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There are a plethora of nut oils that exist and many of them have very similar, as well as different, functions. While many people assume that these types of oils are used exclusively in the kitchen, that is simply not the case. In fact, many oils that are derived from nuts and seeds are great for external uses as well.

This is definitely the case for macadamia oil. It has many properties which make it ideal as an element that can easily work in both skin care and hair care routines. Included below are some of the reasons why this oil is so beneficial.

Great Moisturizer

If you have oily skin, you may be incredibly reluctant to put any type of oil on your face. This is a typical misconception of those who have oily skin. They think that putting any type of additional oil near or on their face will only make the issue worse.

This is actually completely not the case. The type of oil that the skin naturally produces, called sebum, can actually be counteracted by certain types of oil you use in your skincare regimen. Excessive sebum production is often the result of not properly moisturizing the face. The lack of moisture your face experiences can sometimes cause the face to become oily and overcompensate. Macadamia oil can even out the oil production of the face and reverse your oil issues.

Not Greasy

Some oils are absolutely not meant for the face. Due to their consistency, thickness or smell, there are certain oils that shouldn't be used in your skin care regimen. Macadamia oil is not one of them as the oil is light enough to easily penetrate the skin fast.

With other oils, they can leave the skin a bit too greasy which can compound on already pre-existing oil production issues. Macadamia oil leaves the skin feeling and looking great after application and is quick to absorb.

Great Eye Serum

Treating the very delicate skin around the eyes can be difficult because of the very specific needs of that area. Also because oils that tend to be thick or don't absorb can potentially get into the eye and cause irritation. This is what makes macadamia such a great oil for the delicate areas of the eye.

It's easily absorbed and also has key ingredients that are essential for the sometimes problematic skin that surrounds the eyes. Whether you deal with under-eye bags or crow’s feet, macadamia oil is a good bet.

Softens Hair

In the similar way that it is a great moisturizer for the face and skin, it's also necessary to give your hair a good dose of hydration. When your hair is abnormally dry and bare, it can completely change how your hair looks and the ease it has morphing into different styles. It has also been known to help combat frizz and dryness as well as allowing the hair to grow back thicker than it did before.

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