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Most people have dealt with a little bit of blood in the sink after they brush their teeth. While the presence of this isn't something to ignore, it's not always a sign that something bad is happening in your mouth. Some people do brush a bit too harshly or may be rough when they floss. But do understand that if you continue to see blood in the sink, you need to take action to figure out what's going on. Usually gums that bleed become red and inflamed before any signs of blood are shown. But what are the reasons behind the appearance of red gums? These are explored below. Please ensure you uncover exactly what may be making your gums red.

Gum Disease

This is the most popular reason and cause for red gums. The interesting thing about gum disease and its symptoms is that you may only have red gums without actually experiencing gums that bleed or are noticeably irritated. Not all people experience symptoms in an identical way. But if your gums are inflamed there is a very high chance that it may be due to gum disease.

Other signs of this issue are gums that recede, chronic bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth that doesn't go away. You may be suffering from periodontists or gingivitis if you have these issues.

Tooth Abscess

If you have a cavity, it's best to get it treated or taken care of immediately. If you have poor dental hygiene and a habit of ignoring cavities, developing an abscess may occur. An abscess can form when bacteria aggravates the cavity and an infection begins. This can lead to painful swelling around the tooth that is infected. These can really hurt and the abscess is usually filled with some type of pus from the bacteria itself or blood. The presence of an abscess can make the gums red. After the initial color shift, there is often swelling that occurs.


This is something that often goes unnoticed and unchecked amongst expecting mothers. There are so many other tests and health concerns that can present themselves during pregnancy that the health of the gums and teeth sometimes takes a back seat. But it shouldn't because up to 70 percent of pregnant women actually experience some form of gingivitis. Those are pretty high numbers. If a pregnant woman starts to notice that her gums are becoming more tender or she starts to see blood in the sink more than once or twice, there is likely an issue that needs to be addressed.

It's important to note that these three common contributors of red gums are somehow intrinsically related to the overall health and care of the mouth. When you take care of your mouth's health and you are diligent in your oral care regimen, your gums and teeth will thank you for it. You will be able to worry less about painful gums, losing teeth or bad breath. 

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