Organic Food Is Better Than Non-Organic, Studies Confirm


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Surprise! Surprise! You’d think by now that a term like“health food” would be considered redundant. I mean, doesn’t it follow that if it’s food, it should be healthy? My own firm grasp on the obvious notwithstanding, international debates about the benefits of eating organic vs. the risks of gnoshing conventional foods persist and so do Read More


Preventing And Treating Gum Infections



A gum infection takes place when plaque builds up in the mouth and the bacteria spreads to the gums and causes inflammation, irritation and red and swollen gums. Known as gingivitis it is an extremely mild form of a complex gum disease called periodontitis. A gum infection may not seem like much at first but Read More


The Benefits Of High-Intensity Exercise



We’ve long believed that strenuous exercise is good for us, but a new study – published in QUT, the international journal of midlife health and beyond- backs this belief up. A study claims that moderate to high-intensity activity is essential to reducing the risk of death in older women. In a paper entitled Maturitas, co-authors Read More


What Did The Institute Of Food Technologists Discover About Zinc?



Zinc – necessary for tons of body processes – is an essential mineral that your body requires. Having a zinc deficiency can lead to impotence, hair loss, diarrhea, stunted growth, eye and skin lesions, depressed immunity and an impaired appetite. Researchers recently identified zinc as one of the most important essential trace metals in nutrition Read More


Are You Aware Of How Good Watermelon Juice Is For You?



Good news for athletes – watermelon juice has been scientifically proven to relieve post-exercise muscle soreness. The report – found in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry – attributes watermelon’s effects to the amino acid L-citruline. Researchers have already cited past research concerning watermelon juice’s antioxidant properties as well as its  potential to increase Read More


Do You Know How To Get Rid Of Acne?


Acne, scars and keloids in the face of a man.

There are three main classes of acne – comedonal, inflammatory and cystic. Finding the right treatment depends on your acne problem. Comedonal acne is basically mild acne with blackheads and white head production – commonly called pimples – and it occurs when skin pores get clogged. The sebum combines with old, discarded skin cells making Read More


Do Plant-Based Diets Improve Longevity?



Consuming a plant-based diet not only makes for a more sustainable environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also improves your longevity. Research done at the Loma Linda University School of Public Health for the July issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has identified food systems as a significant contributor to global warming. The Read More


Does A Healthy Lifestyle Really Add Years To Your Life?



Can a healthy lifestyle really add years to your life? Yes, says a study by public health physicians at the University of Zuirich who documented – for the first time – the impact of behavioral factors on life expectancy in numbers. They conclude that you can live longer thanks to fruit, an active lifestyle, limited Read More


Got Gingivitis? Here’s What To Do!



In a majority of cases, gingivitis is caused by plaque which is caused by improper and insufficient teeth cleaning, but there are also cases when plaque is not the only culprit. It is important to know about the  most common types of gingivitis and how to treat them. Some symptoms to look out for if Read More


Dental Tip – Can Aesthetic Dentistry Make You Happy?



Before a patient decides to embark upon an aesthetic dental procedure, one of the things a dentist needs is the support of health psychologists to enhance their patients’ satisfaction with their appearance. A study by the British Psychological Society involved 60 participants that completed the Slade Body Satisfaction Scale as well as the Visual Analogue Read More


Faster Dental Treatment With New Photoactive Molecule



In modern dentistry, amalgam fillings have become unpopular. Instead, white composite materials are more commonly used, which at first glance can hardly be distinguished from the tooth. The majority of these composites are based on photoactive materials that harden when they are exposed to light. But as the light does not penetrate very deeply into Read More


Nutrition Is An Integral Part Of Oral Health



A report – published in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – states that nutrition is vital to a person’s oral health – and therefore to their overall health. For this reason, it is recommended that collaboration between oral health care professionals and registered dietitian nutritionists and dietetic technicians exists to promote oral health, disease Read More


What Are You Doing About Your Dry Skin?



Typically, dry skin is caused by several things external and internal, and while the internal factors such as overall health are more to blame, they are also much easier to solve. Skin genetically prone to acne because of family medical history or the presence of asthma, atopic dermatitis and allergies is also prone to dryness. Read More


Can Cherry Juice Really Help Treat Insomnia?



Tart cherry juice has many health benefits and is loaded with many important antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Now a study suggests that drinking tart cherry juice in the morning and evening may help you sleep better. According to researchers from the Louisiana State University, drinking Montmorency tart cherry juice twice a day for two weeks Read More


The Power Of Brisk Walking


Woman walking

Brisk walking has always been considered an excellent exercise to benefit a healthy lifestyle. The long-lasting benefits include strengthening your heart, keeping your weight in check, toning your legs, stomach and buttock muscles as well as providing energy and a happier mood. Researchers have learned that people with mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease who regularly Read More