4 Common Teeth Problems You Can Teach Your Children To Prevent

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Written By Anica Oaks / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Teaching kids to brush their teeth and finding ways to reinforce it as a daily habit can be a difficult challenge for many parents. Some children readily adopt this routine, while others struggle to maintain good hygiene as young adults. Educating kids about common teeth problems and the consequences of poor dental maintenance provides them with a valuable lesson that has life-long benefits. Many of the most common and severe tooth problems can be prevented by teaching children proper upkeep techniques.

Gum Disease

There are many factors involved in gum disease with brushing and hygiene habits leading the pack. Diet and genetics can make some individuals more vulnerable to sensitivity and bleeding of the gums, but this kind of inflammation is often the result of poor flossing or brushing habits. Unfortunately, it can take several years of disease progression before visible signs are obvious. When left unaddressed, gum disease can create chronic discomfort and eventually cause tooth loss.

Enamel Erosion

While it’s important to get kids excited about brushing and flossing each day, parents also need to take steps to keep their enthusiasm in check. Over-brushing with a strong grip can wear away the protective layer of natural enamel on the surface of each tooth. Enamel is a primary defense against sensitivity and cavities, so its erosion can have permanent consequences. As a general rule, kids should only use as much force on the toothbrush as they could exert with just two fingers.

Misaligned Teeth

Kids usually aren’t to blame for misaligned teeth, but there are some factors that can contribute to unhealthy or uneven dental development. Excessive thumb-sucking or other oral fixations can cause premature tooth decay or crooked tooth development. Signs of either of these issues should be addressed immediately. Parents should set up an appointment with their Medicaid dentist to make sure that there’s no further risk to development of adult teeth when they start coming in.

Cavities And Sensitivity

Kids need to know that it’s important to evenly brush all sides of each tooth during their daily dental rituals. They also need to know when something doesn’t feel right. Pain and sensitivity are early warning signs of cavities, but kids should also know to examine their teeth in a mirror occasionally to check for signs of holes or erosion. Moving an annual cleaning appointment up a few months may be worth it for getting a filling quickly before the damage spreads.

Practicing good dental hygiene may be a daily commitment, which many kids resent, but it’s also one that has an undeniable impact on the rest of their lives. Children who understand and embrace proper brushing and flossing habits can significantly reduce dental health problems in adulthood.

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