Going Green For The Holidays? Here’s A Few Suggestions!



With the average American household generating 25 percent more trash during the holiday season – between extra trash from boxes and wrappings to thrown-out leftovers – the carbon footprint of holiday travel and entertaining is hard on natural resources. Here’s a few ways sustainability experts say you can reduce holiday waste and make the season Read More


Do You Live In A Fit City?



An annual data report – published by the American College of Sports Medicine’s American Fit Index program with support from the Anthem Foundation –  highlights key health and fitness measures for the country’s 50 largest metropolitan areas. The report provides communities with the opportunity to gauge and improve their health, provide awareness and education to Read More


Avocado Advocacy



Avocado – the name is so much prettier than the actual fruit, don’t you think?  Shaped like a gourd, a pear, or an egg, how could its dark greenish-black alligator skin have inspired such a lovely, lyrical name? Entomologists speculate that the word avocado originated from the Aztec word for “testicle,” because of its resemblance Read More


7 Ways You Can Build A Pediatric Dental Practice



Building a pediatric dental practice is easy to do when you stick with some tried and true methods that are required to grow and compete in today’s pediatric dental marketplace. There are many cost-effective approaches to implement that will help you create the perfect environment for satisfied and engaged patients – who tell everyone about Read More


What Lead In Your Teeth Can Reveal About You



A study led by University of Florida geology researcher George D. Kamenov shows that trace amounts of lead in modern and historical human teeth can give clues about where they came from. The paper – published in the August issue of Science of The Total Environment – reveals that your teeth can tell stories about Read More


What Is The Best Way To Brush Your Teeth?



Most dentists assume they know the correct brushing techniques to recommend to their patients but did you know that there is no agreement on how to brush? In fact, new research reveals that advice from toothpaste companies and dental associations on how we should brush our teeth are unacceptably inconsistent. The study – published in Read More


10 Winter Superfoods For Great Health Benefits



A superfood is defined as being nutrient rich and especially beneficial for health and well-being. And just because the calendar says it is wintertime you can still find and enjoy these 10 superfoods – many of which are in their prime this time of year. If they aren’t on your list they should be since Read More


Bad News For Snackers



A new study released by the Salk Institute and published in the journal Cell Metabolism warns against extended periods of snacking. It goes on to state that confining caloric consumption to an eight to 12-hour period might stave off diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol. These findings add to the evidence that it’s not just what Read More


There’s New Life In The Old Rope-A-Dope



“I made a wish jumping rope, I caught a fish jumping rope…” Popular rope-skipping songs like this one may bring back old memories. It might even inspire you to grab your old jump rope and incorporate it into your new exercise regimen. But there’s a whole new rope routine that may jump start your metabolism Read More


When It Comes To Tea – The Manufacturing Process Is Far From Simple



Did you know that some tea plants have been around for 185 years? Tea is currently grown around the world for many different varieties of flavors that vary by geographic region, weather, soil, harvest time and manufacturing processes. Black tea is the most commonly consumed tea around the world and 85 percent of the tea Read More


Cayenne: Hot Stuff For Your Health



“Lookin’ for some hot stuff baby this evenin’ I need some hot stuff baby tonight I want some hot stuff baby this evenin’ Gotta have some hot stuff” No doubt, the hot stuff Donna Summer sang about back in 1979, was not cayenne, but the truth is that capsaicin, the stuff that makes cayenne so Read More


Does Calorie-Labeling Affect Your Weight?


Tape Measure next to Nutrition Facts

Can calorie labeling affect how much weight you gain or lose? Yes, say researchers who recently conducted the first long-term study on the impact of calorie labeling on body weight. The study shows that when used in universities, calorie labeling can reduce weight gain in students by nearly eight pounds. The research also showed that Read More


Can You Guess What Flavors Will Trend In 2015?



These days consumers have more varieties of flavors to choose from and the choices continue to expand. New food producers continue to permeate the market and consumers are also ready to experiment and try new things. The November issue of Food Technology magazine has published its top five flavor trends for 2015. These are based Read More


Fish Scales: Weighing In On Wild-Caught And Farm-Raised Fish



“Wild” is synonymous with free, natural, untamed, savage, and uncivilized. Like farm-fresh, “farm-raised” sounds wholesome, nutritious, healthy, and safe. If only the differences between wild-caught and farm-raised fish were this clear cut. Matters of nutritional value, food safety, environmental stewardship, sustainability, and cost hang in the balance for both. Tipping the scale in favor of Read More


Can Cooking More At Home Lead To A Healthier Diet?



Researchers with the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health wanted to find out if people that cook at home frequently maintain a healthier diet than those who don’t. For the study they: Reviewed data from the 2007 to 2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey – Read More