Sleep Benefits: 5 Results To Be Aware Of

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With incredibly hectic and busy lives, we sometimes sacrifice the amount of rest that our body needs. This can have more harmful effects than we realize. Sleep is a fundamentally crucial part of our lives. When we don't get enough of it, we negatively impact our health, mentality and mood. There are certain sleep benefits that we may not be aware of that will have you more apt to reach for that snooze button or going to bed just a little bit earlier. 

Improves Memory

Our minds never turn off; even in slumber our brains don't even stop. However, the rest that our body gets when we are sleeping, informs and resets our cognitive abilities. We have more mental acuity and an increased ability to problem solve when we are fully rested. We learn better after a good, restful night of sleep. Our ability to absorb new information increases exponentially after we've gotten adequate shut eye.

Enhances Creativity

Similarly to the way in which sleep helps us grasp and remember information, it also helps us to tap into the part of our brain that allows us to create interesting and complex ideas. Creativity is increased after a full night's rest. This can sometimes be hard for creatives to obtain, as their minds often don't turn off long enough to allow them to get adequate amounts of sleep. But the artist and the writer alike will find that their craft will improve with the more rest they get.

Increases Athleticism

Before you think sleeping more will make you as good of a sprinter as Usain Bolt, it's a bit more nuanced than that. It was shown though that high school athletes who got more than nine hours a sleep every night for four weeks performed better overall on a series of physical exertion tests. Sleep is inherently restorative, so it makes sense that those who take part in getting higher amounts of it, would be able to perform at a higher level physically.

Helps Maintain A Healthy Weight

If you are trying to lose a bit of weight or simply trying to maintain your current weight, you may want to consider going to bed a bit earlier. Those who get over eight hours of sleep tend to weigh less than those who get less sleep. This is because the same part of the brain that controls sleep, also controls metabolism. So the more rested you are, the more your metabolism operates the way that it should, balancing hormones and allowing you to shed unwanted weight.

Decreases Stress

We all know that life can be hard and incredibly taxing. There are so many different things that can stress us out at any given moment. To have the proper amount of energy to juggle all the responsibilities and tasks that often lead to stress, you need a full night of restful sleep. Sleep will help your nerves be less frazzled and give you the capacity to feel less overwhelmed when life gets tense.

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