The Top 5 Rules For Eating Right

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Break your Plates 

That's right! Switch out those old large dinner plates with smaller dessert sized plates. This will keep you from trying to over fill a plate even when you know you're not that hungry. Its a mental thing, but it works. Clearing your plate is more satisfying when you realize you haven't set fire to your diet.

Half and Half
A really simple rule to follow is making sure that all your meals are half fruits and/or vegetables. If you're at a fast food chain half french fries is not a substitute. Instead, cut your meal in half and add sliced apples or other simple snacks to a quick afternoon snack. Uncooked fruits or vegetables are best and you'll see results medically as well as physically.

Fewer Ingredients
It takes 20 minutes for your brain to tell your body that you're full after you begin eating. So stop eating when you feel mostly full, or three quarters full and studies indicate that this simple step, along with eating more leisurely could drop up to 20 pounds in a year, that's with no change in diet at all!

Stop It
When starting a diet its of vital importance to have a realistic goal in mind. Whether its a long term or weekly goal, put it within reach. Give yourself a challenge, but one you can defeat. With this mindset you'll be more likely to celebrate your success and continue doing what works best. If you set out telling yourself that you're going to lose 25 lbs in your first week, it will have more chance of also being your last.

Think about it
Most people don't think about what to eat until they are hungry. This is thanks to fast food and microwavable meals. By taking 10 minutes (that's just the time during commercials on a 1-hour long program) and planning a more nutritious day for your family, studies from UCLA show that more wholesome and nutritious meals and more vibrant health are the benefits to you and your loved ones. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are all important reasons to think about what you eat.

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