor of onions or garlic from handling them while cooking. It can be so taxing to get the remnants of the smell off the hands. Constant washing of the hands sometimes doesn’t do the trick. It’s also incredibly drying. Rub a couple of drops of lemon peel oil or even lemon rinds over your fingers and nails and the smell will be eliminated.

To Whiten Teeth

Because of the citrus components present in the rinds, lemon peel oil is a great teeth whitener. Put a drop on your toot

hbrush, with your regular toothpaste and brush your teeth as normal. In as little as a week, you will start to notice that your teeth are brighter and whiter than they’ve ever been. Way more affordable and safe than those toxic “white strips.”

A Hair Rinse

Lemon peel oil is a great oil to use in your hair. It is especially good to use on hair that needs a bit of a pick me up. Lemon peel oil will leave the hair looking healthy and shiny. It will also naturally restore the pH balance in the scalp on the hair strands themselves. Add several drops of lemon peel oil to a bit of conditioner; also put a capful of apple cider vinegar in the mixture and stir it all up. Use as a conditioning tonic after you wash your hair and you’ll be amazed by the notable difference.

A Facial

One of the more common uses for lemon peel oil is on the face and this is because there are so many different things it helps. Sun spots and dark spotsare lightened just with a few applications. But to get the overall toning and brightening effect, you’ll want to add the oil to a sugar or oatmeal scrub. Another great ingredient to try in the mask is honey.  Leave it on the face for about 20 minutes every other day. In about a week, you’ll notice that your skin is much brighter and downright glowing. You can also put the lemon peel oil in your daily cleanser. It’s gentle enough to use on a daily basis and will help with the overall tone and state of the skin. If you struggle with blemishes, this oil will zap them out in no time.

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The Unknown Benefits Of Dill Oil

dill oilMost of us have heard of or regularly use the herb dill. It provides a distinct and interesting flavor that gives certain dishes a fresh kick. Dill actually has certain attributes and properties that make it a great aid in many different health situations. Luckily, dill oil does exist and can be easily used to obtain these benefits. Dill oil is extracted directly from the leaves and seeds of the dill plant. An incredibly multi-faceted oil, dill essential oil can do a number of things that many people are unaware of. Read this list to learn exactly how dill oil works.


A natural inflammation aid, this oil is great for those who deal with allergies and suffer through the beginning of many seasons because of it. If you are the type of person that experiences oral inflammation in the mouth or throat, this oil is a great oil to use. It helps to open up airways, clear out any mucus that may be building in the chest and throat, as well as promote an increased respiratory system response. Try the steam inhalation root for this affliction. Putting a few drops into a steaming bathe, or even using a humidifier during the night, will help you breathe easier and clear up your allergies.

Muscle Relaxant

For those who deal with constant muscle pain and struggle with the ability to relax and release tension, this is a great oil to use on specific problem areas. If you are an athlete that deals with painful spasms, this is definitely a way to curb the issue. Try putting a bit of dill weed into a gentler carrier oil like coconut oil. Massage the oil mix into the painful area and wait about 20 minutes. The oil mixture will penetrate the skin and provide natural relief.


Dill is naturally a disinfectant as it protects things from getting spoiled by infections brought on by microbes. For this reason, it’s a great oil to use on the skin to help ward off any type of infections and to promote accelerated healing. It has been studied and there are findings that suggest dill oil can be used to ward of harmful yeasts and candida albicans that have a tendency to grow on the skin and internally in the body.


There is a quality within dill oil that can help those who deal with insomnia and the inability to fall asleep. Dill oil promotes drowsiness and can be used to help those who have sleep issues. It allows the body to slow down and fully rest. Sometimes the hyperactivity that is present in the mind makes it difficult for individuals to get any real amount of sleep. Yet sleep is vital to a person’s ability to properly function and complete necessary tasks. Putting a few drops of dill oil into a diffuser with lavender oil can help to promote a restfulness that is sometimes hard to reach. This allows anxiety to dissipate and deep sleep to be reached.

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Health Benefits Of Artemisia Pallens

artemisia pallensMany essential oils are not as well known or highly recognized as others – but their benefits and positive attributes are just as strong and healing. Artemisia pallens, its botanical name, is one of those oils. In our current climate, it’s typically referred to as Davana essential oil. As a member of the daisy family, it has amazing restorative and corrective properties. The oil is usually a burnt orange hue with a very thick consistency. It smells pleasant and not too intense or overwhelming. It’s wide array of uses is downright impressive.


This essential oil is known to be a great natural remedy for depression and anxiety. It promotes natural relaxation in the body by lowering blood pressure and dissipating stress hormones. It promotes positive energy, mental clarity, peace and even helps those experiencing the severe effects of a trauma. Some mental rehabilitation centers, which focus on healing not strictly through prescription medication, use this oil to help alleviate depression and anxiety in its patients.

Antiseptic And Disinfectant

The oil naturally cleans wounds and can be used to dress them after they are tended to. The oil is powerful enough to fight off any infections that may threaten the weakened or injured area. This can be used for a simple cut, insect bite, or a serious abrasion. It fights off any type of bacteria, microbe, fungi or virus that may have already found its way to the wound.


If you suffer from any type of respiratory issue, such as asthma, seasonal allergies or a tough cough, this is a perfect natural aid. The components in the artemisia pallens plant help to loosen the phlegm that gets lodged in the respiratory system. This allows you to breathe better and to grasp fuller, deeper breaths. It helps to dissipate the congestion that can build, get caught in the chest, and cause a series of serious issues. Put a couple of drops in a diffuser or humidifier and allow it to fill the room. You’ll be breathing better in no time.


Due to its natural propensity to promote relaxation, this essential oil is known to help women through their painful menstrual cycles. It does this by helping to normalize blood flow in the uterus and pelvis to promote normal menstruation. Those who have irregular periods, or no period at all, will benefit greatly from this oil as it will correct their cycle. Try rubbing a few drops of the oil on the lower abdomen to help relief menstrual cramps, bloating, nausea and mood swings.


One of the issues many have when switching to all natural products is the inability to find good fragrances and perfumes that don’t have harmful chemicals and additives. This oil can be used as a natural, long-lasting perfume. Its smell is unique, yet enticing. A couple of drops go a long way and the staying power is pretty impressive. You’re guaranteed to smell unlike anyone else in the room.

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