How You Can Relieve Denture Pain

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Dentures are a great way to help people who have lost their teeth or have had them removed. They can help not only with self confidence in how they look, but also with maintaining the muscle structure of the face, and make it possible to chew and eat normal foods.

A properly fitted and cared for denture should not cause pain past the original adjustment. Any pain after this should be addressed.

Denture pain

When first adjusting to the dentures there is likely to be some pain in the gums. This can be helped with salt water rinses or even rubbing the gums with salt upon nightly removal of the dentures and again before putting them back in in the morning.

Dentures should be removed every night and placed in a warm water soak with or without a denture cleaning tablet. Build-up of food particles and bacteria will cause pain and swelling in the gums. This can also lead to infections and other health concerns within the gums and mouth.

Swelling from denture pain

If the denture is not properly fitted, it can rub on the gums and cause not only irritation and redness, but swelling, pain, and even sores and infections. Loose fitting dentures should be checked by the dentist as soon as possible and corrected.

While a denture adhesive can be used in the meantime, they will create build-up on the dentures that can be hard to remove, so increased cleaning and care must be used during this time.

Swelling in the gums can be helped at any time by massaging the gums as well as brushing the tongue and gums with a soft tooth brush, using a mouthwash to help regulate dry mouth symptoms, and even rubbing a used black tea bag on the gums as needed.

Infections from denture pain

The biggest cause of denture pain beyond loose fit is build-up on, under, and around the denture. It is imperative to maintain dental health while wearing dentures, by brushing any remaining teeth, the gums, and the tongue twice a day, flossing, and washing the denture correctly with a soft brush and gentle cleanser.

It can be helpful to rinse the mouth after eating to remove any food particles that may have become stuck on or in the dentures. A salt water rinse can be used each night to help the gums to heal from the wearing of the dentures as well as to help avoid any infections and reduce swelling and pain in the gums.

While a great tool for people who cannot keep their own natural teeth, dentures can cause pain and swelling during the adjustment phase, and loose fitting or damaged dentures can cause bad breath, pain, swelling, and even infection at any time. They must be kept clean of all food particles, bacteria, and build-up at all times.

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