The Gentler Mint Oil: Spearmint

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Not every type of oil is for everybody. This is because certain people have allergies or sensitivities to specific oils for various reasons. For some, peppermint oil is simply too strong. It is extremely potent because of the scent and the level of concentration. Some people react poorly to it and find that it irritates their skin.

The great thing about oils is that there are so many to choose from. If you have a bad reaction to one, there is likely another that will do the trick. Spearmint is peppermint's cousin and much milder than the former. Like peppermint, this oil has a very specific aroma. Here are the different ways that this oil is used.

Aromatherapy Oil

The aromas that we surround ourselves with can easily change our mood and even positively influence our health. This is why aromatherapy is so effective as a way to alter the course of one's day. Due to the menthol content in spearmint oil, it can be used in an aromatic setting to help those who are dealing with nervousness, headaches or fatigue.

Our systems are deeply and incredibly smart and as such a mere whiff of a specific scent will alert our brains in a manner that can actually change and alter our mood or physical state. The body and mind are quite fascinating that way.


Some people are incredibly selective with the scents that they put on their bodies - especially those with very sensitive skin. Some perfumes and body sprays can actually be very irritating to both the skin and the nose. If you are the type of person that loves to concoct their own special and fun scents, this is a great oil to incorporate.

Not only is it gentle and smells great, it is a good complementary scent to many other natural oils such as sandalwood, jasmine, bergamot and lavender. Depending on the type of scent you want and the strength you are looking for, this could be a fun oil to add to your collection.

Massage Oil

If you suffer from any type of chronic pain, or even if you suffer from the standard aches that come with being very active, this oil can do amazing things for your joints and muscles. Spearmint has natural antispasmodic properties that can provide necessary relief from pain.

Add a few drops to a thicker carrier oil like coconut or jojoba and concentrate on the areas and muscles of the body that cause you pain. This can even be used on the lower abdomen for those who suffer from heavy menstruation and bad cramping. The menthol effect is not only cooling but helps to alleviate pain completely.


Pests hate the smell and taste of spearmint. This can ward off mosquitoes and other little critters that can easily become a nuisance. Try mixing a couple of drops of spearmint oil in a bottle with lavender and water. Spray yourself as you would with any insect repellent before you go outdoors. This will keep the bugs away from you.

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