Can You Guess What Flavors Will Trend In 2015?



These days consumers have more varieties of flavors to choose from and the choices continue to expand. New food producers continue to permeate the market and consumers are also ready to experiment and try new things. The November issue of Food Technology magazine has published its top five flavor trends for 2015. These are based Read More


Fish Scales: Weighing In On Wild-Caught And Farm-Raised Fish



“Wild” is synonymous with free, natural, untamed, savage, and uncivilized. Like farm-fresh, “farm-raised” sounds wholesome, nutritious, healthy, and safe. If only the differences between wild-caught and farm-raised fish were this clear cut. Matters of nutritional value, food safety, environmental stewardship, sustainability, and cost hang in the balance for both. Tipping the scale in favor of Read More


Can Cooking More At Home Lead To A Healthier Diet?



Researchers with the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health wanted to find out if people that cook at home frequently maintain a healthier diet than those who don’t. For the study they: Reviewed data from the 2007 to 2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey – Read More


Tips For A Thinner Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving dinner – the one meal of the year that most people over indulge in. And the day after Thanksgiving – the day people have to deal with their undesired weight gain and guilt that comes along with it. But there are a few ways you can still enjoy your holiday while maintaining some self-control Read More


Sleep Deprivation – And The Price We Pay


Sleeping in

The United States is considered a sleep-deprived nation – and according to researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center – all ages are suffering in various, unhealthy ways. For children, sleep becomes a bigger issue when they enter the teen years – only 15 percent of teenagers get the recommended sleep they need. Read More


Fighting Fat With Food Fuel



Repeating this tongue twister over and over probably won’t burn much fat, but it might be fun. What will burn fat, though, is using some of the foods you love to burn all the fat you hate. It’s time to let the thermogenic genie out of the bottle. Thermogenics refers to the production of heat. Read More


Dentists Should Educate Parents That Oral Health Begins At Home



While it is a dentist’s responsibility to educate all patients about the need to exercise great dental hygiene at home, it is even more important that the parents understand that it is their job to oversee their child’s oral health regimen. Parents are a child’s first teacher in life and play a significant role in Read More


Oral Health Problems Are Widespread Among Navajo Nation


Doctor with xray

A recent study from the Colorado School of Public Health shows that despite some modest improvements, poor oral health remains a major problem in the Navajo Nation and among Native Americans overall. “The oral health among Native Americans is abysmal with more than three times the disease of the rest of the country,” said Terrence Read More


Are You Aware Of The Drinks That Can Hurt Your Patients’ Teeth?



It is not only foods that can damage your patients’ teeth – its drinks as well. The effects of hard and sugary foods are well documented and most people know how to be aware of what they consume, but damage caused by liquids is often overlooked and can do as much damage as solids although Read More


The Kettlebell Conundrum


Young woman training her body with a kettle bell on white screen

Clean. Jerk. Snatch. Halo. Windmill. What do these terms have in common? They’re all exercises using a kettlebell. While you probably don’t want to be shaped like a cannonball with a handle on it, the kettlebell can actually help get you into shape! Russian Love Handles? Picture this: Russian peasants hoisting sacks of freshly harvested Read More


Putting Thought Into Your Food Cravings: The Link Between The Brain And Eating Behavior



Two new research studies suggest that using distraction techniques may improve weight loss. The studies reinforce the idea that the brain can control eating behavior and that the way you think about food can have an impact on appetite. Researchers with Miriam Hospital at Brown University in Boston, Mass. used functional MRI scans to watch Read More


Does Improving Your Diet Also Improve Your Eating Habits?


food pyramid

Improving your eating habits should improve your health, but poor eating habits can still be made after good dietary habits have begun. A report detailing the findings appears in the November 2014 issue of Journal of Leukocyte Biology. To prove this, researchers used mice to demonstrate that even after treating atherosclerosis, lowering blood cholesterol and Read More


High Time For Hibiscus Tea



People have been steeping, infusing, serving, sipping, and raving about their favorite teas for more than 5,000 years. From green to black, tea has served as everything from a form of currency and a status symbol among the rich and infamous to a miracle cure-all of various chills and ills. Hibiscus Originating in Angola, hibiscus Read More


Can Flavanols Reverse Age-Related Memory Decline?



Flavanols are found in tea, grapes, red wine, apples and cocoa products. Last week, a study led by scientists at Columbia University Medical Center reveals that dietary cocoa flavanols – which are the naturally occurring bioactives in cocoa – reversed age-related memory decline in healthy older adults. The study – published in Nature Neuroscience – Read More


The Link Between Sugared Soda And Cell Aging



A new study that takes a look at how drinking sugary drinks is associated with cell aging reports that sugar-sweetened soda consumption may promote disease independently from its role in obesity. The study – reported in the American Journal of Public Health – reveals that the protective units of DNA that cap the ends of Read More