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Monoi oil, which originates from the island of Tahiti, is an oil that you'll definitely want to learn about as it's incredibly beneficial for the skin and hair. Taking care of both your skin and hair are extremely vital as they are representations of your hygiene and a part of your identity and appearance that people notice and take silent stock of.

So ensuring that you are doing everything that you can to obtain great hair and skin is definitely something that you'll want to do. Here's how with monoi oil, which means sacred oil by the native Tahitians.

The way that this oil works in hydrating the hair and keeping it properly moisturized is that it deeply penetrates the shaft of the hair strand much like coconut oil, which it happens to be a derivative of. Monoi oil sweet smelling and light in texture - is known to create shine in hair without leaving it looking greasy or oily.

It can also help to combat hair that is naturally frizzy by making it more manageable and easier to deal with. It is also incredibly helpful for your hair when it comes to changes in climate and environmental conditions. You can use this oil straight without mixing it with other oils or you can certainly use it alongside some of your favorite oils.

Monoi oil is rich in elements and properties that allow it to be incredibly beneficial and helpful to your skin as well. Because it is full of vitamin E, which is considered the skin vitamin, and essential fatty acids that help to keep the skin supple and moisturized.

There is also a component in the oil called methyl salicylate, which is full of anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to eliminate and reduce the swelling that we can sometimes experience in the early mornings. The combination of these properties helps to increase the elasticity in skin which makes it smooth and youthful looking.

This oil can also give your skin a nice youthful glow, similar to the shine effect that it has on your hair. A great aspect of this oil is that it not only moisturizes but soothes the skin; because of this it's great for skin that is perpetually dry or skin that needs a bit of a boost.

The antioxidant-rich oil is best to use after you've thoroughly cleaned your skin. If you have naturally oily skin, you can still use this oil as a moisturizer because, contrary to what you may think, it won't make your skin more oily.

The type of oil that your skin produces, that may give you that sheen or that moist look, is called sebum. It is a different type of oil entirely. Most people who do suffer from oily skin have that problem because they don't moisturize their skin enough and in order to combat this lack of moisture, an excess of sebum is produced.

Try monoi oil now to elevate the status of both your hair and your skin - you won't regret it.

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