Cavities And Other Minor But Common Health Concerns For Kids

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Written By Anica Oaks / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Children are full of curiosity and wonder, which often leads them to contracting minor illnesses. These illnesses can keep them out of school but can usually be cared for with a doctor's care. Keep an eye out for these health concerns in your child so they can get the help they need as soon as possible.


One of the most common minor health problems in kids is cavities. A cavity occurs when food or sugar remains in the mouth for a prolonged period of time. This softens the tooth and creates a small hole.

Many parents think that cavities don't need to be treated in baby teeth as these will eventually fall out. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Cavities that are left untreated can cause problems in the root and gums of your child.

This could pose problems with your child's ability to learn, eat healthily, and may cause future issues. Your child should visit a family dentist every six months for a thorough cleaning and check-up so that cavities can be taken care of as soon as they form.

Pink eye

Pink eye, which is also known as conjunctivitis, occurs when the thin membrane that covers the inside of the eyelid and eye becomes infected. The infection causes the tiny blood vessels to become inflamed, which gives the eye and lid its signature pink or red color.

You might notice your child wakes up with their eye crusted over with discharge, and he or she may complain of pain and itching. Pink eye is easily treated with prescription eye drops. As it is extremely contagious, it is best to see a doctor right away for help.

Ear infections

There are two main types of ear infections:

  • Inner ear infections where fluid becomes trapped behind the eardrum, which causes the middle ear to become infected and inflamed
  • Outer ear infections, which occurs when bacteria multiply in the ear canal and outer ear

Inner ear infections are more likely to occur along with the cold or flu while outer ear infections often happen after a child has gone swimming. If your child complains of pain, is tugging on their ear or has a fever, talk with their pediatrician. Ear drops and antibiotics may be prescribed to clear the infection.

Strep Throat

Strep throat is a painful condition caused by the Streptococcus bacteria. It is transmitted when a child comes into contact with another person with strep throat. The condition can cause red tonsils, pain when swallowing, fever and swollen lymph nodes. Children with strep throat often have a thick white coating on the back of their mouth. Antibiotics can help clear up strep throat and have your child feeling well again.

Though many minor illnesses can be cared for at home, it is always best to see your child's pediatrician or dentist if you are concerned about their health. Treating these minor problems as soon as possible can prevent them from becoming serious issues.

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