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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Just like the rest of the skin on the body, lips can become dry - and when they get very dry they become chapped. Chapped lips can not only peel and look dry, but they can feel painful and sting or burn. There are some things that can be done to help soothe chapped lips and many of them are very simple and can be started right away.


The most used solution for dry and chapped lips is a Chapstick or lip balm. While these may work in the short term, they can create a balance in which the lips expect the added moisture so they will not pull as much hydration from the body, which in turn can lead to a cycle of increased use of lip balms with less benefit from each use. A lip balm with added vitamins can help to hold in the moisture longer and help heal the skin on and around the lips, while a mint lip balm can help to sooth the pain. A milk-based product can add extra hydration and help to hold the moisture, while some with coconut oil or Vaseline can create a barrier to hold the moisture in. To solve the moisture problem permanently it takes consistent work in hydrating the body.


Lips get their moisture from the same place as the rest of the body - water and fluid intake. A long-term solution to dry and chapped lips is to increase the amount of water consumed in a day, and maintain that intake. Our bodies get water from not only how much we drink, but also from water-heavy foods like watermelon and cucumber, apples and oranges, and fluids like clear juices, clear sodas, and milk. Caffeinated beverages have a dehydrating affect, so any caffeinated drinks should be compensated for with more water.

Sugar Scrub

Once lips have dried and are peeling or chapped it can help to use a sugar scrub to clear off the dead cells and allow the healthy ones to continue to develop. This can be as simple as a homemade sugar scrub or a store-bought lip exfoliator or scrub. To make one at home add brown sugar to honey, and store in an air tight container to be used as needed. It should be disposed of and replaced each month. When making your own balm, honey can be a useful ingredient, and the antibacterial properties help to heal dry lips as well as moisturize or exfoliate.

While chapped and dry lips can be painful or uncomfortable, there are some easy solutions to help. Exfoliating is important to allow the new, healthy skin access the air and nutrients it needs, and a lip balm with moisturizers will help to replace the moisture they’ve lost. For a long term-solution it is important to drink more water and stay hydrated so the skin has all the moisture that it requires without drying out.

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Kassandra Foreman has been writing freelance for five years now and enjoys learning about new things to write about. When not writing she teaches yoga and meditation with a focus on health and fitness.

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