Oral Cancer Symptoms And Risk Factors

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Like most other cancers, oral cancer is caused by an increased growth of cells that form a tumor and continue to spread. While the exact cause remains unknown, there are several contributing factors that increase the likelihood of it developing.

These cells are mutations from the normal healthy cells in the body and should be addressed as soon as symptoms begin to show.

Oral Sores And Tumors

Some symptoms of oral cancer include sores on the lips, in the mouth, on the tongue or under the tongue, on the roof of the mouth, on the cheeks, and even at the back of the throat. They can form tumors in or around the mouth as well as sores that are difficult and slow to heal.

Any red, white, or discoloured spots within the mouth area should be examined to rule out any serious issues or the beginning of cancer.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

The most common risk factors of oral cancer include family history of cancer, extended time in the sun on a continuous basis, HPV – human papillomavirus infection, excessive alcohol, and smoking or tobacco use in any form. All of these can affect the cells and their development, and increase the risk that cancerous cells will develop.

It is unpredictable if or when oral cancer will occur, so watching for the signs and symptoms of these habits is important.

HPV And Alcohol

HPV is also a transmittable disease that can cause forms of cancer to develop. This can be tested and monitored regularly.

Excessive use of alcohol can also increase oral cancer risk. Alcohol can cause a mutation of the cells and allow them to grow into a cancerous tumor.

It has been noted that limited alcohol use can be safe and not cause health concerns, but in excess it can create several health concerns.

While studies are continuing there is no certainty with any form of cancer, including oral cancer. While there are risk factors and habits that can increase the risks, these are not a guarantee that it will occur, and avoiding all risk factors does not mean that it won’t develop.

It is important to know the warning signs and symptoms and address any concerns as soon as possible with a dentist or health care provider.

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